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Life Of A Fighter Pilot – An F-16 Falcon Fighter Pilot Documentary

Life Of A Fighter Pilot – An F-16 Falcon Fighter Pilot Documentary

Life Of A Fighter Pilot – An F-16 Falcon Fighter Pilot Documentary

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  1. I had to tar the cracks in the runway right here in Montgomery. being able to see theses planes take off is one of the best filling in the world..

  2. Finally a nice video to watch.
    Came here from watching terrible fighting videos to this relaxed one. Usually is the other way round, i think YouTube has learned. :))

  3. I am conflicted I want to be a pilot but I would feel like a coward. I also want to be a Marine and not feel like a coward.

  4. Yeah all you f*ckers wish you flew the viper
    Probably since the time you wore a diaper
    We got every mission that you do
    I can fly 'em all better than you
    Yeah all you f*ckers wish you flew the viper

    Cause we're single seat multirole
    We can fly right up our own a$$hole
    Yeah all you f*ckers wish you flew the viper

  5. Will becoming a fighter pilot enable my face to finally produce enough hair on the upper lip area for it to be called a moustache? If so, im in.

  6. I had a recruiter tell me I couldn’t be a pilot bc I have asthma is this true bc it’s been my dream since I was a kid to be a fighter pilot

  7. I was a radar tech at CFB Cold Lake for nearly 5 years.
    If there is one thing I learned about fighter pilots, its you'll never meet a more bitter arrogant group of people in any other career. Most of them have terrible home lives due to being married to their jobs. They all retire alcoholics and divorced.

  8. "To see if someone who is black could fly an airplane"……what the fuck!!! Seriously!!!???? What kinda a bullshit mentality was that back then?? Jesus Christ!!!

  9. Army here, we always tease the airforce. Picking with them, they called us names as well, was just what we did. At the end of the day we are all brothers & sisters. Those Flight Suit Insert's saved my ass on a few occasions. I have mad respect and that's real talk. 100th Fighter Squadron is no joke. They provided a sense of security to us on the ground. The sound of those support jets was music to our ears.

  10. hopefully their city bomb dropping is also taking local civilian lives into account as well, all they said they cared about were the american troops

  11. Single jet engine….A sitting duck in the sky…I would never ever fly this piece of crap, its screams of dieing in the sky. Its a flying death coffin.


  13. I was active when they named the " Falcon " I voted " Mustang II " still think they should have named it after the P51 .

  14. This MTF ers kill a lot of people who not want to shoot be Dead because they have a husband or a wife or kids, these kind of MTF can better think about the fact that sombody els just out nowere shoot Dead there FAMILY !!! Fuck this MTF assholes who kil people whitout any regrets, i REALY hope that somebody kill there fucking shitty home FAMILY !!!!

  15. God wil give this fucking asshole Familys a lot of sikniss and bad ilness and he wil see to it that all this fucking murderes die DIE very soon ⚰⚰⚰ fucking shit be hated us !!!! Hope you all will die soonnnnnn

  16. 3:00 Can you imagine the pressure that pilot felt? Your instincts are telling you one thing and your sergeant is telling you another.

  17. 4th gen pilots will be able to do what they love more in flying over the current 5th gen garbage planes they have out now due to low availability rate for the plane,and the cost per hour to operate

  18. Had to turn off the video once it turned to race. The only way to get past this bullshit is to focus on us all being American FIRST. This subject really has become the scourge of all things related to our culture. You CANNOT go one day without it being shoved in your face.

  19. No doubt they are skilled and strong, mentally and physically, but whats with their ridiculous and ugly mustache?? Are you kidding me? Completely ruined my imagination of being a cool pilot! Flying a 100 million dollar machine and looking like a 12 year old mama‘s boy at puberty.

  20. These pilots like to compare their experiences of today with the pilots of WWII is short-sighted to say the least. That generation was fighting the invaders of freedom. Now these guys are the invaders of other countries while calling themselves patriots. But again they're not policy makers. They just risk their lives and lose their lives following policy that always puts them at risk.

  21. It may have been a small amount of flight time for our pilots in WW2, but it was much more than every other countries airforce back then.

  22. Except that the Pilots and all military from the "Allies" of WW2 were fighting the wrong enemy…..lobotomized by the Globalists (Jews) and fighting with blindfolds for the wrong cause…..and now we harvest the bad seed they planted here in Europe a long time ago….

  23. Hey is Growling Sidewinder a real combat pilot? He seems to know more than the average gamer about combat flying. Just want to know.

  24. Do the right thing. Travel thousands of miles to kill the people defending themselves against soldiers who have also traveled thousands of miles to invade another country. I think only Americans living in the US really understand that logic. For everyone else, it is absolutely crazy and in no way right.

  25. Dropping bombs on innocent people….so the owners of the US can continue to steal trillions from the american taxpaying peasants.
    Great job!

  26. Knew an ex Navy fighter pilot who flew during Vietnam and became an airline pilot for US Air. He claimed to have been awarded the Navy Cross 4 times. Claimed he was on the raid to Entebbe, he was on Ross Perots team that rescued his employees from Iran, Dolly Partons personal body guard, and dying of agent orange. But the best one was that the Royal family requested that he become Prince William 's personal body guard. A far cry from the Top Gun Image.

  27. Let's bomb the brown 3rd world people. Waste millions in tax dollars. Because we want to steal their oil. And distablise the middle east. Thanks Mr Bush

  28. They Dropped 1 million Bombs on the land of peace and them still thirsty.
    And Thinking they win the war but the ground reality is Different .

  29. Despite all the gung-ho, superior equipement and personalities still lost the war against guys in sandals.. again. Go USA

  30. The F-16 is got to be one of the best jets ever made! God bless all those whom fly them; in Jesus’s name I pray,amen.

  31. Yeah know doubt that is a serious pay load hanging under those wings u want to be accurate,no doubt…THANKS

  32. Since when are acts of war reasons for heroism? Rather than learning war and building planes we don't need, with money we don't have, to fight imagined enemies is national suicide for our people and others around the globe. There's more courage avoiding war than succumbing to our animal instincts of aggression. People need to walk through the grave yards of the military dead ask themselves is it worth it? If the answer is yes, then why were their deaths not end war? Never glorify the deaths of the war dead, but glorify the lives of the living in a world without war. Their deaths were in vain when war is glorified. Certainly, that's the purpose of this video!

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