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Kirsten Dunst Wore ‘Nauseating’ Fake Braces in ‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’

Kirsten Dunst Wore ‘Nauseating’ Fake Braces in ‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’

– Okay so what is the showing, show saying about the American
dream, and the American work? – That, they’re not making enough money, and that, I mean this is when
this whole pyramid scheme kind of stuff started is in the ’90’s, ’cause no one could live off minimum wage. – Okay, now let’s talk about your braces. – Okay. – So they were clip ons? Tell me about that. – They were just little like,
you know, like a retainer. You just clip them on and off. – Was it weird, seeing yourself in braces?
– Everyone on set, I just like take them off, and
there’d be like a line of, you know saliva coming off. (laughs) – But, but they’re kinda
nauseating to wear, so I was just like grossing everyone out, I was like sorry, sorry! Just like,
– It’s better than the rubber band ones. – Yeah! And they did want me to have double, but I couldn’t really talk,
so we just did the upper. (laughs) – Big hair, the nails
– Peacock, Cobra. – Fake tan. – Yeah. – What was it like looking in the mirror when you saw yourself really
made up for the first time? – I was a little like, this is
like, so awesome, and gross, and like, perfect. I just felt like, yeah, the
worst it got the better it was. – Your favorite outfit from the show? – I had some good, I had a lot
of good denim-on-demim, and – Acid-on-denim. – Yeah, I had like an acid,
yeah, acid denim skirt, denim shirt, and jacket that matched, so that whole look was a
lot, and very good yeah. Leather cut-outs, rhinestones. – So they’re doing a reboot
of Interview with a Vampire, would you ever pop back into that world? – I mean, I’m too old, right? (laughs) – You can never be too old to be a vampire.
– I know but I was like a child stuck, so I don’t know how that would work. It’d be kinda sad, me in
like a curly wig, and like (laughs) No one wants to see that. – Just get out that old wig! (laughs) – No one wants to see that! (laughs) Oh god. (laughs) – I’ve heard your Little Women wig, you could do that one too. – Oh my god. – 12 when you did Little Women. – I know I remember,
actually I cut my own bangs just before we started that movie too, so I had like these
weird really short bangs, ’cause I did it, you know,
myself in the mirror. – So how excited are you
for another Little Women. – It’s so nice, like each
generation I feel like it’s, it’s such a classic, and it, I don’t know, it’s nice to see someone
else’s take on it. – And then, I did hear that George Clooney went to bat for you for the title, to keep the title so long. – On Becoming a God In Central Florida. – Yeah. – Well it’s such a unique title, and you can call it On
Becoming a God, it’s just, it’s very provoking, and so, I, yeah. I wanted to keep it, we all did.

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  1. We still can't live off of minimum wage in the current day. $15 an hour is not even enough if you want to live a good life

  2. Fail!
    Her Make-Up Artist & her Hair Stylist!!
    She paid people to make her look older; w/way to much black eyeshadow. Plus her dye job looks cheap!

  3. I love Kirsten Dunst an absolutely beautiful lady 😍 I'd love a Spiderman 4 with Tommy Mergire and Kirsten Dunst please make it happen. 🕷🕸🕷🕸🕷🕷🕸🕸🕷🕸🕷🕷🕸

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