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Kelowna local imprisoned in Trinidad over keychain

Kelowna local imprisoned in Trinidad over keychain

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  1. I am quite positive that a spent shell is not considered ammunition in Trinidad and Tobago and this is simply a matter of dumb people that cannot read and comprehend properly. In a First World country I am certain that a Policeman would understand that a foreigner may not be aware of our laws and act accordingly, however in the Third World this level of intellect is generally not available. The Third World attitudes is clearly on display with the comments. It is shocking to note that one of the comments suggests that we are acting like other countries such as the Philippines – good idea for us to strive to be like another Third World nation like the Philippines. At the end of the day we are simply a Third World country with Third World attitudes.

  2. It focking good, illegal is illegal, if trinis go in other countries we have to play by the rules of that country. A prisoner will always give you a one sided story in favor of them. there are three sides to a story your side, my side and the truth.

  3. white privilege cards don't work everywhere focker! you should try bringing your ammunition to another country you privileged fuck.

  4. first thing first, he didn't charge him wrongfully, once u have ammunition even of u aren't able to use it. you are suppose to be remanded for 28 days without bail but previously it was 90 days. you thought white privilege worked in Trinidad LOL. I doubt the officer/prison officers apologized or said "sorry my country is so backwards" side note: the only way u can have privilege in Trinidad is if you have money lol.

  5. I have been in JFK and had to exit Customs and then re-enter just like this man. I do not understand why he fussed about having to do this. If I as a Afro Trinidadian had tried to pass through JFK or any US airport or UK airport with spent-ammunition shells, I would have been stopped, questioned and either arrested or deported. The man was treated the same as anyone who tried to pass through Trinidad's airport with spent shells would be treated. He was treated no better nor no worse. The man is white male North American, and that goes with privilege. Unfortunately the privilege did not work in his favour this time. I am sorry he experienced this the same way i would be sorry for anyone who experienced this but now he knows better.

  6. Considering what's happening in the world now he should've kept that in his house as a souvenir, trini police has always been too friggin laid back and lackadaisical

  7. That is why there own criminals killing them out and they can't find them. They only locking up people for shit. Stupid fuckers.

  8. Man the amount of kiss-asses in the comments below. They're not gonna give you Canadian citizenship for saying Trinidad is backwards and shitty eh.

  9. Policemen in Trinidad are rewarded based on how many convictions they make. The Canadian gentleman was fooled into making a confession so he would have to pay a 5000.00 fine and the policeman gets a case successfully wrapped up. Except the Policeman laid the wrong charge and an innocent man was almost lost in our corrupt legal system. He should sue.

  10. He’s an idiot. Why would anyone in this day and age travel through any airport with spent shells? Keychain or not?!
    If he was in Asia, he would have been lost in jail forever.

  11. We all understand that this is the law of our banana republic Trinidad & Tobago. What we must acknowledge is while the rest of the world is progressing, the lawmakers of sweet T&T continues to sit comfortably and condone such archaic and utterly foolish laws drafted donkey years ago. Imagine we charge persons for an ammunition casing while our boarders remain open and welcoming to illegal guns, drugs and immigrants. Why do we constantly put pressure on law abiding individuals yet offer no sensible resolution towards our personal safety and protection ? We hear too often about guns and drugs being imported in containers through our sea port yet all evidence seems to magically vanish. We aspire to reach first world status yet bury our heads in the sand when urgent government consultation for law reform is needed.

  12. I hope someone gave him the bullet keychains, I wouldn't waste a penny on buying a bullet keychain. Especially one that's not real.

  13. How stupid, it only takes a few seconds to verify that it's not a real bullet. It's pathetic how Trinis desperately try to be relevant. Trinis have to be the most pretentious people in the world.

  14. Mr. Doubt has every right to say what he said.

    First things first. He would not have known what he was doing was wrong if he had not had prior experience or knowledge. Just as we in this country tend to be absent minded on laws that we have once or twice been made aware of. He, on the other hand was never made aware of it being an issue.

    2 he could have been made aware of the fact that the items he was in possession of were illegal and that they will be confiscated and disposed of and he would be along his way. This is by the discression of the customs officer at the time (who i would assume, didn't know he has such powers)

    3 he was informed that he would be charged and wrongfully informed of what would be his outcomes. Due to the fact that ..

    4 he was "wrongfully charged" and

    5 no one but the lawyer knew the LAW.

    Thing I don't understand is. As trinis we always stand up and say "justice system is crap, prison system is crap, police don't know what they doing, you could never get justice in a court case, but an outsider says it and we get defensive … that's half the reason Trinidad isn't a place even trinis want to be in.

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