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Knezovich facing protest over MRAP flap

Knezovich facing protest over MRAP flap

spokane county sheriff ozzie kanessa vich is speaking out now about a video that's circulating the internet it shows one of his deputies saying big military equipment is needed to handle the so-called constitutionalists in our area KXLY 4s Allie Norton joins us now live in the studio Allie there's been a lot of strong reaction to this online how's the sheriff responding to all this well needing it is triggered a lot of comments Nadine in fact there's also a protest scheduled for Saturday because of the video sheriff Ozzie knezovich says that it was all taken on the context the comment only lasted seconds but it was long enough to make its rounds online a Spokane Valley deputies saying the department's want vehicle is needed because of constitutionalists who stockpile weapons and ammunition the video published by Infowars website on sunday has nearly three thousand comments mostly people outraged saying the sheriff's office should protect the Constitution not be afraid of those who defend it there is no way this equipment will ever be used against any law-abiding citizen it will never be used to come and take your guns away the recording happened at the Holiday Inn Heroes event two weeks ago some deputies went shopping with underprivileged children while others stood outside with the vehicle known as an MRAP and talked with families coming by one woman recorded the interaction her opening statement to the deputies was this was all propaganda we were just there to desensitize the children to the equipment damn rat kanessa bitch identifies the deputy as 20 year law enforcement veteran Jerry Moffett who also served in the United States Army Canessa vich suspects the comment was part of a longer conversation and only this statement ended up online someone argue it doesn't matter if it was three seconds or 30 minutes long it would still set at some Pole it is striking a chord so much so that a protest has been organized for this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. here at the Spokane Valley precinct on East Sprague I was shocked I was appalled I couldn't believe that a deputy would make that kind of a comment scott McClay is organizing saturday's protest he and other protesters will be asking knez ovitch to return the MRAP to the military obviously it doesn't serve a useful purpose if it's considered by some of his deputies to be for the purpose of rounding up constitutionalists and people who are law-abiding citizens that may adhere to the 2nd amendment the reality is that piece of equipment as I have stated since we received it and throughout my campaign is simply here to save your life and to save the lives of the deputies now sheriff kanessa Fitch admits that the term constitutionalist probably wasn't the term to use that extremists would have been more appropriate again he has said that reporting in the studio Allie Norton KXLY 4 News

Reader Comments

  1. And these pigs are a great example why we need the 2nd amendment! Bring on the second revolution!!! It is all propaganda, fuck these Cop-Roaches!!! That lying pig chief, is the biggest lying piece of shit in a costume and badge!!

  2. They always lie. You're not supposed to shoot or unlawfully harm unarmed men, women , kids and babies but it happens.

  3. To go back to the woman's original statement that police themselves are desensitizing us and our children. It's absolutely true! Who else shows up on the streets of America armed to the hilt and covered in weaponry and military gear on a daily basis? Only the police. Who then incite aggression and confrontation with their civilian employers usually for more money but sometimes just for their own sick entertainment.

  4. I remember when this happened. This guy was never taken out of office. And THAT is the "sad" part of this report… IF you have a police department that honestly believes they are "at war" with "Constitutionalist", then you (the local citizens) have a real problem on your hand. I would LIKE to think that 90% or more of the community were "Contitutionalist". In other words, the police "chief" feels teh need to run down the entire community. How did this guy remain in office? If he had come back on, and immediatly apologized for the verbiage used, we could call it a "slip of the tongue" and go on with life. But time after time, this guy as "defending" their position, with the small exception of ONCE he said, "The deputy should have said "extremist" instead of "Contitutionalist". (But with NO apology)

  5. Why are the U.S.A use olde marines and other milliterry in the police? Moste of the shit you see with a police man wich hade done something wrong or misstretend someone seems to be a old millitery. I just wonder wy, the hawe been to war and maybe killd persons so there ar probebly using his wepond more often then others police, beacouse the all ready killd before ( first killing is the hardest ) and maybe ther hav e posttraumatisk stress and maybe more psychic dissorder.. Is it good to use people that have been in war fore the police?? Use men thats killd people before cant be good ..?

  6. This officer slipped up and they know it.  His comment reflects exactly what he has been trained for and he let it out.  Just like in New Orleans after Katrina, they came and illegally took the citizens guns leaving them defenseless.  You only have rights until LE says know you don't.

  7. I throw the BS flag.  If you need a MRAP for civilian LEO's in a seemingly quiet and serene area, there is something else under the surface.

  8. Never used against a citizen ? Well all they have to do is make up something and bang out comes the Tonka toys.. They will make you a criminal if they want your property or if you are living off the grid etc. Look at Waco, one supposed guilty man and they kill everyone and attack them just like in a war.. What did the people inside do..

