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Lord of the Flies (11/11) Movie CLIP – Hunt and Rescue (1990) HD

Lord of the Flies (11/11) Movie CLIP – Hunt and Rescue (1990) HD

Jack! -Get him!
-(All Shouting) (Battle Cries) (Boys Yelling) (Yelling Stops) What are you guys doing? (Crying) (Crying Continues)

Reader Comments

  1. whilst watching this, adele's "set fire to the rain" started playing on my headset and it never fit so well for some reason… especially with the slo mo's

  2. The guy from Jurassic Park shows up and tells them that they have been on the island with the dinosaurs the whole time, that they're just on the other side LOL

  3. Be neat if they made a sequel to this book about what happens after they are found by the British officer and afterwards.

  4. If Jack and his team along with those who killed Piggy were all in one classroom I wouldn’t mind a school shooting happening there

  5. When runaway, unaccountable youth are reined in by older male authority. So many boys have sunken into wanton behavior and a life of crime when they didn’t have wise, loving, responsible fathers who could have been stable influences on them. That’s what they were missing while marooned on the island.

  6. Some people would drop a nuke on some savages, just for being from a different place. “What are you guys doing?” said the U.S. Army Captain, before the marines reinforced his squadron.

  7. When I first seen this, as a kid.  It does show the balance of maintain stable mental of sanity & madness. With no adults or any sign of authority over these boys. Struggling of surviving on a desert island Being cut off from the civilization & their families.   Expect for some of the kids who've maintain of what's right & wrong. After finally been rescued, after all that's happened, the deaths, torture & island madness.  Now, they're finally been rescued by the Navy & Marines.  They'll be gonna back home. They survive their ordeals, now their gonna have to survive it's memories & be haunted of what happen. For the rest of their lives.

  8. This is mediocre film that didn't catch William Golding's symbolism or meaning. Same with the 1963 version. The acting in the 1990 one is surprisingly good considering their age and it is quite unfortunate that only James Badge Dale is the only one who went on to have a successful career. But this focused too Mich on being an exciting adventure film than a meaningful and relevant piece of symbolic art (like Golding's novel in 1954. And with a film, there is so much more opportunity in the ways of cinematography. A gradual descent would really have fitted the narrative, focusing on little things like hair, uniform change and perhaps even Ralph's nails. And for a truly great ending, a wide shot on the warship gradually zooming in would have caught the final symbolism in civilization's innocence or lack there of perfectly, moving into a closeup of perhaps the artillery. And also an English cast probably have fitted better to the concept, focusing on a fifties nuclear war, further strengthening the final scene I talked of earlier. And I get in this day and age there is a demand for american film but it still probably would have fitted English kids better. I dunno they just seem more innocent than Americans. It really was a great concept wasted

  9. This book scared the he'll out of me
    Its so scary to see a world develop like it did for those boys on that island

  10. 1:55 He's like. "I should head back to Jurassic Park and guard the raptors. They are getting clever per year."

  11. Currently learning about dystopian literature in my language arts class. I wonder if I should purchase the book and see if my teacher has anything to say about it.

  12. Imagine how awkward the flight back to wherever they were going must be (even though it’s only a story). They lived on an island where they killed two boys, were desperately trying to murder ralph, and were dressed as savages.

  13. "What are you guys doing?" The question that hits every one of the boys…and in the book, even the navy man because he's looking at his warship after berating the  boys for their "improper behavior." Irony to the maximum but fitting because the whole story was about irony on "proper" behavior.

  14. The officer expresses his disappointment at seeing boys exhibiting such feral, warlike behavior…
    before turning to stare awkwardly at his own warship.

  15. ralph, simon and piggy already had their revenge… this 3 boys are so successful careers they had numerous movies and the hunting boys had nothing.. so what if i take it seriously! what… what …what!!…

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