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Lethal Weapon 4 (2/5) Movie CLIP – The Cell Phone Conspiracy (1998) HD

Lethal Weapon 4 (2/5) Movie CLIP – The Cell Phone Conspiracy (1998) HD

Hello. Shit. These fuckin’
phones, man. You get a call,
they cut you off. You make a call,
they cut you off. What’s the point?
I never– Don’t you know what
they’re doing, kid? They fuck you
with cell phones. That’s what it is. They’re fucking you
with the cell phone. They love when
you get cut off. You know why, huh?
You know why? ’cause when
you call back– Which they know
you’re gonna do– They charge you For that fuckin’
first minute again At that high rate. If you’re lucky enough
to be able to call back, Because the 3-hour
battery you got Only lasts for
20 fuckin’ minutes. And what if you’re Behind a fucking
hill or something? Or you’re
going through A damn tunnel
or some shit, man… And they keep
making it smaller. You know why they
make ’em this small? So you can lose ’em. Why? So you have to
buy more phones. I never lost
my mother’s phone. Took you 2 hours to make
a damn long-distance call. D-d-d-d–4… D-d-d-d-d–5… D-d-d-d–
oh, I messed up. Hang up. Gotta
do it again. D-d-d-d–4… D-d-d-d-d–5… I never lost Mysports illustrated
swimsuit phone. And how ’bout the
fucking scanners? These idiots, they get
your phone number, And then
they make calls– Somebody
took my number And called afghanistan.
Afghanistan!I don’t know nobody
in afghanistan. I don’t know what fuckin’
afghanistan look like. And even if I did, I would not talk to their
afghan ass for 3 hours. I won’t talk to
my daddy for 3 hours. They fuck ya
with the cell phones. Hey, you know
what happens When you go to
a drive-through? [telephone rings] Hold on. Why am I talking–

Reader Comments

  1. After the video ended…

    Leo Getz: Leo Getz, private investigator.
    Martin Riggs: [into phone with fake accent] Private investigator? Yes, Mr. Getz, I was just wondering if you'd be willing to investigate my privates.
    Leo Getz: Investigate what?
    Martin Riggs: My privates, you stupid shit – shut the fuck up!

  2. People think these two are annoying, but NO! They're hilarious! I love em!
    Way more entertaining than Mel Gibson & Danny glover

  3. I love this film but man, whenever Chris Rock appears he plays it like he's just doing his show. It's like I'm watching some kind of skit.

  4. Watching this on AMC but it's censored for some fucking reason those mother fucking cocksuckers. Had to look this up.

  5. Now they make cell phones the size of salad plates (back to big, and just as fragile). Since ya can't put your whole hand around it, you have to get a separate handle so ya won't drop it.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks Chris Rock was the worst thing about this film? Hopefully he'll be left out in the 5th or used FAR more sparingly.

  7. All the complainers here can find more of this elsewhere like And judging from the title, the call by Mel isn’t part of the chat.

  8. Out of all 4 Lethal Weapon movies this one is my favorite because of Chris Rock, and Butters is actually my favorite character thrughout the series

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