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Life on Campus: MSU Surplus Store

Life on Campus: MSU Surplus Store

you hi my name's Emily Wilson I'm the student recycling coordinator here we look at every single item that we get and we say okay how can we get the best use out of this item the best value out of this item first we look at can we repair the item next we'll see can we sell the item and typically that's what we're wanting to do is resell the item back to the community if the item isn't one that we can sell we'll see if we can donate it or give it away we'll send waste material to the MSU organic farm or the digester landfills are very last resort we just try and get people to rethink the life cycle of the items they buy right now and try and elongate the life of the item as long as possible I'm just kinda out shopping looking for a good deal on something that I need to run the house I'm not exactly sure what that is we're always like swimming through here's something new I try to carry at least once a week keeps me going to the garbage thickness more than I think one man's trash is another man's treasure kind of thing when I started working here I saw the truckloads of materials they were bringing in and most of the stuff that we would get they were items that were still in their original form it made me start to reconsider all the items that I throw in the garbage every day or consider waste they started highlighting how much money it costs to throw things away and how much money you can get back from not throwing the item away people think oh it's just an environmental standpoint but I think there's a lot to be said for having a more balanced economy from doing these practices as well I think it's important for the student to take a step back and see where that item is going doesn't have to be a very large time commitment but I think if you stop and look at every material before they throw it in the garbage and just start paying attention to what you're doing with the items that you don't want to hold – anymore come visit us usually you can find some pretty cool stuff for not that much money you

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