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IWI’s Glock Killer? Masada Striker Fire Pistol [Review]

IWI’s Glock Killer? Masada Striker Fire Pistol [Review]

– The IWI MASADA coming up. (upbeat music) Hey guys, I’m Johnny
with The source for gun reviews, gear guides, and all things that go bang. I got a fun one for ya
today, it’s the MASADA. It’s a new offering from IWI. I’m gonna tell you all about it. I’ll show it to ya up close and I’ll get it out to the range. Now if it’s your first time here, we always put a ton of stuff down below for you to check out including a link that goes over to our website. Now if you’re already on the website, look up above and down
below, you know the drill. There’s a lot more stuff in
there for you to check out, and hopefully make you a better shooter. Now full disclosure, I’m a big fan of IWI, especially their Jericho. It’s one of my all time favorites, but the Jericho is big and heavy and that’s where this one comes in. It’s the new MASADA and
it’s a striker-fired, polymer framed duty weapon
(steel clacks) and it’s chambered in 9mm. It’s the first striker-fired
pistol from IWI and I think they’ve made a big splash with this one considering
all the features. Now normally we don’t talk a ton about specs and numbers but since this is a new offering,
(gun bangs) the MASADA really is comparable in size and weight to the GLOCK 19. It has about a four inch barrel and overall it is three
habanero peppers long. All the controls are fully ambidextrous and the learning curve is negligible. It made sense in my hands immediately. It sports a Picatinny rail and it has a removable back-strap. Sights are a three dot system. Now, I’m not sure if they
are steel or aluminum, but they’re sturdy and the sight picture, in the words of Bubbles, is decent. Now overall, the branding really is clean. I know that looks don’t matter,
but I think it looks sharp. What it comes with is two
17 round steel magazines and three different
back-straps to choose from. It also comes with a terrible box. It’s flimsy and to put it
bluntly, I hate it. (laughs) Now this is where it gets interesting. Right outta the box the MASADA
approaches Gucci status, (gun bangs)
or at least in the ballpark. The slide has front and rear serrations for all you press checkers, and more importantly, it’s optics ready. The slide is already cut and it comes with a pack of plates to
accept all the major Red Dots. So, all of you Instagram
gunners, you’re all set. Now when the MASADA rumors hit last year, the price was gonna be in
the mid 600s and it really had none of the extras.
(gun bangs) Now fast forward to today, and I know I’m sounding
like a salesman here but it really is the truth, the model has slide
serrations, back-straps, and it’s already cut for an optic, and it comes in at an
affordable $480 retail. All right, let’s get out to the range. For this test I took it outta the box and I just started mag dumping. I did 500 rounds down
the pipe of what else, (steel clacks)
Blazer Brass. My experience really was solid. For reliability I’ve
got nothing to report. Every round fed, every round fired, I had zero problems, and
this wasn’t a surprise as I had heard talk from
industry guys that IWI had put a metric boatload
of rounds through it and supposedly the R&D was extensive. So, we knew that the gun would run. The worst that I could
say about my range time is that the slide did
not lock back every time, but that could be the new springs. Towards the end of my test the slide did start locking back almost every time. We’ll see what happens down the road over the next 5 or 600 rounds. Now accuracy wise it did fine. It took me a few mags
(steel clinks) to get comfortable but the end of my first range trip I was able to ping
torso steel like a champ from distances between 7 and 25 yards. Ergonomics are solid.
(gun bangs) The bore access is low
to mitigate some snap and the grip angle is solid. The over-sized trigger guard
has a solid place of purchase for your hands and I simply
think it feels great. Now, some of you may have already noticed that so far I have shown
you two different frames. I got an early pre-production model and the trigger guard has an angle to it, but the production frame
that I’m showing you here has a flat front trigger guard for the American weapon like market. Now so to be clear, the flat guard is the
production model for America. And for what it’s worth, I do like it better
than the Israeli model. Now overall, I absolutely
like this firearm. Here’s why. First, it’s easy to maintain. Just turn the takedown lever
then dry fire the trigger and the slide comes right
off for easy cleaning. Second, I do like the grip. It’s not super aggressive
but it’s got enough bite that I don’t think most folks
will go the stippling route. And the changeable back-straps allow me to dial it in just the way that I like. Now third, I like that you don’t have to do a ton of stuff to it. Slap on a Red Dot and
your favorite flashlight and you’re ready to go on day one. Finally, it has the IWI name on it. Their reputation
(steel clinks) through the years has been solid and it’s pretty cool that they
have an EDC offering today. Plus it’s really cool to have something a little bit different in my arsenal. Now this one is not positive or negative. For me it’s kinda in the
middle; it’s the trigger. I’ve heard other guys
say really good things about this trigger
(trigger clicks) and that the break is good. I do agree with that. Solid break, but I think I need a little more practice with it. I had some trouble with the reset. I couldn’t get it back far
enough every single time. Again, I just need to practice. Now here’s my concerns. Since this was just an intro test I don’t have a bunch of negatives, but here’s two things to consider. First, as with any new gun
(steel clinks) we need a ton more data on the MASADA. We need more gun reviewers
and regular shooters and all y’all to get
millions of rounds downrange. So let’s give it few months and see what folks are gonna say about it. Now second, and this is
probably less important, is that awful box. Again, I got an early release so we’ll see what the point
of purchase looks like down the road, but as of right now, I love what comes in the box
but I hate the box itself. And that’s my question
of the day for you guys. How important is packaging for you? Let me know down below. Leave a comment. I will read every single one of them. Do you expect guns to come, maybe in a package that you’re gonna reuse over and over, or do you simply look at
it as a throw away box, just give me the firearm? Again, leave us a comment down below. Overall I had a blast with the MASADA. It does get a big thumbs up from me. Really is a solid gun, especially on day one
and at that price point. On behalf of the entire Pew
Pew Tactical team, I’m Johnny. We’ll see ya soon. (upbeat music)

