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Lebanon’s Illegal Arms Dealers

Lebanon’s Illegal Arms Dealers

when the back streets of Tripoli Joseph seriously the dividing line between the two warring communities grew employment of the weapons dealer who’s finishing off the deal selling few grenades local fighters welcome to Tripoli Lebanon second city in a town being ripped apart by the war in neighboring Syria with the city divided between warring Sunni and Alawite Muslim communities Tripoli is a greater single flashpoint in Lebanon’s increasingly fragile ethnic mix over 20 years after the end of Lebanon’s bitter Civil War the tiny countries on the edge of chaos once again Lebanon’s Hezbollah controlled government is hated by the country’s Sunni minority for intervening in the Assad regime’s side and the war in Syria now the northern city is witnessing increasingly deadly clashes between Sunnis who support rebels and the Alawite neighbors who support the regime all watched helplessly for the weak Lebanese army tripping and Sunnis see what makes the situation so volatile the whole country has a watch with weapons the almost meaningless border with Syria next door and vast stockpiles left over from the Civil War the country increased nee resembles a giant weapons market if you’ve got enough money to buy anything you want my questions aren’t so we went window shopping to see what’s available welcome to the Great Lebanese arms bazaar it’s an ordinary day in Tripoli and guns are everywhere like 90% of Tripoli’s population these fighters are Sunni Muslims who live encircling an Alawite minority on the hill of Jabal Mohsen clashes between the two groups have left the city on the brink of chaos and the easy availability of automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades has left large chunk to the city looking like a war zone now most households have their own weapons and a whole new generations growing up learning how to use them little kids came over this weapons whoo all across the world can be found here with the ever-present martyrs posters a reminder of their deadly effect seventy percent of the population here lives beneath the poverty line with most families in Habana surviving on around three hundred dollars a month but despite the poverty the gun trade is big business I went to me Omar a Sunni fighter and small-time weapons dealer to find out how big is your weapons here Tracy yeah a dollar well I’ve never heard of us has of Allah who Nizam Sri devil messin who mr. Costain hmmm soutache Shenron but on this oh right there at BJ hey Diana Sheldon we have a message from Jabba Mason his domicile mashaallah I said I love had to stay right now Manu ahead known for I had nominal alpha hummus me dog you scratched rated serial number on it in there yeah machine ah Hui she mean elephant on his own you’re a study a shuttle asset what I don’t understand is there’s no money in tadhana where do they find the money to buy these weapons animal a7 de la mia tuna CC no web and the Lamia tuna unique illuminant EE no mana masala understood is there instead in a coal mill this is yet why do you think these politicians are funding this why why they’re giving him an experience cysteine I’m trauma sodium channel Lucia believe Nene at the bubble machine Yolo of Jennie Harvell given is a default of Lebanon the Haram hot rod anyway horrible Bashar be at Wilbur Shaw DNA Alberto Kurdish can have something else Alice or Helene else she’s in here plus there I’m here too much more autumn a heavy double he the bot shear of the bottle Halloween bash – I mean photos levitate in Amanda Michelle amen Germany under Bashar Assad Bergman was a little hole at her work on she filleted Man Ray she Concha formal Sampson Sabine Blenheim stardom Disneyland Horeb Oh madnes become mad no national manish Lebanon’s political system is almost entirely based on sectarian affiliation with parties representing the country’s Sunnis Shias Christians ala whites and Druze if it was true that politicians in Beirut are flooding tripoli with weapons then Lebanon’s politicians were playing a dangerous game in a country so divided on sectarian lines [Music] tripolis side streets are a no-go area for the army in these narrow alleyways weapons are readily available buying a gun here seems like buying drugs in the West and I just arranged a meeting with another sunni dealer few doors down is what you’ve got a few aks do you think every family in Savannah has a weapon nothing better no fish there so we had a little change a whole lot I mean where all the weapons coming from Java Hezbollah madhumathi she has all of it whatever sentiment oh yeah oh yeah woman will be there they have Myrtle I’m sure we stay and how turtle of the law how does a fig with the laws of another see his hide it have it on your side mmm you know nice Surya kind of a the wall order if a juror was a bad luck I mean it says gang all the ammo all the weapons for Jeb almost and the enemies are there but realistically a lot of its being brought in from politicians from their own