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Jailed SAS sniper challenges conviction 21.11.12

Jailed SAS sniper challenges conviction 21.11.12

hello good evening the SAS sniper jailed for possessing a gun and ammunition has lodged an appeal sergeant Danny Nightingale was sentenced to 18 months after the weapon was found in his accommodation in Hereford the appeal comes after mp's debated his case in Parliament last night will inglis's report contains flash photography sergeant Danny Nightingale was serving in Iraq when he was given a nine-millimeter pistol as a gift it lay forgotten a monk it shipped home for him by the regiment as he mourned the death of two close comrades and then suffered a brain injury sergeant nightingale was sentenced to 18 months in the glass house after admitting possessing the weapon but he claims he was led to believe that a guilty plea would lead to a lesser sentence his family have decided to fight and now his case has ended up here in an uphill I lodged sergeant nightingales appeal with the Criminal Appeals office this afternoon I was informed that the Lord Chief Justice Lord judge has directed that sergeant nightingales appeal should be listed before the full course next Thursday that's a week tomorrow at 2pm this is a fairly unprecedented sort of Appeal clearly want to give the case anxious and early consideration and delighted that sergeant ganajagaran were his fight with in the course of next week except just totally overwhelmed really really happy the music quickly now what you can come to expect the worst case scenario really and you just wanted privacy laws oh yeah and I know all the servicemen and women out there know how that feels just to get get your partner home safe father of your children yeah last night in Parliament the government came under pressure not to oppose the appeal this will operationally affect not just our Special Forces but every soldier sailor Airman Royal Marine who puts his or her life on the line for the country and understands that the country owes them a debt of honor I'd ask my honorable and learning friend that should an appeal be put forward he doesn't seek to a person but after refusing to examine the decision to bring the original prosecution the government insisted it was a matter for the courts possession of this weapon was prohibited by law because of the very nature of the weapon it was being held in securely together with a large quantity of live ammunition in an ordinary house in an ordinary Road and the way to challenge the conviction or indeed the sentence is to follow the correct procedure which is to appeal now wife Sally hopes he may be home in time for Christmas will Inglis forces news meanwhile the defense secretary philip hammond has spoken publicly for the first time about sergeant nightingales case acknowledging the huge public interest in his plight Mr Hammond explained why he'd asked the Attorney General to review the case a request which was very swiftly rebuffed by his ministerial colleague I wrote to the Attorney General to ask him to confirm his view on one very specific aspect of the process and that is to confirm that the public interest test was properly applied by the service prosecution authority before they made the decision to prosecute I didn't ask him about the conviction I didn't ask him about the sentence and I know that it wouldn't be proper for him to respond on either of those things one photo just the public interest means what I mean what he wants were you ask him to look at as I'm not a lawyer but as I understand it the test that any prosecuting authority whether it's a service prosecution or the perimeter the criminal prosecution service in a civil case has to applies not simply will we win this case but is it in the public interest for us to pursue this case given all the facts given the context and I just wanted to be reassured that that test had in the attorneys view been properly applied Philip Hammond talking to the bbc's Jonathan Beal

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  1. large amount of ammo to who? him. SAS soldiers go through hundreds of rounds in a morning so the ammount of ammo he had with the pistol would probably be insugnificent with his job

  2. SAS one of the most elite fighting forces in the world, this man should be able to keep his weapon and hell even have it at home

  3. no chance he will be allowed to go free

    far too many soldiers have sold weapons to criminals etc or kept them for their "own use" after leaving the forces

  4. At least put him in the same cell as Abu Quatda. I am sure that he would relish the excercise.It would give him something to do while awaiting the Old Duffers to get their fingers out and release him.

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