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Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

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  1. He look and sound misfit in this occasion not sounding like a narcistmaniac like many of his act and song, is he on meds or i was wrong about him..

  2. People understand him but they just don’t want to because they don’t like him. He was speaking the truth and he his turning it into a joke. What a shame.

  3. it's interesting how one of the most prideful person in the world is discussing that love is better than pride. it's no wonder that he likes trump. they both are ego maniacs. and what he said about "stimulation"? please don't act like that's some huge thing ok? fight club discussed that idea years ago. nothing new. the japanese has a word for it, Chuunibyou. Kanye's Chuunibyou worked perfectly for his career. it is a huge part of his music. and I love him for it. however, this interview is a glaring proof of how little self-awareness that he has. another point: politics is not music industry. what works in building an interesting artistic persona is not necessarily appropriate for a president.

  4. Too much philosophy does do any good. It is a way to make anyone or any behaviour acceptable. He is a living man, not a spirit walking around. That is annoying, because they make all the process so non-concrete. Concrete actions are effective, loving anyone is not only impossible, it is dangerous. After all, the law makes people go to jail, not love, fear or whatever f*****ed up imaginative idea. And one more thing, for such a philosopher, he is with Kim, a woman who sells everything for fame. Is that an imaginative concept ? I dont think so.

  5. Wow, the top comments made me do it because, as people praise him so much that cant see the point of Jimmy, all understand the politics are take and give in the end but Trump administration make some serious mistakes effect not people in US but all and generations simple as that. Everybody gets the analogy he mentioned but it is not something new I don't know the bg of the people but we all should really read history from various sources in contrary to what he says, I like his stuff and being bold when expressing his thoughts even though not properly structured but being genius is not cheap come on, he is a true artist, I agree, as he says we should not clap at everything he says, well, they're not all amazing.

  6. some of this was script notice when they came back from the first break after talking about george bush and black people they joked about porn and still didnt talk about that situation

  7. I like how people in comedy are very aware of their situation and very well spoken and jimmy broke character there and called out kanye's hypocrisy during his speech about loving donald trump instead hating, and jimmy mention what about what his actions does and what make you think donald care about people of colours, kanye was silenced by that, amazing.

  8. Kanye is without question, a narcissistic imbecile. I’ve never heard him say anything intellectual or unique and I’m puzzled by people’s fascination. Why do I watch? Because he is a clown and doesn’t realize it. Of course, there are millions that probably think he’s a genius but he’s a simpleton

  9. Kanye is a very smart dumb guy. That's really truthfully what he is. He makes some great points, then says Galileo thought the sun revolves around the earth (PS: it's Copernicus who said the earth revolved around the sun)………

  10. He tries to hard sound normal not only with changing his voice but also what he says and his body language. Just relax and get off the Internet if it bothers you.

  11. I love when he puts the MAGA Hat infront of all the USA to see and he did not care about what people might say. I hope he doesn't choke on his own Bad choice and learn in his reality who 🍊 truly is. To bad Matrix… Reality is about to hit hard. Love you Key!!.

  12. I think Kanye's heart is in the right place and he just sometimes can't articulate words on what and how he wants to say things which causes him to say or seem controversial.

  13. I have NEVER ever even slightly imagined that this man would open his mouth and I'd hear this. Like wow!! That simulation thing was SO DAMN SMART. I mean, I kinda really got that, it made sense to me. :p and "why not try love?" "and diffuse this nuclear bomb of hate"… like, wow

  14. Jimmy Kimmel says there are families torn apart because of what the president is doing! Can someone help me with an example?

  15. I feel with Kanye that he is searching for oneness in the world. Some of the stuff he says is wild but his intent is pure, he wants people to heal, be better and complete, he's searching for truth.

  16. Lol "We're all unpaid actors in some giant script that we didn't write" Yup, nothing decided everything that will ever happen, and we aint gonna advance til the elites allow it. They're gonna have everyone stuck in the past.

  17. Everybody point of view is important and Kanye does have it. But Bush question hit him Hard .
    History is important and you gotta be on its Right Side .

  18. this guy seems so smart i kinda dont like how smart he is but i still think hes cool and i am very fond of how smart he is i actually like him

  19. No one really understands kanye he is extremely woke . People can't relate to him, his level of understanding is astonishing.

  20. Trump Didn't tear apart those families at border. Those parents did it to themselves. Think about it, if parents commit crimes, then cops come arrest and take those parents away and leave kids in the house, do we say cops tear apart that family?

  21. Jimmy is like hell bent on taking trump out 😂, Jesus, jimmy Fallon doesn't support trump but he still invites him on the show to Crack a few jokes with.

  22. I can see from this interview that the spot light makes people jealous, envious, and basically simple minded. Kanye always has to deal with people like this. His interviewer questions reminds me of that news reporter that shows up at 3:00 am on Christmas Day to ask the most annoying questions possible. Kanye even gave the ingrate a pair of free shoes and still acts like a jerk.