  9. FYI Sheriffs! people who you call constitutionalist those are also patriots. You and every other law enforcement agency don't need military equipment. You are peace officers not some paramilitary outfit. You need to actually go out into the community you have sworn an oath the protect, and maybe talk to them. I know that's a stretch but it's called getting to know  your constituents and working with them. Community policing is not staying in your car until you get a call. Maybe go to the bowling alley or other such establishments and hang around and talk. Most people are willing to engage you in  casual conversation and might even tell you who are the people to keep an eye on. Those two officers that we gunned down in New York by a insane person is (I hope and Pray) not a trend. I respect you people and never ever want to be sadden by what happen New York, or any other place in our country.

  10. To police officers and sheriffs deputies, anyone who believes in the Constitution is an extremist and anyone mentioning their rights is to be scorned. Or worse.

    The officials of these departments also believe that returning veterans are a domestic terror threat. Yet, they hire them, including the deputy who made the "we’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons" answer to the woman interviewer's statement that MRAPs seem to be appropriate in Iraq, but questioned why MRAPs would be needed in the U.S.

  11. How many Spokane county deputies have been killed prior to getting  the MRAP?.
    Because Im not seeing a real problem that warrants it.

  12. If the deputy's comments were unusual, they would have created even more reaction. But we have been hearing for months that the public is the enemy, especially returning veterans and constitutionalists. Gun owners are potential domestic terrorists. What baloney. The deputy is just repeating what we've been hearing for a long time, and he's saying exactly what he was trained for: dealing with constitutionalists with guns. They don't need MRAPs for the bomb threats, they think they have to fight us. They are being brainwashed to see the public as the main enemy. The problem is not the sheriff or his deputy or the police, it's the people who are brainwashing them to think we are the enemy.

  13. this traitor is a terrorist and  needs to be held accountable for his atrocities.  getting military equipment to combat CONSTITUTIONALISTS???  what the f–k?  i understand police need things to help them in their fight of certain issue, but when he made that statement, he not only was wrong, but it was a true statement from his heart.  when individual like this officer use those words soooo fluently like he did….  its truly in his heart.  and yes they were trying to desensitize the children toward these new military vehicles.  we all know children are very impressionable and you could tell them the sky is pink and after awhile they would believe it. 
    we Americans to to keep a better vigil of whats happening to our country and police.  Home-land security will be our future police after they take over the sheriffs, stater and city police.  that's why there are sending these types of MILITARY EQUIPMENT. to incite a riot of the American people, to scare law abiding citizens and to sto0ck pile enough military equipment so that when homeland security finally takes control in a martial law situation…  all the stuff they need to fight American citizen will be at there disposal.  AMERICA… GET READY… WEATHER YOU OR I LIKE IT OR NOT, THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO START A WAR IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!!!  remember when Mr. reed in the federal government said on live TV, that the WAR is at home in our own country.  he wasn't talking about robbers and murders, he was talking about killing and controlling the American people, destroying our constitution and way of life.  that's why they have the drones, 7million rounds of armor piecing bullets, 3000 guillotines, homeland security force that keeps getting bigger and bigger, dozens of FEMA camp(like Germany)  the list goes on and on.

  14. This sheriffs dept & many others are sponsored trained & funded by Jew terrorist orgs SPLC & ADL. Foreign shithole state of ISRAHELL shares in the training of American LEO's as well. No shortage of evidence & info of endless articles on the internet to research.
    This asswipe deputy said EXACTLY what he meant & was Jew trained for. Jew trained LEO's are just the branches & symptom of the problem. The root that needs chopping is the Jew orgs & their foreign country funding this bullshit. Follow the money trails funding these traitorous assholes

    one person or small bands of trained men will exist in each city across the country whose sole purpose will be to exact justice upon corrupt LEOs who escape justice, with different levels of punishment based on the severity of the LEOs offense.
    Its inevitable!

  16. Knezovich is just waiting for Obama to turn "law abiding citizens" into criminals overnight with some executive action on gun owners.

  17. Notice the yellow fringed flags this sheriff flies? The US flag is desecrated in this way.our true flag doesn't have this crap on it,it speaks volumes to this man's motives and who his real masters are.the corporate entity who has high jacked our country and made it a corporation and we as its chattel.this sheriff needs a swift kick in his ass and out the door!

  18. He made that comment because that is what he has been told by the feds. That's obviously their plan. He let the truth slip out.

  19. Wow, really??? Why don't you simply go to the Infowars site and watch the entire 5 minute video. It's there, he said it and why anyone would say such a thing unless that's what they are training for is beyond me.

    Infowars is also waiting for the Sheriff to come on and talk about this. Do you really think he will??? We shall see…

  20. These guys need to be fired and never be able to hold a law enforcement position again what a bunch of f**** dirtbags you treat your citizens like criminals is appalling, shame on you Spokane Washington Police Department!

  21. You know what's pathetic about this entire story? I just did research on this sheriff and it appears that he is a part of the very militia and anti-government Constitutional movement that he say's they need weapons to defend against.

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