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Korean card spending on Japanese brands cut in half amid boycott

Korean card spending on Japanese brands cut in half amid boycott

as a follow-up to that reports South
Korea’s card spending on Japanese brands is hard
over the past several weeks as Tokyo’s anti-trade curb boycott shows zero sign
of a basing effect is getting more hardcore according to data from eight
major card companies spending on such items during the last week of June was
eight point four million u.s. dollars but that plummeted to around four
million during the last week of July amid the weakening boycott the widening
boycott rather of Japanese products brands like ABC Mart and DHC were
affected and Uniqlo the clothing brand saw its sales plunge a whopping 70
percent this comes despite overall card spending actually increasing in South
Korea during that period card spending at four major Japanese tourist
destinations including Tokyo and Osaka also decreased by one-fifth

Reader Comments

  1. It sounds like super hard to avoid Japanese products and products which contain Japanese parts.
    * Cameras (including smart phones’)
    * toilets
    * bicycles
    * medical instruments
    * QR code
    * printers
    * projectors
    * airplanes
    * broadcast equipment
    * hologram on the cash
    * video games
    * Seoul National University (based on Japanese university)
    * zipper
    * etc…

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