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Jericho 941 41ae 9mm Pistol SOLD At 5280 Armory

Jericho 941 41ae 9mm Pistol SOLD At 5280 Armory

hello Matt qat armory they've got an interesting over I am i Jericho 941 fizzle let's take a look so you may have noticed the extra barrel springing magazines not to mention the two different boxes of ammunition that's because this particular Jericho is part of multi caliber set that includes the 41 Action Express in the nine millimeter the point one actually stress was developed in the mid 80s it was based off of a 41 magnums Casey rebated rim of the nine mode and then a chance to shoot one of these in a while let's look at the range in a little fun you what a great way to start the day shooting the Jericho 941 in the prayer 41 Action Express this one's in very good condition you need to get home so if you're interested I'm not a 5280 armoring give it a look or give us a call we'll see you soon you

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  1. .41 AE, the round the (wrongly) lost the format war for the in-between 9 n' 45 industry round of choice…

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