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Kids Guess What’s in the Box! | Episode 1 | HiHo Kids

Kids Guess What’s in the Box! | Episode 1 | HiHo Kids

(whimpers) (screams) – Is that corn or something? (classical music) – What’s in the box? – I believe I can. – Yes I am. Rats. Please no rats. – Ant larve. A bunch of them. No, it would not. – Bring out the first thing. K. – What happens if you peek? Oh man. I was thinking peek. No, no, no. – Is it gonna be a rat? – No. (gasps) (screams) – Nothing in there. No. No. – Eggs? – Is it fish eggs? Hmm. Wet marbles? – I know what is it. It’s a piece of jelly bean
with water inside of them. – Can I eat it? Oh. – The squishy things that
go in your ice cream? – I wanna peek so bad. – Orbies? – Orbies with water? – [Both] Yay! – Yeah, Orbies. – I think I heard of those. – Then why’d you not guess? – Ah, there’s a piece of it on my finger. Get it out. It’s still there. Yeah. – I hope it’s a stuffed animal. – Can I just reach in and grab it? – What the? Oh. What is this? (taps hand) – It’s hard. – Ah! I heard a noise in there. – No. – I think it’s a remote control thing. – [Boy] Maybe a TV controller. – Wait, it’s hard soap. – Can we look now? It’s, what is it? – A iPod. I just looked at the back. – It’s a iPad? – What’s a iPod? – Ooh, like this? I’m a (mumbles) for the iPod, waaah. – It’s the first one? – Can I keep it? Uh. I have no idea what that is. (squeals) – I don’t know, it’s big and fat. The thing that’s in the box. – Yuck! What is that? – Yuck. I think I know what is
it because I smells it. – It’s food. It’s crab. – Give up, I give up. I give up. – It’s cat food! – I know what it is, it’s octopus. (giggles) – Oh yes. – Oh my God. Is it an octopus? What? – Disgusting! – I’m outta here. – I actually, I’m eating it. I’m sorry octopuses out
there but I have to eat you. Can I have some more please? – Chew down. Subscribe!! Click here to subscribe. -Bye see you next time!

Reader Comments

  1. Oh my god they don’t know what an iPod is oh my god this is scary has time really gone that fast? I’m spooked.

  2. I used to play a similar game oct 31st we would decorate the room and blind fold the kids they would use their senses and touch to guess the real item that we renamed to make it seem gross then when the game was over they could see and eat kids and their friends loved that game when they were little.

  3. These kids are dumb obviously they aren’t gonna put live things in there they r just little kids! But they think they’re teenagers

  4. Why does everytime cut have people guess something there gotta be an octupus in it lol

  5. This channel legit makes me feel like I'm living way past my expiry date and I'm only 34. Seriously. They were surprised for an ipod. I don't even know if this is the same world I was born into anymore.

  6. Desmond is definitely acting with a kid voice. When he said I have no idea, he sounded like a grown up man. 🙂

  7. I don't any of these kids names..they don't tell us why does everybody know there names except me.. ( ⚈̥̥̥̥̥́⌢⚈̥̥̥̥̥̀)

  8. Lmao that little girl ate the Octopus🤣🤣 She's going to be an expensive date when she gets older lol she already has expensive taste in food!!

  9. i can't believe an ipod is considered an "old" fad now wtf i remember it being cool new technology

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