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Kettlebell Military Press Mastery

Kettlebell Military Press Mastery

hmm according to research the kettlebell
military press is a builder of strength a toner of arms a stabilizer of cores
and is perhaps the king of building cannonball shoulders but with poor form
it ends up becoming a dysfunctional pile of goop and all of this means nothing
but don’t you fret because today your boy Brian is gonna lead you down the
path to kettlebell military press mastery stick around if you want an
amazing press you need to start with an amazing stance apply the following four
keys number one keep your feet around shoulder-width apart
number two your knees must stay locked number three make your chest big think
Superman revealing his s and finally number four grow as tall as you can from
your heels up through the crown of your head just imagine a string pulling you
up maintain these four things throughout the entire movement or else aliens will
invade the earth and elect Justin Bieber as Earth’s new president and who wants that? we call the bottom position of the
military press the rack please observe the following items every time you are
at the bottom in the rack one keep your wrist straight not flexed and definitely
not extended back if you find your wrist once to extend try setting the bell
lower in your palm when viewed from the front keep your forearm vertical you do
not want to be losing or winning an arm wrestling match 3 when viewed from the
side you want your forearm to be pointing ever so slightly backwards the
kettlebell is in front of our shoulder in the rack but we’re gonna be pushing
it slightly backwards to lock out directly over our shoulder just keep
your elbow barely in front of your fist your palm should be facing sideways to
you this will put the kettlebell right on your bicep now you might be wondering
how in the world did we get the kettlebell to the rack in the first
place well as a beginner feel free to cheat curl it up with two
hands but you’re gonna want to start learning how to do a kettlebell clean as
soon as possible I’ll leave links below hey now that’s what I call a nice rack
you know what I mean the top of our lift is called the
lockout I’ve got four key tips for you to have an amazing lockout tip one first
off double check your foundation your knees are still locked spine is still
tall chest is still big and your wrist is still straight check next at the top
your palm should be forward this puts the kettlebell above your shoulder
turning out feels weak and turning in puts the belt above your head a really
bad idea viewed from the front your elbow should
be completely locked and your arms straight up and down at the 12 o’clock
position use a mirror to help viewed from the side your arms should also be
at the 12 o’clock locked position not at 10 not at 11 not 11:45 but at 12
o’clock now that’s what I call a nice lock out we make any sense okay guys and
gals all of the previous tips simply build a great foundation a great
foundation equals a great press so always check those fundamentals but now
let’s move on to some more advanced pointers don’t get into the bad habit of
using your legs to move the kettlebell keep those knees locked
if the kettlebell is too heavy just grab a lighter bell a really bad habit is to
lead with the elbow this is just plain ugly and it makes kittens cry the fist
and the elbow should move up at the same time think kettlebell up rather than
elbow out exhale on the way up inhale on the way down keep your mouth closed and
breathe only through your nose on both the inhale and exhale remember at the
start the palms should face in half way up the kettlebell should be halfway
turned about 45 degrees and at the top it should be totally straight ahead
practice this without a kettlebell to get really good at it don’t be one of
those people that brings their ear to their bicep on every rep
trust me your bicep doesn’t have anything interesting to say and finally
it’s okay to very slightly kick your hips under your working arm to create
better leverage just don’t overdo it those are what I call nice presses get
it stupid now just get it ladies and gentlemen if you follow the tips in
today’s video it will lead you down the path to kettlebell military press
mastery if you liked today’s video please leave a thumbs up if you would
like to see a video like this about another exercise in the future leave
that down in the comments field and as always make sure you hit subscribe and
hit the little bell icon so that you are alerted when future videos like this
come out until next time go get strong follow the tips in today’s video you will
become a badass military presser… take 2 now that’s what I call a nice rack you know
what I mean

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