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just a prepper rant of the day.

just a prepper rant of the day.

hey there YouTube subscribers Wow last couple days then kind of crazy in the news and with other people that subscribed to on YouTube the thing I like about YouTube and ustream some of those different outlets is that you get to hear from people themselves instead of just corporate run media you know and of course there's the alternative media guys that I'm subscribed to and not to have any disrespect or anything but it's pretty much the same stories from them over and over again to New World Order vaccinations fluoride in the water all those things that you know we all need to pay attention to but not really too often anything new but I'm seeing a lot of new types of comments coming from natural people who have had YouTube channels you know things like raising chickens or how to build well and there's just some kind of strange tension in the years it's almost like everybody even those who don't want to feel it or accept it everybody's intuitions starting to really kick in that there's something is either going to break or give one of the two it's going to go one way or the other so I'm going to try to pick up the pace at which I make my videos I've been really busy this last few days canning several hundred dollars worth of meat pork bacon beef chicken having a good time but boy I'm done I think today is going to be my last day for a few days of cannon I think I'm going to take a break and play with some pottery paint a picture do something fun something mentally relaxing instead of this con don't hurry up hurry up hurry up get ready for whatever but in light of some of the videos that have seen I would like to make a couple of statements that may or may not be understood and if you don't understand them that's fine it's only meant for those who would understand I had last fall and in the winter gone to a couple occupy protests and I had a certain thing in my mind about what it was about the banks being bailed out and not paying taxes anyway and getting refunds and then taking our money that we build them out with our tax money and losing more of it or giving raises to CEOs I just felt the whole thing was out of control like is the industry that needed you know to be brought back into regulation and we as taxpayers it shouldn't be funding somebody because they couldn't manage their daily deposits I know that as a business owner if I screw up my money it just that the company Falls I don't get bells bailed out I don't get you know anything handed to me even though you know it's been said lately that if I have a business I didn't do it on my own I sure as hell didn't do it with a bailout by anyway the last part test I went to was more of a national sighs protest it was tough in DC it's called occupy Congress on January 17 and the last time I've gone to an Occupy protest because that was the first time I had been with people that were outside of my immediate area my region um our little occupied group down here in the town where I love that they meet once a week for an hour to and they talk about the bank's these guys were I'm not even sure if any of them owned a checking account kind of a thing I don't want to say about all of them that's not all of them and you know when it comes down to it that's irrelevant you know they still have a right to protest and redress their government that's one of our bill of rights and constitutionally protected rights so I'm not trying to discredit them at all I'm just wanting it to be known that since the January 17th even I have not returned to an Occupy protest nothing against them just that I had a misunderstanding of their intentions and what they were protesting and so again that might not mean anything to any of you all that are on my channel but I just want to make sure it was said um anyway I guess this back to cannon I just wanted to say hello to my love to all my buddies out there and enjoy it while you can

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  1. like you and your ch. but talking about bailouts what about EIC, really we are paying people to have babys and the more babys the more money we give them. We taxpayer are giving them reson not to do better. the hell with working harder or more just have more babys. And what about the 49 -51 % that pay no taxes at all. (income). there you have your rant and I had mind.
    Be safe

  2. Kind of feeling that way about the farmers in my area. They have had two-three WONDERFUL years with great yields and high prices-this year a drought. Many of them did not put anything back-no they built new houses and bought new cars/trucks (one got an Escalade-with farm plates really!) and went on expensive vacations (I know 2 who went to Europe for three weeks!) .Now they are calling for government funds-WTH! No one is gonna bail out my place of work or my husbands. We are putting it back.

  3. Art and grand babies are the best therapy I know of. Im partial to mixed media, that way if I splash tomatoes or jam on it, it looks like I meant it as a statement. 😉

  4. me too, I go for hikes and stay out in the woods all day and bushcraft! Stay Safe and Take Care Sister.

  5. To balance is the hardest part like you say. I myself need balance once in awhile, after all, I am a Libra! LOL… so, today while in town… I bought some Potters Clay from the local art supply store and in between canning I sat down with a beer and just molded some sort of an attempt at an ashtray with little glass "things" in it. 🙂 and that helped balance out the time I was spending on canning in the meantime. give something like that a try and dont quit!

  6. Dear Friend.. Karen… keep your chin up!!! Doing the canning, the way I see it among the other stuff I do, is that it makes me feel better to know that by doing these things.. the things that they could do later will not affect me nearly as much as is hoped. In other words, see the joy in it.. see the outcome and the purpose.. the reason… that is where you find the "fun and joy" of it.

  7. I know just what you mean, it's always this way right befor an election. I know all the talk is prob true but hate it in my face all the time and sometimes it's hard to balance it all and try to live your life and have fun too….I get depressed really easy about it all and have to step away once in a while. I've just started canning and not nearly as much as you but I feel pushed to get a lot more done but like I said to do it and try to stay possitive and live life and be happy is sorta hard.

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