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Legionary Wargames show 2017

Legionary Wargames show 2017

hi guys and welcome back to the world of 28 millimeter now some of you may know I've been up at the legionary war game show up in extra and I've finally recovered enough to put a video together I had tried last night I couldn't piece anything any sentences together but we'll get there so I took a load of pictures while I was there I wanted to get some video but unfortunately my battery on my phone wasn't being very compliant and I only had about 10% left so I had to preserve it so I'll stick some photos up I'm big thank you to the organizers did a fantastic job it was a great day from what I see everyone thoroughly enjoyed it so I'll pop some pictures now of all the terrain and the boards and things I saw there's links in the description below to the the dog having a drink the links in the description below to all the gaming companies and things that look that partake in the day and yes so that's it so here's some of the pictures enjoy [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and there you go guys so it was a good day all in all we had some great terrain and some great boards great games great people yeah everyone enjoyed it sort of from what I believe that so big shout out again to the Exmouth Imperial War Games Club for organizing it all did a fantastic job always well done personally I had a great day plates and bolt action had some really good feedback on the board big shout out as well to Steve from Steve small world go and check his channel out he helped me out you know getting to and fro and we had a couple of beers and whatnot so good time was had by all so that's it for this episode like if you liked it share if you think anyone else like to see it don't forget to subscribe for the next episode okay have fun guys

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  1. great video . shows of the tables well and you can see all the hard work behind them. was a great day , just need a week to recover now :p

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