  23. He was 5150 that means he can not own any weapons! Basically ruins your life to live and for background checks! How does he work and live with a 5150?

  24. This dude need to take it easy on his brain thinking too much is unhealthy made him lose his point. Last thing gonna say to him as black people say stay black bro

  25. Anyone else a real over thinker that tries to understand how everything fundamentally works. I feel like Kayne has mastered that in the music and fashion industry

  26. Old kanye was the best and a genius but kanye after Kardashian/ trump is a idiot blabbering stupidity…. Find your way back bro.✌

  27. does anybody else just listen to kanye and hope that he doesn’t say anything that makes him seem TOO crazy because u know possesses one of the greatest minds. he’s so woke that it’s extremely easy for the media to distort his image and it’s truly saddening that the general public will write off everything he’s saying all because of their media induced pre-conceived notion that he’s a lunatic:(( one day everyone will feel stupid for not even attempting to understand the realism that he conveys in his everyday lessons to the world.

  28. He sounds like he's tired of playing the part of a dumb and liberal celebrity. Like he's tired of joking around and being belittled

  29. He is really trying to show what is going on in his head it just seems like he doesnt have the right words to get people to understand

  30. Did I miss something did he answer the question about trump separating families and stuff? And what’s up with his attitude he is an ass! He didn’t like the questions so he’s going to get an attitude !

  31. Ye is the most articulate person thus far…I love his approach towards his life…It's just soo sad that people make money out of him by misinterpreting his opinions to make it controversial…If we just forget the mumbo jumbo in the middle, he's a stand out guy… A good father, a good husband, a good son and in general a proud man (not a proud black man a proud man in general) ❤️

  32. As a 33 year old. I can honestly say nothing he said was profound, new or even his own ideas. I respect him and his philosophies but he is so full of himself and so arogant it really gets in the way of the messages he is trying to preech. Not even hating. Just stating facts.

  33. Kanye is a moron not WOKE he tried to explain on tmz how slavery was a choice in a era in which any an unaccompanied black person not with a white person was taken to jail it was illegal for blacks to read. You could be hanged shot or beaten at random and it was ok by all white American standards not black peoples choice so for him to make that statement he's mentally ill not WOKE he would not be who he is if this was a 1790 America he

  34. Obama separtated families at the border his whole presidency. Trump just continued the policy even when many more people are flooding the border. If you commit a crime do you get separated from your family? There has to be a way to punish those who think that flooding in with their families regardless of our laws and border is OK? As long as they are detained humanely no one gets hurt.

  35. love kanye and his message about love, and ususally i cant stand jimmy kimmel but he made a real question (in the whole interiew, but still) about why would ye think trump cares about black people, or anyone…

  36. Kanye’s heart is in the right place he has lots to say and much of which has a good point to but he just needs to take some time and give some thought to it

  37. Both Trump and Kanye are testaments to the fact no matter how stupid the things that you say may be they'll always be bigger idiots that will applaud, this is why they get along so well.

  38. Kanye is a Creative (we have people we call athletes, singers etc..) his not blessed vocally like your Chris Brown but creativity enables him to create music ,his gift is not his music … its his mind …it has the ability to create things and i really really get him and i hope he knows lots of ppl get him too. The problem is that humans fear what they cant understand and start labeling and in time you'll start believing that you are that word they call you… normal humans should chill and give mutants time to evolve… last this..let me say i loved his train of thought about the 2 year old example, that was really philosophically deep. Jimmys mind couldn't capture that he brushed it of without a clue of what kanye was saying.

  39. Kanye hella fake deep, he really just saying a simple concept in a smart way and you guys are going crazy about it, calling him a genius. He goes in circles, watch the whole thing

  40. In france they cut it to show he s not smart. When you listen all the interview he is very smart and so much more than lot of democrats fixed in their thinking

  41. So Kimmel let me ask you, if your so interested in hate, like kanye said try love. You hold grudges, that dont change america or people you idiot. Think what you just said, let's continue in division. Where has that got america. Hate all you want or hold a grudge all you want, but kanye right, change starts with us, its love. But people like you Jimmy dont start change cause your busy focusing on the negative. If that's your outlook change dont occur stupid

  42. Wow I'm amazed at Kanye West he seems pretty smart. Kimmel probably thought that he was an easy mark but Kanye held his own flawlessly.

  43. Watching for the thirtieth time and that wall of coffee tables metaphor still blows me away. It’s a shame the media portrays him the way they do. This man is a GENIUS.

  44. i think kanye is getting judged too fast everything he does is getting noted. he is a great man. with a white american retard he think he is funny and id just changing the conversation even if it is deep.

  45. Kanye forgets he is now one of the few privaledged who can do go be say own what he wants,but you can never let your guard down in life for there are enemys at the gate hoping to crush the ones who barely exist in life! He can be wise and then be dumb but he is bypolar after all never forget that!

  46. he's talking about the fabricated reality you end up in through social conditioning. you learn the social norms, expected behaviour, expected thinking. and sooner or later it becomes who you are.

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