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Lesbian Army Wives

Lesbian Army Wives

– I’m Jalissa Rucker. I am a specialist in
the United States Army. This is my lovely wife. (soulful music) So, this would be me
getting ready for work. Our dog tags and our
I.D. tags are actually part of our uniforms. – We actually met on Twitter. – Yeah, we did. – The wonderful world of
Twitter, back in 2000… – Maybe like, 2012.
– 12. – We always argue about
who followed who, first. – [Together] I followed her first. – No, I followed her. – [Jalissa’s Wife] Because, I
thought she was really pretty. – [Jalissa] I followed her first. (soulful music) – [Jalissa’s Wife] A lot of
times, I came to visit her, and I would have to stay in the barracks. Kind of like, incognito. – [Jalissa] Yeah. – I would always think, if
something were to happen to her, I would be the last person to know it. – Yeah. – That was really hard. – Yeah, it was tough. – That was really hard. – People before me, before I joined, I don’t know how they did it. – [Jalissa’s Wife] Yeah. (soulful music) DOMA was revoked, meaning,
we were able to get married, – [Jalissa] And the
military recognized it, and now wherever I go, she can go with me, and she gets pretty much the same. It’s equal. – Equal.
– Equal, now. – Finally.
– Yeah, finally. She actually got to get all the benefits as a heterosexual couple. – We just got lucky. – We got lucky, ’cause we
actually have a two bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath house,
and it’s just her and I, here. So this is U.S. Army. It’s over the left side,
which is over the heart, which is, the heart, United States. And then, we have our last name. Then we have our rank in the middle, which, I’m a specialist. This is my unit patch, 11th ACR. – Honestly, I feel like any other couple. – I feel like, we’ve came a long way. – [Jalissa’s Wife] Yeah. – [Jalissa] Us, like, the world. Feels good to be equal. – [Jalissa’s Wife] Yeah. Being able to be part
of the military family, freely and openly and feeling accepted, I’m very happy with that. As a civilian, as a military wife, I feel like they’re taking me serious. They’re really counting me in. I think allowing gays and lesbians to express who they are, freely, I think if anything, makes
them want to give it their all. – So now we’re at the Painted Rocks, here, at Fort Irwin. All of the units who come to train here, they leave their unit patch. They come to paint it when they’re done, kind of like a, “Hey, I was here.” This is all the units who
have been here to train. When a lot of people re-enlist, they actually come and
do their ceremony here. I’ll probably do mine
here when I re-enlist. – One, two, three. – I feel proud, putting
on this uniform every day. It’s good, ’cause I feel
like I’m doing something bigger than myself. (inspiring music)

Reader Comments

  1. Would have been nice if this video was titled "Army Couple" or even just "Army Wives", the lesbian part wasn't really necessary for the title. Nice video though.

  2. So what that they are a gay couple! My thing is how they could pay for that house on E4 pay! God help them when they start having kids on that pay!

  3. awww this is so cute!!! (I met my girlfriend on tumblr (she's from bolivia)^u^ (hopefully future wife) and she should be coming here to be with me again here soon we've been separated for 18 months now we met in person last February and hopefully she'll be moving in with me once I get my own place ^w^ I'm super excited even tho we're 4000 miles apart she's my world I love her so much <3 this video really warms my heart and gives me hope that I'll be able to be with my bunbun again soon : 3 wish me luck <3

  4. Out of the 1,218 comments so far, less than 40 thanked you for your service. It is sad that most people care more about your sexuality than your devotion to this country. Regardless of what anyone says, keep on being you.

    Thank you for your service!!!!

  5. I'm Christian and I'm fine with homosexuals getting married, it doesn't affect me at all, and it's their choice. The US promises everyone equal rights, so why not live up to those promises. Plus, people have the freedom of religion, which means just because it's against the Christian faith for gays to marry/ ect. It shouldn't dictate how others live their lives. Stop being selfish and let gays/lesbians do what they want, it does no harm.

  6. Nothing stops progress . The reason buzzfeed is so advocating is because we shouldn't have to still label ourselves as gay or lesbian . We should be able to say we are people. So regardless of what religion or beliefs or background you have , this domino effect for gay rights has long begun and nothing will stop it . Spare you energy, it's not like you go to bed with them .

  7. I am confused how people are saying that buzzfeed is shoving the gay agenda down their throats… ummm hunnies you clicked the video buzzfeed didnt get an automatic robot that plays the video at full screen and sound on your device.

  8. Smh I don't hate nor dislike the gay community but I don't support gay marriage and especially having them in the military…

  9. I personally don't really have a stand on whether gay marriage is right or wrong. Its just a thing. Why can't people be accepting and understand that some people don't support it. Not everyone who doesn't support gay marriage is a homophobe (it is completely different). So stop calling everyone stupid and stuff. Gosh, why is it okay for you to express your opinion on how gay marriage is okay while others can't express their opinion on how its wrong (and I am not even talking about the stuck up people that say that literal gay PEOPLE are bad. I'm talking about the people that are saying it in a respectful way.) everyone has their own beliefs, learn to accept everyone's. 

