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Longines New Watches of Baselworld 2018

Longines New Watches of Baselworld 2018

[Music] so we are by Lauren it’s always a pleasure to be here because I think norine is a brand where there’s no tricks and the second reason because it’s always lovely to meet mr. functional who’s going to talk to us again about the main novelties presented here at his Bowser World Edition 2018 what spirit but a spirit a positive spirit let’s stay this positive spirit okay what’s you first of all we keep our basic winning models and this is very important that 80% or 85% of the existing collection are doing very well and why should I kill good winners so this is keep what is doing well and also doing so you protect your apartment inventory number two what’s you bhp very high precision quartz watch 950 frames retail Switzerland plus or minus five seconds a year perpetual calendar five year battery and a very good system and key magnetic I’m convinced it will be very good in the same line bhp where we have the chronograph and in the same line we will have 24 hours that is to say a GMT this I’m sure will be very successful and we launched it last year but due to production problem it will be heavily done this way then it will conquest timing watch good news suddenly China wants them to so if China wants diving watch it’s key of the future success and we had already with analysis immune Basel a retail price 1 1 500 and we decided to lounge 50,000 additional pieces with a ceramic bezel 1 500 ceramic bezel blue black and grey how do you explain that the the for instance the Chinese market the taste have evolved probably the young tourists so those watches in the shops Europe or Dubai dewy lucerne interlaken pani berlin and there they both they bought it and probably for me the Chinese Vita they were not carrying this model and now onto the pressure of the young generation suddenly our friends over there they cry and they beg to get the interval conquest so that we will give them in Turkish okay the third one is the cilium collection called record we started last year we still this year we add season gold I am sure we will be over hundred thousand pieces with this collection additional business and the heritage we had a very interesting story there last year we got critters nave on our big eye and we lunch also the begin of last this our e-commerce with steam all all our own in China and suddenly the number one selling item was this big eye and this is a very good news to see how the world that checking this etc through all those electronic device so that is where we are and to finish in our to respect to our blue of the laws in color we have about 80,000 additional blue dial in the collection we put blue dyes in almost every collection and based on yesterday’s sales so far the decision we took has been confirmed on the first day congratulations for you and thank you very much for your time my pleasure and thank you for your good job [Music] you

Reader Comments

  1. Always a pleasure to listen to a Walter von Känel's slightly "off-beat" interviews.
    And did we mention his eyebrows yet? 😉

  2. President of Longines: "What's new? First of all, we keep our basic winning models."
    immediately cuts to clip of a Cartier Tank rip-off

  3. Where do they make their cases? When I visited Longines they told me they only assemble the watches in house not making them…. but one thing is for sure, those eyebrows were grown in house, in a green house!!! Yikes 😛

  4. Always great to see that the big ones in the industry are giving compliments to Marc &! Keep up the great work!

  5. A true friend would pull Walter aside and offer him a contact that could work magic with those beastly brows.

  6. The model wearing the long black dress in the intro is stunning. I love watches, but I would trade all my watches just see her do that little spin move in person. 0:03

  7. Excellent reportage, Longines did not very well in term of promoting their novelties on Youtube. Hopefully @thewatchesTV was doing it for them. I am a Longines fan for long, the heritage line had already a great echo, I am convinced that the Big eye will become a pillar of Longines. For the Hydroconquest, I have never understood why this watch had a mitigate success (finish level, quartz in the range?). Anyway, I wish all the best to Longines and Mr Van Kanel.

  8. The first Longines watch catched my eyes many years ago was a white dial,gold case ,with date,very thin in black leather dress watch, and it was a shiny star in party.

  9. The positive energy itself sells the brand. It gives ppl confidence in the direction of the company. And stop looking at the eyebrows.

  10. , OMG DUDE !!!!!!!!
    Your eyebrows are worse than OLD MAN HARRISON'S are on Pawn Stars, (RIP ), by the way.

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