side the different confessional factions in Lebanese politics flooding this place of weapons no they want to put pressure on the other side how old you uni first learn to use a gun Marshall think anomaly Bernard shallot idea I mean how much money would a fighter from two burners spend on weapons and ammunition every year gelila MA sure how helpful you’ve applied harmonica here on this was one house one fighter few aks pistol head of local ammo as a constant circulation of weaponry throughout the whole country so I hustled me out of his flat before the neighbors got suspicious and turned us in I’d asked him how buyers knew they were getting decent Goods so he insisted we go down to his shooting range where they test the kit before we agreeing on the deal Charlie passed an army checkpoint following the weapons dealers down to test the pistol the range turned out to be a passion wasteland near the beach I wasn’t really sure what was going on was that the guitar my man hurt yeah pretty weird but it works now it’s time to go with the army turn up just went down into stretch Reed’s by let’s see leads up few rounds the arm inside our for a country that’s meant to be at peace the most striking thing about Lebanon is how openly weapons are carried it looks like Tripoli’s become addicted to guns I spent most of my time in Tripoli hanging out with the Sunni militia commanders II and anuki Ziad controls the city’s ancient suit and his security detail of tooled our kids is a closest thing to law and order here now Ziad wants to show off his personal armoury they have taken a celeb day trip something guys it spices in our car not sure about this make sure they’re these are these are all on safety cash okay this is the dodgiest chocolate shot and let it down five five on fighters one come on then yeah okay the army don’t care is that it is dry past and like waiver them they’re doing it oh yeah bikini top energetic beach and Abney wanna be footman of a pleasurable oh sorry listen benobram banana I’m a general America lady it’s crazy this is nice yeah very nice like a beachfront okay capito Friday afternoon come down to the beach with city militants get training no big deal one time in one month we come here shooting and sleepier me and my guys here if the m16 your favorite yes my favorite weapons here it’s made in u.s. egg yeah okay so sometimes we like what we deliver face everything else not so much no sure everybody love democracy in any way anyway and the wall is it more accurate the m16 it’s better than the classical and our wall street wall here is a Kalashnikov better for the m16 but the m16 here for sniper ziad’s men may be imposing for their masters photos but the overall mood was of a nice day out but any day to Seaside niggas raining so it’s written Randolph [Applause] [Music] even by Lebanese standards tripley’s an unstable place but even in the capital Beirut the black-market arms trade is a booming industry Beirut’s divided between sectors controlled by the different sectarian armed groups and Hezbollah being by far the most powerful force the Shia militia controls almost everything in Lebanon so to find out more about the country’s arms bazaar we headed to the Shia suburb of Darya deep in Hezbollah controlled territory to meet a Hezbollah fighter an arms dealer Hezbollah’s fighters a band from talking to the media so this was an incredible opportunity to find out more about the group’s role in the weapons trade as long as we didn’t get caught we’re locked back room at the workshop somewhere in Beirut must be an arms dealer Wow okay let’s look at what you got so ipk yes coke come on a and for 3,000 3,000 yeah $1,000 no no yeah okay why they cheaper now than they were good luck talking like a hostage here good enough tell em my shaking yeah what kind of person is gonna wear by an RPK or an RPG and grenade launcher I would have known Adi it’s really it’s right there yeah yeah how’d you get this from Israel that a facility she followed our food the verifed cetera so no heroin Adam what had madam you know barato saying funny about this I mean proxy the US government is his US tax dollars sent to Israel it’s military aid Israel invaded Lebanon Israel lost Hezbollah got this and now it’s being sold somewhere in Beirut netic the Chi Minh Drusilla American air Brittani but once we heard of a vehicle is – hello what’s your favorite weapon okay Oh Rachel Sarah Mallika Sharon we’re pledging those who share how and upon the Russia bus no mobile on it karasuma five occasion this is a very sexy stay out yeah Austria 7000 so they’ve taken away their numbers hey who’s your mama went to the Free Syrian Army and they ended up here with the opposite side pretty much seven thousand dollars seven seven I am pretty tempted well it’s got a pretty impressive stock and that has one of his many shops it’s got quite a few more around Beirut the sheer number and the sheer variety of weapons floating around his country was incredible my customers come but it’s the way now I unleash our love you know man Halloween I mean every total weekend

