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Lord of the Flies (10/11) Movie CLIP – Piggy is Killed (1990) HD

Lord of the Flies (10/11) Movie CLIP – Piggy is Killed (1990) HD

*Savages shouting* *Conch blows, shouting stops* *Conch blows* I’ve got the conch! Let me speak! Get outta here, Piggy. *savages shouting and booing* Get outta here, fat ass! Boo! Yeah! Stop that, Roger! Let Piggy speak! *wolf whistle* Please! This is serious! Get out, fat ass! *shouting continues* Go back to your own camp! What I wanna say is…. If we don’t get rescued… We might have to live here for a long time! Leave! Maybe the rest of our lives! Leave, fat ass! If we are stuck here until we get old… Then we can’t go on acting like kids! We’ve gotta be sensible and make things work! NO!!! You’re not gonna get away with this. Yeah? And what are you gonna do? Huh?! What are you gonna do about it? You’re out of it, pal. You’re on your own!

Reader Comments

  1. i never knew about this movie a thought it was just one of the.. but it was epic my jaw drop when they killed james that precious innocent boy but after watching piggy's death my jaw touches the floor for 15 min… i mean is this story for real??? this is so unfair… i cant move on after watching it coz d ending is just that.. but this are minors so how can they be punished… are they grounded after killing 2 boys.. this is horrible!

  2. This wasn't a great remake, though the original wasn't that great either. They should have at least been true to the book and had the conch shell be destroyed by the same boulder that kills Piggy, representing the death of the last remnants of civilized society.

  3. In the book he smashed his head on some rocks, and there was a description of "grey stuff came out and turned red" or similar. That always stuck with me.

  4. Shall the Good kill the "bad" or shall everyone be avenged? If forgiveness is for nought, then what is there left to anger?

  5. Ok but let's not firget that in the book the rock pushed him ofd a 40ft high cliff, landing on his stomach right after he landed with his head on a rock and his brain fell out

  6. No doubt, Hollywood will do a remake of this movie at some point and make it an all girl cast. It will then be renamed, Lord Of The Feminists.' Megan Rapinoe will be put in place of Jack's character.

  7. Oi de um vídeo do Brasil e no final do ano passado e o que é o que
    é o que é o que é o que é o que é o que é o que é

  8. He should had written another book or a small novel about what happened to the kids after being rescued

  9. Stupid kids do If i were hitler i would blow up that entire island with nukes and atomic bombs

  10. Oof. Can't tell they did makeup for his head opened like a zipper in the VHS and TV quality I've seen before.

  11. They forgot one of the most important parts – when the conch shatters when Piggy is crushed. That’s a huge symbol, and to just forget it in the movie is horribly inaccurate.
    Also isn’t Ralph supposed to see the rock begin to move, and then jump out of the way? Not just not be out of the way in general?

  12. I remember watching this in school and a bunch of kids in my class starting laughing during this scene, meanwhile I was trying not to cry. I felt so bad for him

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