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Levy Co 10 29 2016 Video of Items to be Sold at Public Auction

Levy Co  10 29 2016 Video of Items to be Sold at Public Auction

ok this is going to be Levy County October the 29th auction and we got a nice used trailer okay and we're going to start here with item number 100 I'll slow down so it'll make you dizzy ambulance box huge chiller somes running son was not running buses and you can just click on the photo anytime on the movie and stop it back it up take a better look if you like there are some nice see 5500 buses nice old aluminum grooming cab box there's a pretty bus okay I'm going to shut this up in the air and while I'm turning around here we intend to zigzag back and forth like this role of baling twine that don't go that belongs to Charlie and the location here is a levy county road and bridge and Department on the south end will not be the west end of on us 27 just outside of town Bronson and there's some fire hoses generators air conditioning unit Ford 6610 with the side mole this is the back side of the lot to digest talk turning around again lots of crown victoria some are just for parts everybody in these parts nice big power unit advanced life support ambulance you and we're going to make the turn here baby County Sheriff's Department city of Bronson and city of Lewiston give us a call if you have any questions and thank you very much geox knocked over the 29th

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