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Key & Peele – Awkward Conversation

Key & Peele – Awkward Conversation

– Best comic book adaptation…
– Oh, yeah. – to film hands down.
– It’s–oh, yeah. – No argument.
– Oh, yeah. Oh.
See you later, girls. – All right.
– Oh, yeah. Um, I know I’m in the minority
here, but I don’t really like the Christopher Nolan
movies. – [scoffs]
– I don’t. I really just feel like
they’re…overrated. Okay. [all laughing] Well, that’s, um,
that’s just an opinion. You see, that’s why
I prefaced it by saying, “I know I’m in the minority.” Awkward. [both snickering] You know, what, no.
No. Not really.
It’s not awkward, at least not until
you said “awkward.” Now it’s awkward,
because of what you said. Anyway. Anyway, what?
Anyway, what? Really, ’cause when you say
“anyway,” then you have to follow it up
with an actual contribution to the conversation
we’re having. – Yikes.
– No, look at me. Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me. Look at me. There’s no “yikes,”
and the reason why there’s no “yikes” is,
there’s nothing scary about this situation, okay? It’s a very low-stakes
situation. – All right. No, not “all right.”
Come here. No. Don’t look at him. Don’t look
at either of those guys. Look at me, all right? “All right,” what? ‘Cause after you say
“all right,” you have to follow that up
with something. Don’t do it. Don’t look at them. Do not look at them. No–No.
Do not look at them. Do not look at them.
Don’t do it. Tell us how you really feel. Okay, you know what?
I’ll tell you how I really feel. Listen, I really feel
like you’re an asshole who has nothing interesting
to say. So what–oh.
No. Don’t. No, don’t look at them.
Turn your head. Turn it.
Right here. Tell me an opinion
that you have about something. Just one opinion that you have
about anything at all. Just share an opinion.
Anything. Share an opinion. Share an opinion.
Share an opinion. Share an opinion right now.
Just off the top of your head. Share an opinion.
Anything. Just one opinion,
that’s all I’m asking. Share one opinion right now. – Share it. Share an opinion.
– Ah, ah, ah… I don’t have an opinion,
and that’s why I just like everything that everyone else
likes in pop culture. [groans] [sobs] [sobbing] Don’t look at me. Don’t look at me!
Don’t look at me! [sobbing]

Reader Comments

  1. Im really happy when that fats ass is crying and miserable, cuz that fucker always pisses the other guys off

  2. Nothing tops them, they are the best of the best of the best of men in comedy .And Debra is the best female comedian of all time.
    These three are so damn smart and their humour is so sharp and intelligent, it is just sheer perfection.
    This is truly american comedy at its finest . I am a Brit and i must admit we can take lessons from these three .
    This skit here was a masterpiece of intelligence. The number of people who must have recognized themselves as the sheep with no opinion and the guys trying to get them to get away from the herd.

  3. And that's why every time i have something to say to my kids and i know this is going to be a serious conversation, i isolate them and talk to them separately, so they can't back each other up. It works wonders,each kid has to back him or herself and since they are completely unable to do this, it makes the conversation easy and quick, while it would take an hour if i had them together. Fortunately now the oldest ones, use the same strategy with the youngest ones so it seem that the system is working. But i might have created monsters because they are becoming increasingly good at supporting their own opinions and providing a good argumentative response to back them up. But at least i won't have some Kim K kids who start a sentence with "Awkward" or "Like,…" or "Anyway,…", they actually start there with "You are making an excellent point dad but i it an outdated opinion and you think like a person from the 20th century, so I have to respectfully disagree and here is why,…" .
    There is nothing that makes you feel older than your kid calling you, someone from another century than them.

  4. I met a psycho bitch who acted like this. She gave me the whole,
    👈😲🗯 "Don't look at him like I'm crazy.
    👉😲🗯 "Look me in the eye and answer my question.
    ✋😡🗯 Are you going to respect my boundaries or not?" routine.

    😕💭 Now I know what you must be thinking.
    🗨🙄 You are probably thinking,
    😦💭 "Geez, Rob, what the hell did you do to this poor lady to violate her boundaries so badly?"

    😎💬 You know what I did? I asked her why she wanted to kill Republicans.
    That was a subject which SHE brought up. Then she told me that she'd rather not say.
    So I committed the horrible sin of harassing her by asking her to give us a hint. Yeah, I was really out of line to look at our mutual friend as if this lady were crazy.

  5. Beautiful mockery of the dismissive attitude that now passes for taking the high road in a conversation. Definitely symptomatic of many larger issues at work in American culture these days. Won't take my ol' Grandpa rant too far, as I'm in my 30s, but I find this behavior frustrating and wish MORE folks got called out like this.

    Glad I'm not the only one annoyed with people who act like this!

  6. Excellent! Made my day. This is what happens when everyone can voice an opinion to the world, but not enough people have decent friends or purposeful conversations with real people in real life.

    We now have cheerily walked into a world where people have underdeveloped personalities and underdeveloped social skills. They live online. They are too busy "liking" things to actual develop passions and pursuits and their own character. When called out or engaged, they shut down and resort to dismissive retorts.

    And marketing and tech companies roll in their money and love it. Turns out the freedoms promised by smart phones, smart technology etc. are really just reducing us to…opinionless masses with no true sense of self. Hmm, go figure. No wonder they can sell so many sneakers and horrible movies to the masses…everyone is too bored and distracted to actually care too much about anything.

  7. This was basically me in highschool. Always said i know right or yes. Cuz i had no opinion on any current trends and wanted to sit next to people lol

  8. It saddens me how close to home this hits.

    I know people like this who don't have any real opinions and use catchprases to hide this.

  9. When you offer an unpopular opinion and people scoff and dismiss you you so wish this is what you could do, but alas, people suck, EVERYWHERE.

  10. Not like he offered anything else after stating that Christopher Nolan's Batman is overrated. What specifically makes it overrated? One word bangers with no substance. Similar to peeles one word banger with no follow up as to why it was awkward.

  11. This is a great commentary on society today, only able to converse through memes and pop culture references with no meaningful input of their own.

    Take that away and they're stripped down to their most basic primitive state.

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