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hi Patriots will just add a nether establishment to my do not patronize list you just recently on May night jack in the box vice president of communication issued a press release that said we would prefer that our customers not bring their guns into our establishment and this is a direct result from pressure from the group moms demand action for gun sense which is the same group who attacked starbucks a while back at starbucks caved and obviously jack in the box is caving to now they say we would prefer well let me go ahead and read the press release to you says creating a warm and inviting environment for all of our guests and employees is a top priority for jack-in-the-box the presence of guns inside a restaurant could create an uncomfortable situation for all our guests and employees and lead to unintended consequences while we respect the rights of all of our guests we would prefer the guests not bring their guns inside our restaurants it doesn't matter if you say prefer or outright ban what you're what you're basically doing is creating a gun-free zone and that means i would prefer not to patronize you because you know like i said prefer BAM it really doesn't matter the the only thing that tells me you don't support our constitutional right to bear arms you don't support support or second amendment so you know i don't care to patronize your business and they you know they in typical fluff fashion they make it seem like they care about their guests well if you cared about your guests you would create a gun-free environment because you know i know this is liberal thinking but a gun-free zone for your business means nothing to an armed criminal they don't care about your sign they're coming in loaded and they will rob and they will murder they have no no respect for your little sign so in essence what you've done is you set all your patients up as sitting ducks to be shot they have absolutely no defense and your employees to that shows that you do not care for your employees no matter what you say because that's what you've set up you set up an environment that has invited criminals in because they know that your patrons will not be armed to defend themselves against this kind of crime so you know I it speaks louder than words and this you know you guys you you cater to these minority groups these feminazi gun hating constitutional hating minority groups and what it ends up doing is it ends up alienating your a vast audience a vast vast customer base that will no longer support you and so you've done that and it ends up bite me in the butt I mean just like with Phil Robertson Amy it ended up biting 80 in the butt and just like the starbucks thing they lost a large number of customers who will never go there again because of them doing the same thing that jack in the box is doing right now so anyway that's that's the skinny on Jack in the Box they would prefer you not bring your guns in and prefer you just you know paint a bull's-eye on your chest saying come in and shoot me because I'm defenseless so I want to thank you though Jack in the Box you're helping me get my my girlish figure back because I don't have to eat your your calorie ridden crap anymore I have no choice my moral high ground says I have no choice so I I want to thank you for that that's good stuff anyway that's that's the the bottom line on Jack in the Box what you choose to do my patriots is up to you I'll talk to you later

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  1. Amazing and thinks for the info ma man. I haven't gotten any of your videos as of late also. Very Strange.. #jackinthebox  #gunrights

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