  10. And that is totally fine in my book, I think when people begin to hate a person for that, that's a real problem…

  11. How is not supporting gay bad? It's not like I'm beating them down or being a dick. I just don't agree with their lifestyle.

  12. Any homophobic people who saw the title of this video and still clicked on it just to leave disgusting comments is such a stupid thing to do.

  13. I'm just waiting for the day that I get kidnapped by aliens and tell them "thank you,you have no idea how much I hated that planet please don't send me back on that planet some people can't marry the people they love also there are some assholes"

  14. Awm question… who takes on who's name when gays marry ?    
    This may sound backward … but i just dont know.     

  15. Gay is a choice. If the government starts protecting choices, then murder will be legal. Race is not a choice. Just like Gay Marriage should never be a choice.

  16. I don't support gay marriage, but if they are happy with their lives then just leave them alone.
    Just let it be.

  17. You know what you don't have to agree with there life style I'm sad you can't BUT there is no need for you to say something rude and hateful if you don't like it don't read the title and click on it you knew what it was no one had a gun to your head and said you had to watch it was your choice so make the choice to not click it and leave them alone

  18. i bet there's a lot of gays at army forces . . . . . . But, i haven't heard about gay that married at the army


  20. I'm probably in the minority here, But I don't really like same-sex marriages. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate them as people, I just don't really like what they're doing. I feel that it is wrong.

  21. That is just disgusting. I mean I get they are adults and it is their life but come on. Why would you get an IPhone?

  22. This gives me comfort going into this. My girlfriend of almost 5 years just joined the Army, reserves for now, and knowing that I can get the same rights when we get married comforts me. It worries both of us, but we're getting more secure with the situation.

  23. This video is so cute!  It's nice seeing that they can be with who they love openly. 

    That aside, I am gay, but honestly, granted it would be nice seeing more people supporting equality, if you support it, cheers.  If you don't, cheers.  Your opinion is yours.  Think what you want, say what you want, I don't care.  Who am I to say what you can and can't think? You're your own person, live life how you see fit.  I'm not going to change it based solely on the fact that I'm gay and you won't accept it.  I'll leave you to live your life how you please, you leave me to live my life how I please.  Have a nice day 😀

  24. would this new law on letting same-sex couples live on military housing together apply to transgenders? See, im a future soldier in training, I'm only 17 and a female, but im currently dating a (female to male transgender). And we were both born in the state of Ohio. I know that you have to wait to build up your rank to be able to get separate housing from the barracks, but I wanted to know if a transgender (in the middle of transitioning or done with his/her transition) partner could either see them or live with them on base.. ? Because I've tried doing my own research, but every place I've gone, they've said yes, that my transgender partner is allowed to be married to me, yadah yadah yadah.. But on one sight, I saw that they said the government doesn't allow any transgenders on base at all, not even for visit time… And if that's true.. then I don't know what I'll do… This has been a very important problem ive been searching the answer for. And even if we did get married in a state in the United States that does allow same sex marriages… does that make us the same as a same sex couple because on my partners birth certificate, he's legally labeled a female. Although he would still be transitioning to a male.

    If anyone could help me with this problem.. Please help. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you.

  25. I like this video because it shows how our military is progressing. Even if you don't agree with the message (for whatever reason), it's still nice to know that we are changing and are not just staying in old times. Not even for lgbt reasons, but also for technology reasons.

  26. As a 14 year old african-american male I understand discrimination described to me by my predeseccors and experienced mild sometime insignificant things. Even though I'm straight I truly don't understand why it needs to be this way. Why can't we all just get along like except it we all have better things to do then argue our "PERSONAL" opinons. Don't judge them by their sexuality or race judge them by their personality and actions

  27. In Hawai'i same sex marriage is legal! Sadly, some christian people whos running for President want to stop same sex marriage…fucking dumb

  28. This is so inspiring that not only has the world finally given two beautiful women the right to be themselves and be together, but also the right to be in the military. I'm proud to be a US citizen.

  29. The video made me really really happy and my faith in humanity went up a little, and then I read the comments and felt like I was going to cry.

  30. They're both so beautiful! It's wonderful that the military can accept a community that I belong to❤️ It was really humbling and interesting to see how proud she was to be in the U.S Army

  31. O my dear brothers and sister, this is totally unnatural and sinful act due to which God and Jesus become very much unhappy. They only allowed man and women marriage for the fulfil of their needs and for increasing their family. This act is totally forbidden in any religion.

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