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Lake Winfield Scott – Blood Mt – Slaughter Creek Trail and Jarrard Gap Trail /12-23-17

Lake Winfield Scott – Blood Mt – Slaughter Creek Trail and Jarrard Gap Trail /12-23-17

Chris here there's Kim and we're hiking from Lake Winfield Scott the rec area over here by like and we're gonna take the just Otter Creek Trail to connect with Appalachian Trail – Blood Mountain and then we're going to come back on the Girard gap trail it's gonna be a nice 8.6 mile loop hike today so yeah we got a nice really beautiful cloudy day cloudy rainy day but it works here we are get started on the Otter Creek Trail the point set him off to the Appalachian Trail and I think as a point point nine once we get them the Appalachian Trail to Blood Mountain the cross on the bridge over water creek on this where afternoon we got some nice stone stage doing up this oughta keep the truth we're probably close to a mile to maybe the 80 connector but we're going uphill and it's uphill majority to the right so this has been our beef for the day walking through this great foggy abyss it's been enjoyable it's sprinkled a little bit and then nice and cool that's a good thing but we should be getting close to where the 80 connects with this lot of creek trip we said that did bit more than appealed to me so catch you later the leer seven point seven miles from the top of Blood Mountain and as you get to the point seven miles from Blood Mountain going southbound there's about ten maybe ten or so maybe a little bit more that's pretty cool right there and comes down but if you keep if you keep following this it actually takes you back to the same place we're going which is like a wind chill scott but if you would rather walk the trail you just think of that that these double blazes and fog to try that way but either way you'll get back to the same place and that's the same distance we're about about two miles from Lake Winfield Scott area we're hiking down the Gerrard gap Trail and we come across some cabins out through the distance we see three of them but that's really cool one more bit of information once you get off the draw get trail you'll come out to a rope I got that's and then intersection in there and the road what you do is to get back to the lake Winfield Scott right first off the trail then they'll take a left which is pretty noticeable there's a blaze and I aeroplane through the left you go straight this if you go straight across if there's somebody drive way straight across so he'll turn left right there and just keep walking straight and you swallow this road back and you end up at the the parking lot you'll pass the night camp down to off the road if you want to do follow you can follow the road as you see it keeps going through the left right there or you can come across this bridge and follow the little campground trail back to lightgun Scott and that doesn't matter either way but they go out a nice can't camp spot so I got back of the bathhouse up there I don't know if that the shower and I about it but really nice really nice but yeah cool place yeah I think it costs $10 to rent two in a day for the night up here though well we've just finished her loose heart and just started to rain again but we had we have a nice heart but eight eight point six miles is a nice little loop maybe next time when we can come to do this hike again I better be that the Sun of you that will have some something used to felt all we got today was a lot of clouds it was really nice the campground really beautiful right but yeah the campground over here it's nice everything

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  1. It was exactly the same on Blood Mountain when I went through there … cold, wet, and completely socked in. It was really slippery going down the north side to Neel Gap. Looks like y'all had a good hike. Thanks for sharing.

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