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Judge sets bond for accused former Lakeland commissioner

Judge sets bond for accused former Lakeland commissioner

this is live at the Polk County Jail waiting for Dunn to be released can as you said Linda at some point tonight we're not exactly sure at what point we know that the paperwork is in process right now that thanks to his local attorney rusty Franklin and a new attorney Mark Marin now if that name rings a bell it certainly should he defended George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case when Michael Dunn walked in he knew what was at stake his freedom so did a courtroom packed with supporters including his wife and son along with his local attorney Rusty Franklin Mark O'Mara nationally known for successfully defending George Zimmerman was there to fight for him in the end it worked during the process we learned that Dunn is going to claim he shot Cristobal Lopez at Dunn store in self-defense David Duncan an employee there said he was calling police when Lopez approached him with a hatchet and he was about to steal rather than backing up to create distance that I wish I had snatched the hatchet out of his hand but he didn't don't eventually grabbed him as he was trying to leave through the front door Dunn shot him the video created an uproar there was a lot of things that happened that that video didn't show which stuns attorneys plan to underscore if the case goes to trial in the meantime after an hour and a half bond was set those attorneys wanted it to be no more than $25,000 a state wanted a quarter million the judge settled on a hundred and fifty thousand as soon as Dunn comes up with it he'll be on his way Hall now the judge did impose some restrictions he can't own a gun number one number two he is under house arrest and he's got to turn in his passport Linda all right Ken

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  1. He’s the kinda guy who has owned a gun his entire life and has always dreamed of being a hero or using it in self defense. Doesn’t matter what took place before this. The man was running away after shoplifting. This man is a cold blooded murderer.

  2. Total B.S.

    Zachary Cruz's bond was 500,000 for Non-criminal trespassing, he was caught skateboarding at MSD.

    This can't be real, It just can't be?

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