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K2 Pakistan | Vlog

K2 Pakistan | Vlog

Assalam o Alaikum, iamkhandanish and welcome to my new vlog. Recently, I got an opportunity to go on K2 Basecamp Trek. And how could I have let this opportunity down? Because this trek was always in my bucket list. So I packed the bags and went to Skardu from Islamabad. After reaching Skardu you can either rest or climb the tree and eat cherries like me. That’s totally up to you. Next day, we set off early towards Askole. After enjoying 7 hours of bumpy jeep ride, we reached Askole. The last settlement before entering the wilderness of Karakorams. Askole is just a teaser for coming days. Sleeping in the tent, all raw. If you get used to it then coming days are easy for you. Also try sleeping early because everyday they’ll wake you up early for trek. Next day they weighed our bags, everything packed, porters aka superhumans ready and we started our trek towards Joula camp. *guide singing in Balti Language* We went off the track, we were supposed to go up rather than going down This is the way, guides are saying it would take around 1.5 to 2 hours to reach. Let’s hope it’s not more than 2 hours because energy is already drained. The most annoying part of trek is this U-turn to reach campsite. There wasn’t much to do at campsite so I flew the drone and enjoyed the view of Bakhor Das Peak. Day 2 of the trek and today we are going to leave from Joula to Paiju campsite. Hopefully it’s 22 kms as per the guides says. I think it’s more than that and it would take 6-7 hours to reach there. We covered last trek very quickly, so guides asked us to walk slowly. After the break we continued our trek, Approximately, so far we have covered 10 kms. And according to the guide, it’s going to take 3 to 3.5 more hours to reach. Right now it’s 11:15 AM so InshaAllah, we’ll reach around 02:00 PM. Most of the travel groups stay here in Paiju for rest day. But our schedule is a bit tight, so no rest days for us. Another Day, and we are trekking towards Urdukus Don’t know if we reach Urdukus or not, because guide told us if we reach a campsite in between around 01:00 PM only then we continue further, if we reach late then we stay night there. So yeah, let’s see. We are about 8 kms from the Paiju Camp on Baltoro Glacier. Water situation is critical. My one bottle is with porter, who is walking quite far ahead. And only two sips left in bottle I am carrying. Let’s see what happens. After crossing cold water of glacier, we reached Khoburtse. After meeting we decided not to stay here and go to Urdukus. and it’s going to take 3 more hours. Put whole trek at one side and this deadly incline at another, This was the most difficult stage for me. Today we are going towards Goro II from Urdukus. We’ll have lunch break at Goro I. After that it’s going to take 45 minutes for locals and for us it’s obviously 2 hours or more. The weather is really pleasant, not that cold. So we have reached Goro II. It took us 7 hours to reach from Urdukus including rest, and lunch break. Pretty much good. Route from Paiju to Urdukus is very difficult. This was comparatively very easy. COMPARATIVELY That’s our campsite. Right on the glacier. With this tremendous and magnificent view. Finally the most awaited day has arrived. Today we are going to trek towards Concordia. Super excited because dream come true scene. So it’s been 10 kms that we have been walking from Goro II to Concordia. It’s amazing, One of the best trek so far If you want to save yourself on this trek, for that you need a stick, good gaiters and waterproof shoes. These things are important. And obviously you need water as well. Also i forgot about the sunglasses, they are also essential, UV protected and Polaroid. Because reflection from this snow messes up your vision. We have reached Concordia and that my friends is K2. Achievement Unlocked and yeah that’s it…. Today is rest day. We aren’t going ahead because of snow. And guides aren’t sure about the crevices. As you can see everything is covered in clouds and weather is getting clear from that side, so in couple of hours we’ll have better view of K2 and Broad Peak again. *critically low battery* *landing* And that’s how I lost my beloved drone. Tried to rescue it but drone wanted to stay more in Concordia. Learnt one thing though Never fly drone after low battery warning It can crash anytime Have seen the K2 but due to bad weather conditions couldn’t go to Gondogoro La. For that i’ll be back again. Before going I would like to thank findmyadventure and North Paradise Pakistan for providing such amazing services in these harsh conditions And specially to these super humans for making our trip more memorable Thank you!

Reader Comments

  1. Uff My God! What beautiful thing.. Loved the sequence, loved the cinematics and story.. Also dua for your Saheed Drone

  2. LOVED IT, kya bat hae. the opening sequence had me. its beautiful. the hardwork you did on graphics and notes. impressive.

  3. Trekking to Concordia while capturing complete picture for the viewers is one hell of a job and you my friend did an amazing work. Beautiful shots, amazingly captured, covered every angle, helped everyone understand how you got there. I mean this video is a complete package. For those who can't go, need to watch this. And for those who planning to, consider these tips. @iamkhandanish you are doing a marvelous job and i wish you all the very best in this line of work. Pakistan will be proud of you one day! ❤️🇵🇰 God Bless You!

  4. Fantastic work yara!
    Boht mazaa aaya daikh k and the views were simply outstanding.
    Trek to Concordia is also in my bucket list as well and I think I better start planning for it right away!
    I especially loved the photos in the end. You should upload them on IG as well.
    Thanks for sharing your journey. Keep it up!

  5. Bro kamal bs ap ko ab thori see promotion chahiya.
    Or agr yeh thori choti hoti ya 2 parts mn divide hoti to or maza ata dekhna mn❤.Keep it up

  6. You , Eva and Ukhano . Three of you were in the same group and spent all these days together. But not even a single glimpse of one another. Why so hate ? 😀

  7. Nice work bro! beautifully captured and awesome cinematography…
    Looking forward to seeing more stuff
    I feel sad for your drone though!

  8. Boht Alaa 👌👌
    K2 Zaida tar Braf bari aur Badal se dakha hota hai , K2 Daikhny ka khawab kisi kisi k hi pory hoty hain ,
    Mgr boht Shandaar Shots

  9. It was a masterpiece. More comprehensive and visually more aesthetic than other two vloggers on this trip.
    And RIP the drone 😢

  10. I have watched every possible K2 video on YouTube. This video, is my favorite. I loved the sound effects and some of the shots were so well done. But what I loved most all is this video has more actual useable info than any other. I can’t believe YT took a week to recommend this to me. It really made me rethink some things. Can you tell me what month it was that you did the trek?

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