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  1. Secret to Lebanon.
    The day you welcomed Arafat, your country disappeared

    Was it worth it? Where is the pride? You let hezballah and PLO, a bunch of snakes in the shadows, push you around?

    What happened to Lebanon of old, this is a joke whatever you call this version

  2. Their kids play with real gun and American kids play with toy gun. Who do you think will win in a fight? 🙂 No wonder America rarely win any war hahaha

  3. RPG does not stand for rocket propelled grenades it stands for ruchnoi prototankovy granatamyot which is Russian for hand held anti tank grenade launcher

  4. That M4 at 13:08 is a "colt commando carbine" rifle its fully automatic with a 12" barrel and in a legal market in the U.S. at an auction (so long as it was,manufactured before 1986) that thing would sell for 15,000-25, it is sold for maybe 1500…

  5. Instead of pretending to shoot to look cool… just don't. The way you were holding that gun made me wanna apologize to my ar on behalf of you holding its cousin like an imbecile

  6. Shocker…thats an airsoft rifle that kid pulled out of the box. Says it right on the box. Attention to detail.

  7. The governments fuel these conflicts, the guy literally lays it out and just explained how the politicians are using money from the global elite parties to fuel chaos in the middle east.

    This is atrocious. Russian roulette in the 21st century. Harsh legislation for Nepal. Its a must to curb this trend. Rubbish trend at that. Boycott Nepal.

  9. No matter what country, theirs somebody somewhere selling anything you could want for a reasonable price.

  10. You HEARD what they SAID. Politicians put the GUNS in THERE HANDS, so what that tell you, political UNREST IN THE ENTIRE AREA.

  11. no one well win war on hosballh and iam an hozbollah this guy who bought weapon for 1500 dollar and say the sryian army gaved him the he is lier that he got from no one he just bought it from his mony no one bought for him and lebanon is the beutiful and safe country from the worlds even israel cant won on us 1m rockets in 1 second well go in same time if israel did anything or warn only tripoli people need to do war in the country but they cant cuse hezbollah and lebanon army puting them in the jail and dont be scare from anything cuse lebanon is most safe country from sryia pelastin and gb and say any comment or u get report spaam and virus

  12. “ When you are shooting don’t wave it around “ ( Proceeds to wave it around his stomach with a bullet on the chamber ) ftw 😂

  13. >Be Sunni minority >Don’t respect that they live in a Shia majority country >Start shootouts and turn cities into war zones and gun markets >Act like the victims when the Shia majority fight back. “Well jeez it doesn’t take a fucking genus to wonder why these people are hated there and have to fight daily”

  14. "No we love the USA and Democracy, everywhere in the world loves Democracy" yet liberals and alot over the world shit on America

  15. Sunni weapon dealers: – faces- information-locations-shooting in front of camera- kids with weapons-chaos- unprofessional-
    Hezbollah weapon dealers: unknown blue room- no faces- professional and that why every time Hezbollah will win and this is the difference between a sunny street gangster and shiaa real fighter

  16. …. “Bahá'u'lláh(The promised one) further said, 'My purpose in coming to this corrupt world where the tyrants and traitors, by their acts of cruelty and oppression, have closed the doors of peace and tranquility to all mankind, is to establish, through the power of God and His might, the forces of justice, trust, security and faith. For instance [in the future] should a woman …, who is unsurpassed in her beauty and adorned with the most exquisite and priceless jewels, travel unveiled and alone, from the east of the world to the west thereof, passing through every land and journeying in all countries, there would be such a standard of justice, trustworthiness and faith on the one hand, and lack of treachery and degradation on the other, that no one would be found who would wish to rob her of her possessions or to cast a treacherous and lustful eye upon her beauteous chastity!…' Then Bahá'u'lláh affirmed, 'Through the power of God I shall transform the peoples of the world into this exalted state and shall open this most great door to the face of all humanity."
    (Adib Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Baha'u'llah v2, p. 141)

  17. LMAO you literally used the same exact footage to make it look like you hit a target when in actuality with your eye in-bedded into the scope you couldn't see shit & probably had a little headache shortly after. lol But who expects honestly from Vice News.

  18. In other words, "Killing is my business and business is good," 😉 Arms dealers make money from all sides of a conflict.

  19. Its sad to hear that war/conflict is all people have known since their childhood. Meanwhile here in America we complain about the most trivial sh**. Sometimes, you have to appreciate the little things in life. Then again, some of our cities have been war zones on a lower scale. Some more than others.

  20. Massa Dey We Alhahiem'.

    Muc tor Delfanfwaughe under Canse 'New?

    Macha del Talima!!! Mougke Seen 'Truvalo!

    Seena Delbish!!!

    Need frompy for The Voices!!!

    Ba Lach Shelshiva!!!

    Nauce deleph!!!

    Bombaiyia SwAyheavert!!!

  21. Masksa Veinhitten upon your Jagha!!!

    You's Penelepe Indiaego or Swass Could Hardrea!!!

    Misty Bappell 647 for Upper Quadrant Nel Stick!!!

  22. Its a Damn shame the UK is attached to main land Europe so I could get myself some of they Aks the East end of London would be like a hot summers night in compton

  23. Islam is religion of peace. Pieces of shit here n pieces there. These ppl will never b at peace due to stupid Allah

  24. Honestly I couldn’t help but laugh when the Sunni militia was like “we love American democracy and guns”.

  25. Sir u must have balls the size of Volkswagens to be meeting a black market arms dealer in a back room of some shop somewhere in Beirut

  26. this video have some year on back but i cant belive what im hearing man chocked politicians ar ethem who given this groups weapons ? wt f man unbelivable

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