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Legit Army Sniper Rifle

Legit Army Sniper Rifle

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  1. Rob/Drew… 1st. BACK OFF THE COFFEE, MAN!
    2nd. Go back in time (you DO have a time machine, right?) and find the person who taught you to hold a pencil, put him/her between the hairs… And send one. Then, learn to hold a pencil, ya? Its painful to watch you write. LOL
    Bringing back a lot of memories.
    "Con-ex." A term more civilian types need to know. And I need one out back. Time to shop the government sites. LOL
    THANKS for the great vids. Even if I do need to reach for a Valium when I'm done. They make pretty good decaf, now, dontcha know. 😉

  2. Rob, total newbie here in terms of guns. Could you do a total new gun sniper set up mounting the scope and breaking in the barrel and cleaning after set up. I like the look of the Tikka T3X Tac A1 chambered in 6.5 creedmoor to use for target shooting and hunting, but unsure about correct barrel break in and how to do that.

  3. This shows the math and calculations required to make these long shots. It's definitely far more complicated than what most think.

  4. I always thought there was more growth along fence lines because it's harder to mow right up on the fences and people just leave it alone because it also looks nice.

  5. In Utah, All the tumble weeds get stuck on the barbed wire fence. I think the trees are there because of the wind. The wind picks up the seed and the seeds get stuck on the fence.

  6. That's great. I built myself a clone using my AAC-SD reciever with an HS stock and M24 contour barrel, but I didn't know the true M24 used a long action receiver until I was done!

  7. The reason why it's only effective out to 800m is because the energy to penetrate deep enough to kill is vastly reduced past that range. Yes, you can still kill a bit past that point, but the energy surrounding the bullet means small exit wounds, if that ever takes place.

    I think the longest kill was around 1300+ yards, and there was no exit wound.

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