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Japan to remove S. Korea from whitelist on Wednesday as planned

Japan to remove S. Korea from whitelist on Wednesday as planned

Amid escalating tensions between Seoul and
Tokyo,…Japan said on Tuesday that it will remove South Korea off its whitelist as planned
from Wednesday. The move is expected to further damage the
already fragile ties between the two countries. Yoon Jung-min has our top story. Japan’s Trade Minister Hiroshige Seko said
that Tokyo will go ahead with its plan to take Seoul off its whitelist of trusted trading
partners, as planned. Seko told reporters on Tuesday after a Cabinet
meeting that the Japanese government will carry out the plan,…denying criticism that
the move is intended to harm the South Korean economy. He reiterated that the decision is part of
its plan to properly manage export controls, not meant to impact relations between Seoul
and Tokyo. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide
Suga also said in a briefing that the revised export control order will go into effect on
Wednesday. Earlier, South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon
said Seoul may reconsider its decision to end the military intelligence-sharing pact
with Tokyo, if Japan retracts its trade curbs on the country. Suga said the two matters cannot be linked
together. Japan implemented exports restrictions on
three key high-tech materials used in semiconductors back in July, and decided to exclude South
Korea off its whitelist of preferential trading partners in August. Although Japan denies it, the act is widely
seen as retaliation against last year’s ruling by the South Korean Supreme Court on victims
of forced labor during the Japanese colonial rule. Once removed from the whitelist, Japanese
exporters have to get the case-by-case approval from the government every six months, instead
of every three years, to ship items classified as strategic goods to Korea. The approval may take about 90 days for non-whitelist
countries,…while it usually takes about a week for whitelist countries. Yoon Jung-min, Arirang News.

Reader Comments

  1. I suspect that S. Korea announced its annulment of GSOMIA with an expectation that the US would intervene and demand Japan to make another concession for S. Korea. Under the Obama Administration, it worked. Since the Japan-US-S.Korea Triangle Alliance had been a pillar of the US security policy in the Far East. The US tried to maintain the Triangle Alliance at the expense of Japan. 2015 Japan-S. Korea Agreement regarding comfort women issue was an example. Now, it is highly questionable if it works under the Trump Administration.

  2. Japan is incapable of controlling exports or doesn't realy care. too many japanese companys have been involved in scandals of smuggling and sanctions breach in the past. business is stronger than loyalty to the naiv fascist abe regime.
    They may find ways to bypass the embargo, like shifting production base outside of japan in order not to loose their most important customers to competitors. real loosers are local employees

  3. Are you dying? hope its swift and painless for you. Hurry up and find your new PAPA to supply you with stuff. Japanese stuff aren't good for Korean right? Cheap two standard civilization

  4. ​@UCfy8GsRjtp5Yy7j6Oe5Mzwg (Moses Jun) See hypocritical first you said "so I think this game will go all the way to the 9th inning and Japan will lose!" and now you say " I don't think the results will be that black and white" two face standard Korean. No wonder why there are Taxi scams, everywhere. Corrupted country, it would make sense since its a country filled with whores LOL.

  5. If you wanted Japan to change their decision, Korea should have had basic manners.
    1. You dont misuse materials in the first place. (small Korean companies mostly)
    2. You dont boycott Japanese products, when Japan is still exporting materials to safe Korean companies.
    3. You dont go all over the world telling Japan is evil (from emotion).
    4. You dont go all over Asia to tell how selfish Japan's decision was, when none of other countries are in the whitelist in the first place.
    5. You cannot forcefully remove another country from its own whitelist without proper evidence. Japan did have numerous evidence, such as Korea not responding to Japan for more than 3 years regarding whitelist. Korea also skipped few meetings held only for whitelist countries. Clearly they began to get use to the whitelist, when it was a priviledge. This is NEVER mentioned in Ariang (biased media)
    6. The president (leader) cannot call another country so terribly just to gain popularity.
    7. You do not quit Gsomia based on emotion
    8. You do not show support to North Korea over Japan, which is common sense. It gives big message to both Japan and America.
    9. You do not demand another country to change its decision, you have to ask politely. Basic manners.

  6. Korea has just been removed. Korea's arrogant emotional attitude keep escalating but will not help solve. Korea, you asked for it.

  7. Korean will reconsider removing japan from the whitelist..? I thought the Korea government has made the decision. Yet still they have a second thought? From Japan’s point of view. Who would go back to korean government and say yes no problem you are back to white list again? Looking their arrogant and condescending attitudes, there is no way to for Japan to give them whitelist privilege. That services right.

  8. 【South Korea fancy themselves as if they are the strongest in the whole world.】
     USA's government has already expressed concern and disappointment at South Korea's withdrawal of GSOMIA with Japan.
     Previous to South Korea's decision, USA repeatedly expressed strong concern about the increase of risk for US forces caused by South Korea's withdrawal of GSOMIA.
     After South Korea officially announced the withdrawal of GSOMIA, USA expressed deep disappointment against South Korea's government.
     But South Korea's government required USA's government not to express concern and disappointment at South Korea's withdrawal of GSOMIA.
     Instead South Korea's government criticized USA's government that USA's behaviors don't make any contribution to strengthen the bond between USA and South Korea at all.

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