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Lexington, Oklahoma pt 2

Lexington, Oklahoma pt 2

the pharmacy it's Williams down there's it register residential area so I'm not gonna go down there but thanks ed Williams pharmacy side window today's gonna be a long day so I think that's the Little League field there and our Dollar General but the only other store we have we have that Sonic right here as I said this this is the high school the Lexington High School and the sign of course it's summer so no one's here but it's actually the perfect time to go take the videos seeing is they probably I'd probably get arrested if I went over here put the gun down side the Dollar General parking lot I mean come on you have like workers all inside there you can at least have one of them come out and clean your fucking lawn you know say my fucking dollar look at all this like what instead of instead of just fucking mowing over all the little trash why don't you try fucking picking it up I mean seriously Sonic anyway kinda hot out here today yeah these are the high 80s or well 90s but yeah continuing my sweep of the town anyway this is like high school it's actually where I went though the high school wasn't built until I was in like tenth grade there wasn't completed until I was in tenth grade I'll be walking past to the old high school which is now the junior high and a little bit see how much trash is out here I know everyone says oh it's just one piece of trash but that's that's what everyone thinks that's what everyone says and if everyone in the world just says oh it's just one piece of trash that's fucking like seven billion pieces of trash right there even if it's just one for each person and you know it's not one for each person you know it's like freaking fun like you know there are tons of people who don't litter who hate littering who hate litterers but whenever there's fucking when there's like an overabundance of people who don't care if they litter or not because it's just a couple pieces of trash you end up with fucking landfills and fucking trash everywhere that's why I hate people humans are horrible creatures every now and then you meet one that every now and then you meet one that like changes your mind about it but for every one of those there's a hundred of the freaking assholes that make you hate them anyway so the Scott from the side of the high school I'm not actually gonna go over to the building because I'm a little worried that the cops would get upset but as far as I know this is a public road so I mean should be fine United Methodist Church went it's actually decent place I mean I don't really care for churches too much but they do a lot to help the students they have a tutoring class they have a the pastor here has tutoring that he does after school on I think Tuesdays and Thursdays that might have changed for a little while when I was a kid I had to go in here and all actuality it wasn't because I needed to it was just because I got bored after class side of the school again this is actually where the school buses come in they go around that way and then line up right here for to pick up the students after picking them up from the elementary and junior high it's the back of the church facing towards the Elementary which is that over there which I'll get to here in a little bit that is the bus barn as well as I think the practice golf field field it's kind of ridiculous but like years ago whenever I was still in school which hurt was still going here which would have been about five years ago like if they had a they built a they gave our our school started a golf program which telling me wrong the beaten the golf students usually have a the golf students usually go to state and there's some of the best in this state is far as I remember these back then it was but the messed up thing is is only the seniors are allowed to join like only seniors are allowed to join and you have to bring your own you have to bring your own equipment and how is that how is that a program whenever all you're doing is letting seniors just have a freaking day off like a whole bunch of time off there's not a program that's just preferential treatment for those seniors and even when I was a senior I didn't get high house pissed about it because like instead of freakin having a soccer team or something that the whole school could participate in and actually go towards and give some students some freakin time and actually give them something to do with their time no you get a freaking you get a golf team that's only allowed to be seniors and it's ridiculous like just because they're seniors doesn't mean they should get preferential treatment the whole school should get should be able to frickin play golf or they should have brought in an activity that like the entire school could participate in if they chose to if the students chose to god hate this place too many bad memories okay take a minute and sit down and

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