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Kumar Military Hotel – Salem – A Hotel In Salem Serving Non Veg Food

Kumar Military Hotel – Salem – A Hotel In Salem Serving Non Veg Food

Please see description for Google Maps location link……

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  1. Intha hotel yenga house pakathulatha irukku….romba costly ..but athukkey neraya rush irukkum.romba spicy……1 month continuous ah sapta hospital tha

  2. Worst Briyani, looks like a thallicha satha,intha video LA piece athigam,but shop LA direct ah pona kammiha than iruku

  3. Real reviewer must buy parcel and review the food without the owners knowledge…if you take camera and go into any restaurant the food will… People of TAMIL NADU are Very foolish people.. they can't understand this simple logic and waste their money…go to North India nobody will believe all these non sense food reviews… they will believe only if they taste it first hand… The fact is these TN people are studying the foolish education system designed by Jews..who are ruling the world secretly… don't believe in any reviews a real real reviewer will buy parcel and review it without the owners knowledge… because that is the food th owner will serve to the general public… I'm fed up with these educated Tamil assholes..who don't understand their roots

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