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LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.

LEGO: Everything is NOT awesome.

Shell verschmutzt die Fantasie unserer Kinder Fordere LEGO auf, die Partnerschaft mit Shell zu beenden. Unterschreibe die Petition!

Reader Comments

  1. The comment section:
    99% O ma Gawd they used Lego bricks for this they're killing nature!
    1% This is pretty well made tbh

  2. ALL OF THOSE BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS LEGO BRICKS RUINED !!!!!!!!😭😭😭 ….. oh yeah and oil is bad for the ocean too.

  3. Come on.. I loved the shell range, after all it has no impact on the wild or anything? WHY THE HELL ARE THEY CANCELING IT

  4. What changed in 5 Years?
    -lego ended their partnership with Shell
    -lego is using new plastic fibers that are more eco-friendly
    -the title of this song was used for the LEGO movie 2

  5. Mom:honey where IS my wallet
    Kid: oh i spent it on a barrol of Oil and millions of legos to aware poeple of shell
    Mom:your grounded no more lego for you

  6. Humanity will never abandon petroleum and petrochemicals. It is now become a requirement in the operation of our society, for our tools, food, shelter, water, stuff etc. Even Legos are made with petroleum.

  7. Lego ist made out of plastic and plastic is made out of Fossil Oil😂 So you cant do a video with lego because oil is bad, plastic is also bad.

  8. My main question is why she'll why not BP exon etc BP and ex had a giant oil spill and shells been laying low

  9. I agree with green peace but I don’t agree with the way they told us. This video is horrible

  10. LEGO: so, what're you guys planning to do with all these custom Lego sets?
    Greenpeace: Um, it's just a small little, um, project we're doing, per say.
    LEGO: Okay, well, hopefully this all goes to something useful…
    Greenpeace: Oh trust us, it definitely will…..

  11. So this music is communicating with Lego Movie 2 in Everything is not Awesome music the Lego Movie 2 version!

  12. Fuck you Greenpeice! Shell did nothing wrong and you only did this so you could convince Lego to stop their partnership with shell you jackass! Fuck you,drown in oil like you did to these minifigures you dickhead! Lego is made out of oil,and almost everything that is plastic is made from oil. So basically your saying Lego should go out of business and medical tools shouldn't be used which would cause people to the from a desease! Fuck off dickhead!

  13. I get there worries but fucking stop attacking a kids toy company over a partnership if you have a problem with it talk to shell not fucking lego

  14. this is so dumb lego hasn't made shell sets in 20 years and if you have problems with the company then take it up directly with shell instead of targeting lego and wasting time and money on this video that could otherwise have been spent on actually helping the environment. some of the stuff in this video isn't even real lego

  15. I love cars. So I find it hard to watch this advert. Also shell is a big company and are probably doing things to decrease pollution


  17. ugh what a waste of probably 1000 dollars on legos just to stain them in black paint mixed with water👁👄👁

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