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Jungle Hammock Set Up

Jungle Hammock Set Up

okay so some of you've been asking for me to set up my jungle hammock show you how it works what it looks like so that's what we're going to do right now we're going to go ahead and set it up and I'll show you the different features and how it's done first thing I want to do of course is take off my crow crow straps that hold it together can you lay it out I've got some bungee cords set in here and you'll see what those are for later we just went on roll it get it all set out see there's some tent stakes and again you don't have to use trees to set this up you can actually set it up like a tent on the ground that's what I have these for but once you get everything all unfolded you're going to find your cords on the end here stretch them out and run them out to your few trees okay once you find some trees that are suitable distance apart if you don't want to take one end and basically just wrap it around your tree you can use whatever knot you're comfortable with on this side it doesn't really matter as long as it stays up and it's a good secure knot me personally I just do a few half inches keep it in place there that way the next morning it's not too hard get everything on done but you'll pull a little bit that's going to stay there nice and secure maybe once you get your next tree you don't want to pull your hammock pretty tight you're actually going to bring it around the tree keeping everything pretty tight and again the nut doesn't really matter whatever you're comfortable with whatever you think is going to hold yourself up again I'll just do a few half hitches on here I know it'll hold me once you get those up you're almost ready to go okay the next thing you want to do is find your center loop on your waterproof cover I've got two marked with a small piece of paracord that's my Center loop all I want to do is run this about 24 inches above the main rope that's holding my hammock up so let's get the formate guidelines done this is what everything should look like are you going to do from here is take your four corners and the two metal pieces here and stretch them out and all that does is stretch out the waterproof cover and once you get that tight into the ground you'll have yourself a nice sleeping area for the night and once you get all your guidelines in the corners and the side done you've got yourself a nice dry bug free place to sleep for the night that is my jungle hammock that I carry my bug out bag

Reader Comments

  1. Used one for years, heavy though. Can go lighter with a DIY or DD hammock system from the UK. Also down to the 30 F a foil windshield reflector will stop the cold on your butt or back. Can paint it or get a camo ‘d one. Gorilla tape a length of paracord to the top to secure it so it won’t keep sliding down. Just a suggestion. I find it really convenient here in the mountains of VA. Liked the vid.

  2. could use a few more details, kind of a magic part in the middle, also, what is the velcrow for, he says we'll see later?  What brand is this? what 4 metal pieces?

  3. what brand of hammock did you use in this video?? i trying to look for a good hammock set for summer camping.

  4. The DD Hammock and the DD 3M Tarp are each slightly smaller than a bologna. I can fit the system inside a 28 liter pack, along with food (3 days) and some clothing and tools.

  5. Search "DD Hammock" and go to the site (UK) for exact weight and other specs. The model (hammock) and the exact tarp that you choose, as well as the type and the length of your suspension system will all have a direct bearing on total system weight. Seasonal (winter) accessories choices also drastically affect total system weight. I employ the snake-skin sleeves and dual caribiner "drip-links", at each end, as well as mil-spec webbing. Woopie-slings and a lighter tarp would reduce weight.

  6. What is the approximate pack weight and size of these, they look good, but I am wondering how I can save weight and size, thanks.

  7. when you wrap the rope around the tree, you should go around it once more, in case the rope decides to slip

  8. you ever slept in a sleeping bad directly on the ground? the ground is hard, bumpy, sharp rocks, tree roots, bugs and critters, etc, and if it rains you wont wake up in a puddle….

  9. Try to see the hennessy hammock (just google it). I think they are faster to set up using snakeskins and rap rings.

  10. @2bidfilmsguy Thanks for the tips. I've actually sold this one, but I will try that on my newer one. Thanks again

  11. you need to get a longer tarp to go over top even if your hammock is out an inch and it starts to rain your hammock will fill up with water, it happened to me and i didn't feel like taking my setup down so i shot my hammock with a 22 to drain out the water

  12. @funbirdal I've actually moved to a different hammock set up with a bivy.. Just haven't gotten out to make a video on it yet.. Stay tuned

  13. @RJEGGHEAD It weighs just over 5 lbs.. I've replaced this with another type of hammock, but haven't gotten to test it out yet.. My new one weighs only 20 oz's so it's much better for the BOB

  14. @immovable1 Not sure the brand.. I believe it's old military surplus that was issued to GI's.. I got mine at an old surplus store

  15. @Bustertb Awesome.. I looked at the Ultra Light, but I wanted something versitile for my Bug Out Bag too.. Hope to see a video of yours

  16. @Bustertb It's made by a company called Grand Trunk.. It's their All Terrain Hybrid Hammock.. I found it on Ebay.. Hopefully I can get this video going soon

  17. @Bustertb Mine too.. I've actually sold this one and bought a hybrid hammock.. It can convert into a lean to, A frame shelter, ground cloth, and a wind screen.. It's really cool.. Waiting for the weather to clear to make a video of it..

  18. Its pretty comfortable, but I'm changing to a parachute hammock made of silk.. More lightweight and comfortable. Just make sure the top is in good condition for the rain and coat it with CampDry.. Thanks for watching

  19. If you don't mind lugging a 5-6 pound wool blanket through the woods, those work great.. Some people look for lightweight compared to the old style of weight

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