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  1. Citizens and the lawyers are practicing gang stalking and get paid a commission for intently harassing people. They break their own laws and push conservatism principles because they have not updated themselves with the rest of the country. It is very clear racism, bigotry, hate, and non-modernism permeates the social climate. Conservatism is fine if it is positive, but when it does not advance mankind, these old principles should be abandoned. It equals
    small town witchcraft. It is in the social fabric of Leesville and the surrounding towns. Escape the environment by studying and preparing for college or going to a good trade school. Let sports be secondary and learning first. Then, let the almighty guide your steps.

  2. Look all of yall need to stop tryna talk about Leesville cuz the only thing yall haters are just proving that yall just some ungrateful hating ass bitches who don't even try to take the time to see how far this place has come so stfu u fuckin haters.

  3. The place has changed alot since this vid was posted. I've been here my whole life and wouldn't have it any other way. Most people don't like it here because it is very culture based and religious. Yes, there may not be much to do, but were making progress. Chilles is being built, new go cart place. Its getting there slowly but surely. Oh, and as far as education purposes go, were 8th in the state. So yea.

  4. i remember when that wal mart was built. used to be field with an old abandoned 2story house all the local kids used as a hang out.

  5. Im going to just take a stab in the dark here,you're military and all you can do is bitch about small town life. Lame ass.

  6. I was stationed there from 87 to 90 & that little hick town had more dwi's in one year then the whole city of Manhattan ,they show it on 60 minutes!!!!!

  7. @pebbles1534 I think LA itself blows. Why the mention of your father's rank. Not impressive at all.

  8. @bobthekiller511 lol no. It sucks. Go to Monterey California or Savannah Georgia. go to other countries and you will know this place sucks.

  9. @The337Shane dude it sucks. It sucks big time. scholarships and college don't mean shit. its about who you know. I was born on a military base in CA and traveled to many different places and other countries. This place is crap. Don't tell me education is everything in a response. Its not. My father has no college degree and works with many high up people. I hack computers and I get to meet these people. I go through free courses and training because of that. I already know the stuff.

  10. Leesvilles home I went to school here for two year, made life time friend. Joined the army and served a two year term here. I love this place, there's nothing quite like it and if I have my way ill retire here…

  11. well if your a city type person than yes you are not used to a country type town. Oh and by the way I'm NO "INBRED" I was born here my mom is from Leesville but however my dad is a Texan born and raised and a RET. 1st Sgt. I have lived here just about my whole life went to school here and graduated from here so as far as "INBRED" goes sorry none found here; so if you are not RAISED COUNTRY as in BEING IN THE OUTDOORS most kids here are born and raised here FISH, HUNT, AND CAMP IN THE WOODS

  12. xXT0r33Xx– LMFAO. Are you kidding? Thank you for making everything I said in my previous comment true. People from here are inbred and cannot spell worth crap. Iz hope dat dis make uz so kool. Moron. Thanks for proving my point!

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