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  1. Just like the Trapdoor Springfield rifle that preceded it, the Krag Jorgenson was yet another crappy military rifle that was obsolete before it even went into production.  While it did at least hold multiple rounds (5), it did not have a detachable magazine, nor could it accept stripper clips.  This means once you fire all 5 rounds, you had to reload one at a time.  In combat, it basically became a single-shot weapon after you fired 5 rounds.  Even the early repeating rifles from the 1860s were better.  At least with them, you could fire over a dozen rounds before reloading.  America's army was just an utter failure when it came to 19th century rifle technology.  In the entire second half of the 19th century, they never took advantage of the best rifle tech and went into literally every war with obsolete guns as their standard issue.

  2. As long as you aren’t getting charged by watermelons, coconuts or two litre bottles of soft drinks I think you would be an excellent marksman

  3. Such a beautiful rifle interesting how the clip is fed on the right side of the receiver the clip is claw like and was referred to as the Krag speed loader magazine love the furniture of these rifles to 👌🏻

  4. My great great grandfather went to the Philippines in the Spanish American war, it's amazing for me to think he may have carried a trap door Springfield or one of these.

  5. damn rockstar i see where you got your sounds from lol kidding but the Krag in game sounds literally identical great job rockstar

  6. Variants of the Krag riffel:

    Danish Krags:
    Rifle 1889 (Denmark was first to adopt it into their military)
    Carbine 1889
    Sniper Rifle 1928

    US Krags:
    M1892 rifle
    M1892 carbine
    M1896 rifle
    M1896 cadet rifle
    M1896 carbine
    M1898 rifle
    M1898 carbine
    M1899 carbine
    M1899 constable carbine

    Norwegian Krags:
    M1894 rifle
    M1895 carbine
    M1897 carbine
    M1904 carbine
    M1907 carbine
    M1906 boy's carbine
    M1912 short rifle
    M1923 sniper rifle
    M1925 sniper rifle
    M1930 sniper rifle

  7. HEY! Give Sgt Shultz his rifle back before Colonel Klink "The Iron Colonel" sees and sends Sgt Shultz to the Russian front.

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