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Kobey's Swap Meet: WWII Canvas Transport Bags

Kobey's Swap Meet: WWII Canvas Transport Bags

Kobe saw me today taken out on gosh I'd work too far away I'm Karen needs big old canvas bags Oh arms about to fall off and am I cart with me today I made it I made up my arm and tactful so those what I got out here Kizer World War to be a little bright just drop the light down a little bit here World War two uh transport bags army transfer bags I would imagine whatever they could shove in here they're a little stiff I even know what's in there there's I mean I canvas pull the strap around the top I'm pretty good shape I don't have holes in them we have all the pieces to them rfu sustains okay I wanted twenty bucks apiece for him and so I told him I'll give him 10 for all of them you had 55 over here so I think he was more interested in getting rid of him so he wouldn't have to carry him home I got for 10 bucks apiece i'm seeking some sell for like 35 on ebay this is going to probably go into my booth space now i'll probably put 35 on them maybe maybe a little more i don't know i'm looking at the public 35 pieces all over those guys and then okay same guy one second have this phone phone from the same guy he gave me this nice little bag coming in it's kind of a cool red phone yeah it's got this red phone 18 th try from the 80s rotary dial will cracks some pretty good shape there's some scratches I can polish that out with the actually car wax will take some of that out shine it up but red is a good color man i can sell these for i can probably afford ebooks out of this for a red phone paid five dollars for it so i don't know good fine same guy now i don't get over here as often as I used to this is the Kobe swap meet in the parking lot of the San Diego sports arena who now it is the home of the San Diego goals they are back hockey team was a West Coast League quite a while ago probably in the 90s it's come here all the time and tengo I lighting set but yeah so it's in the parking lot three days a week friday saturday sunday already scaled down but it's nice to come here you get some pretty good deals nice to walk through here when you get a chance in mornings so oh well off to another thing I'm going to be picking up a great fine but actually I'm getting for free this afternoon I'm picking up a 1960s GE oven its brand electric oven and it's got its brown enamel brown as cool i'll show you some pictures of it hopefully in this this video if not in another but i'm going to go pick it up this afternoon talk to you guys later keep on picking

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  1. Ohhhh! A brown oven! Cool 😉 I have a feeling I'll be seeing one of the canvas bags again on Thursday! 🙂 TFS

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