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I think I can keep it there go to the
police station what now before you forget go ahead and
subscribe the time difference I’m not taking my
sunglasses off yeah it’s a I didn’t wash my face or brush my teeth
because I literally had to roll out of bed and throw on something and go move
her car I made her some breakfast first yes you do every year I love a
year’s time all up here and you have good sleep in my bed again last
night I’m about so semi get myself together
I’ll catch you guys in a little bit I want is he here hey see that’s why I
keep the glasses on I will catch you guys in a little bit because we gotta
find a house all right we gotta do some house hunt just as I was about to relax
my mom text me and she said I need to move because I don’t have a parking
sticker don’t look at me all right I had to go move my car again yes go back and finish your breakfast I’ll be right back okay please finish
your breakfast all right thank you should I get a ticket or a boot there
was six boots in the neighborhood owned cars
I don’t want to be one of those Lord don’t let me hit anything whoa
you made it I need to back up some more okay whoo all right I think I’m gonna just go
to the DMV my car is safe from the ticket get ready here’s breakfast some
oats blueberries date syrup and some granola and send them in sorry you using
a bathroom today we’re supposed to check out two
houses one the agents will not answer the phone like I don’t even understand
that and the other one in the area that we want somebody got it somebody leased
it before we could even go see it tomorrow we’re gonna go view two houses
for sure one in Springfield area and the other one is in the Hyattsville area
this is Papa Bear right now telling me that there is another townhome in the
spot that we like the only available day to view is Saturday at 11 a.m. Oh No put it on your picture you’d have to dip
it in the colors whatever color you can get so later all right we just finished
off the rest of it all right some more water better then blue because
our thank you try and get these houses
situated because I was only found another one so I’ve been on the phone
pretty much all morning my mom came over and was playing was alright for a little
bit while I was trying to figure out things I was telling my mom about the
last property and that one Papa Bear found it’s in the area that we want so
I’m really excited but I don’t want to get too excited I’m just I’ve been let
down the life so I’m just gonna go see it and put an application and forget it
cool we don’t on to the next oh my goodness you guys just reminded me I
need to go on a mine and order a parking space ticket so they changed the rules
all visitors have to go through the DMV and register for a guest parking pass
which is I need to do that right now at a police station or substation in the
ward I think I think you can go to the police station what mommy I think I can
keep a camera talking to myself all right just gonna fold my aunt she’s
gonna take me down to the police station so that we can knock this out really
quick it’s free so that’s good and we have a 15 day window so that’s good I
still have birthday cards to open up you guys I feel so bad because I already got
me a birthday card and Papa Bear and the rest of my family but I promise when we
get back I’m gonna make myself relax and open up all my beautiful cards because I
feel so bad I have to open them yeah the card you gave me is pretty tight let’s
go get this parking pass shall we I need to take a picture of my
license plate I just want a mixer at the did you guys know I grew up
in this building yes my dad actually bought this building the year that I was
born and we lived here starting like when I was 8 yeah when I turned 8
we moved over here okay all right that’s everything we need I just said the
license plate and the person who lives here their license all right guys we’re
walking into the police station my aunts giving me like the tour since I haven’t
been here so long telling me about all the changes over here because we used to
go play here yeah it just feels good to be
outside in three o’clock and my skin’s not burning yeah
just take a little look at the part kind of far parking pad oh yeah when the street
people come to clean the cars clean the streets a is in Thursday Hey yeah what are you doing you don’t
lose good work all right and after day they’re gonna set a timer or I want my
key 14 minutes okay for 10 minutes and then unless the timer goes off we’ll
train them and I’ll be ready probably will to the end and then they’ll be
ring all right my cameras broke the this part
right here the viewfinder part is really unstable so it’s making us look upside
down oh wow yeah four small squares don’t drop it I’m just over here about to dig in and
eat some leftovers and I put baby kale in the pot I’m eating up okay
I am I showed you how to make this in the previous vlog they’re super simple
it’s just pasta corn spinach and some spices want to see more click to the left and
the right and if you’re still thinking about subscribing we’ll just go ahead
and click it and don’t forget to visit the description I see you in the next
month or don’t let me hit anything this feels good to be outside in three
o’clock in my skin birdie

Reader Comments

  1. I think you should be able to renew the parking pass before the 2 weeks is up without needing your aunt OR if your license is still from DC you can do it yourself.

  2. I am so happy that you and Zari made it to DC safely. Praying for Poppa bear 🙏 safe traveling to DC with Chase & Muffin.
    Just leave it in the hands of the Lord and he will find the perfect house. Mrs. RyMingTahn you have great family support💙💙💜💜
    Stay in prayer

  3. Happy belated birthday wishes. I know it had been a struggle getting from end if the country to other. But you made it. Zari looks so happy. You look happy. Being near family makes the world seem just that much better. Hugs and love. I hope you found the perfect place to call home soon.

  4. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you will find a home soon if you have not already!! HI ZARI!!!! Wow, it still trips me out that people can go back to their homes they grew up in. I was born and raised in Detroit, my wonderful home is now a vacant lot, lol!!

