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Louisiana Gumbo & Hurricane Party

Louisiana Gumbo & Hurricane Party

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  1. I can practically smell it cooking. Ya'll really know how to make fun videos. Who needs network television?

  2. I can't wait to make this! I'm not a fan of gumbo usually, but with your recipe I can tweak it to my taste preference! I love, love, love watching you cook! Hugs!

  3. It is so nice to see you guys @ feels like friends not just YouTuber friends. Thanks for letting us in to your life!

  4. Looks great Jason and want to try, but did I miss something, I don't remember you adding the Zataran's gumbo seasoning.

  5. Just a little tip for Jason: if your cutting board "walksc or moves on you just dampen a paper towel and put it down on your counter 1st. Then put your cutting board down on top. It should keep your cutting board in place.

  6. So yummy looking, thank you for sharing how you make it. I don't know that I could make it look so good lol. I need to come have dinner with y'all 😁

  7. Wow, thanks Jason. For some dumb reason I always thought that "Gumbo" had Okra in it, so I avoided it on a menu or as a recipe. I will try it because your step by step instructions make it really easy. Thanks for dinner this weekend! I hope to see more great recipes soon.

  8. I really enjoy your cooking videos and videos at home mixed in with your cruising videos! I'm from Indiana and not super familiar with New Orleans fare, so what are the main differences in gumbo and jambalaya?

  9. We made some crawfish gumbo over here in Lafayette! Barry passed right through us so I'm glad he went around y'all up there 😬

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