  5. Girl ur so real I just love y’all, I love how zari snuck her hand in the grapes. Y’all r gonna get the perfect house

  6. Zari is hilarious 😂‼️ You look exhausted I'm sure you'll rest well after you guys are completely moved & settled 🤗‼️

  7. Oh wow! You grew up in my neighborhood! That’s crazy! I take that route to work all the time! How crazy! I really hope guys get the home you want, you deserve it! 🥰

  8. I guess my headstone on my grave will read:

  9. Girl you got a kid that is incredible, a husband that loves you and a familly to admire so lucky ingo IT.😘😘😘😘👍👍👍

  10. Hi fam great to see you guys again yes getting use to the time difference will take a few days. The parking is cra cra up there my son and sister are up there. I’m glad the parking isn’t like that here in Prince George. I pray you guys find the perfect home soon. Please say hi to papa bear for me and the rest of the family. Blessings and Love Always ❤️.

  11. Welcome to dc Raymond this is pebbles of dc Washington l would love to meet you &the family because I look at all of your volgs be bless.

  12. I really hate the parking situation in the dmv a lot has changed since I moved back two years ago, but good luck in house hunting I know you and the fam will find one soon

  13. Happiest Birthday RyMingTahn! I hope your birthday is all you wished it would be and more. God bless and many more to come. Good luck with your home search, hopefully you get exactly what you wish for and where you would like to be. Have a beautiful day.

  14. RyMingTahn! I'm still praying for the great house that you're about to find. Amen. You and Zari are settling in nicely. Have a great weekend and blessings from Brooklyn! (Girl you got this! )

  15. You and Zari are so adorable cuddling together.😍❤️😍

    I think the young ones would say #momgoals or something 🤗

  16. Sending love and best wishes for you and Zari both. I can tell you are missing your other half and I can't for you all to be together in your new home, I'm claiming it for y'all!

  17. Welcome back to the DMV (DC / Maryland / Virginia area). Im a Maryland chick…DC too city for me but I will be looking for you in LAUREL DOLLAR TREE. I am so happy you are back to home base! #GodWillDoIT

  18. That's awesome that you're back in your hometown…I was born in DC, and visited there a lot with my family! Hope you find a house soon. I don't know if you get to southern Maryland, but there are so many nature related things to do there (I actually live in St. Mary's county). Enjoy your new adventure… Zari is so freaking cute!

  19. Welcome back to WDC. So happy you guys got here safely. WDC makes their revenue off of parking violations and speed cameras. But I love my beautiful city born and raised.

  20. Q: why do you need to soak the grapes. You did washed them under the tap. Is that not clean water?
    I am sending you my Angels to help you find your special happy home because you deserve it. Big hugs to all of you.😍

  21. Omg….. You are Currently living in My old Neighborhood….. Cool….. I am way out in Maryland Now….. I prefer to live in Maryland….. My mom still lives in DC….. Happy House Hunting😊

  22. You are wearing that smile very well, even when you are having to move your car unexpectedly. 😀. Zari is so cute. That pasta looked flipping amazing. I am going to give that a try!!!! I am 🙏 you find a home in the area you want. House hunting is so taxing on the body and mind. Being a grandmother myself, i know how having you back home, they are happy having you all home and Zari is loving all the attention from the grandparents, 😉. I live in southern Arizona, and this heat is no joke. Lol. Best of wishes sweet lady.

  23. Im Looking forward to seeing your new home. Zari is duch a funny lityle cutie. Get some rest mom. Meanwhile I'll be stuck out here in this desert….. My husband and Father refuse to sale the house making mom and I miserably in the desert😨😲😂

  24. Yeah big adjustment livin in City🤤But I know you Girlie's will be just fine😄Thanks for the chitchatt👐🏽Enjoy your weekend🌞Oh my a Happy Birthday to you🎂🎈

  25. That sigh. I feel that so hard right with you. Luckily we had a home available for us when we got here on Irwin BUT realizing how much we need to downsize our household goods (our space is way smaller than before) + school starting + me being up at 530 am here because of the time difference. So much to do. I need more than 24 hours. You deserve that Spa Day! Good luck with the viewing on Saturday! I hope that you get the place you want!

  26. I 💕seeing awesome 😎 family support❤️❤️❤️ looks like little miss zari is adjusting well ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ hopefully you’ll find a place soon ♥️♥️♥️♥️God is good I think you definitely will get something soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Blessings to you and your Family! I'm so glad you have a good family support! My Prayers are with you and your husband as he continues to travel with the fur babies! 🙏🏻🌻🌹

  28. Hi RyMingTahn and Sari !! So happy you made it back home!! Much happiness and joy as you begin this next part of your lives!!!

  29. Well, I certainly wouldn't trust a realtor who couldn't be bothered to answer a phone or return a call… even if the place had been rented in that time, be professional and say so. Sheesh! But I'm sure they were a dud for good reason chicky!

    Hope you all have had a good week, have a lovely weekend and find a wonderful place so very soon! Best of wishes – and house hunting thoughts! ♥♥♥♥♥

  30. Hey Family!!! I'm glad to see that you're settling in. Zari, Zari, Zari, she is an awesome girl!!! #familyfirst. I'm praying that you finally get to move in your home. #fingerscrossed. Peace and Blessings to you and your family.

  31. Omg must be frustrating to be constantly moving your car its time to def findcyour your own home with a driveway! Onnthe otherxhand u guys look like u guys adjustedcreal well especially zari thats awsum🙌

  32. Hey Fam so happy to see all isgoung well. I hope you find the home you’re looking for soon. God will most definitely work it out! Tyfs 😊❤️👍🏼

  33. Girl DC ain't playing no games!! Can we say parking wars😩😩😩girl they on some hunger games type stuff!! All I can say is May the odds forever be in your favor😩

  34. Why the part about cleaning the grapes remind me of that little girl that knock the bowl over with her face, blueberries blueberries . 😆

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