Reader Comments

  1. I'll take 2 mags over a box any day, now if I'm paying $800++ I better get a decent plastic case with it.

  2. Israel eats enough of my taxes for their nefarious evil shit that they do to nearly every country on earth. I'd rather buy a Canik or that new Faxon. 😍

  3. A plastic case sits in my closet next to the cardboard ones all the same. I don't give the packaging a 2nd thought.

  4. The packaging all depends on price. If the gun is expensive then I think it should be packaged very well. If it is more budget friendly then the cardboard box is fine. In my opinion. Great video and great looking gun

  5. If this wasn't so new I'd jump right on it. I own a Galil and a Tavor. I love iwi. I just wish they had suppressor height sights available so you could cowitness with your optic. Honestly I'm confused why Smith & Wesson hasn't released and Optics cut M&P 9C.

  6. Please, don't waste money on the box. I don't care about the box, I care about the firearm. Put the money into another magazine or drop the price. As someone already said, the plastic and cardboard boxes/cases all get stored in the same place.

  7. Oh look, yet another Glock killer. Glock must be really dead from all those dozens of clones killing it all the time.

  8. If it knocks off the price they can send it to me in a brown paper bag 👍. They all go in my pelican case anyway.

  9. Good quick review… I don't give a hoot about the box it came in especially if it keeps the price down…

  10. I just woke up,seeing this pistol is being displayed globally from gunsmiths from Israel & guess its being called the
    Competition of Glock ?!

    It looks freaking sick & accurate but how durable,reliable & ton rolling worthy like Glock is it ???

    I'd like to shoot one !?

  11. If the pistol is absolutely reliable and flawless, the gun could come in a paper bag !! Who give a crap about the box, it saves money which hopefully is reflected in the price….

  12. If the slide isn't locking back every time, much less after 500 rounds that's a big deal. New springs or not that's a deal breaker for me.

  13. Love the video and I want to say I see a difference in the journey to health already. As for the Masada, it’s interesting that Johnny compares it to the 19 but TFB compares it the 17. I think the most accurate comparison is to the Glock 19x/45 and sigs p320 carry.

  14. So for my P-10 f and G45, I am glad it came with a hard case for when I take them to the range. But for my EDCs like the G43x and Sig P365xl, it was nice but It's normally on my side even when I go to the range. So it's a good selling point in a way.

  15. I used to care what the factory box was up until I got a decent range bag with proper storage. Now the empty boxes just sit on top of my gun safe.

  16. Consumers appreciate a good Gun case! I think it's disrespectful to spend hundreds of dollars and the Gun is shipped in a cardboard box. CZ and Glock For me and both come equipped in a plastic case… Cases come in handy when it's time to move or just taking a trip to the gun range. i keep all my guns in it's case, When i open my safe, i know which gun i want and don't have time to be shuffling thru firearms in holsters looking for spare mags or however people store their firearms.

  17. I've worked in the same business for 18 years. They cut price on the packaging for compensate for the cost of the gun. I'm buying one by the way

  18. Definitely would prefer better packaging, specifically something I can put a lock on. As I travel quite a bit, I need to have my weapon locked in a hard case, so it would for sure be appreciated to have it in something that wouldn't force me to buy a separate hard case for that, you know?

  19. If it's not a hard-case, I could care less about the packaging.
    That said, I wish all new firearms came in a lockable hard-case.

  20. As long as the packaging protects the contents, and ensures that the contents stay in the box, I don't really care about the box. I have TOOOOO many plastic pistol boxes taking up space.

  21. For a box you will throw away anyway…who cares? Why waste $$$ on a box almost no one uses? Honestly, is your Masada in the box right now? Did it even go back IN the box once you took it out? (Besides for the 'unboxing' part)
    Striker fired pistol, pre-cut for optic, under $500, from IWI and spare mags? Sounds amazing!

  22. From the innocent age of 16, I've enjoyed a nice box but now at almost 60, a comfortable holster is just right.

  23. Good Looking gun. Seemed reliable. Box isn’t all that important since they just sit in storage. Fun review. Thanks pew pew

  24. Great initial review! And packaging matters – to me – a LOT. Just as I don't want a $50 steak served on a paper plate and a Lagavulin in a styrofoam cup, I don't want to drop $480 on a handgun that comes in a shoebox.

  25. I noticed all the “Glock Killer” comments….
    Did you happen to notice that there was a “QUESTION MARK” (?) at the end of where it said “Glock killer” in the title. So it wasn’t really a statement…. and he also said they need a ton more data and lots more shooters reviewing the gun.

  26. Johnny: keep up the great content. Here’s a philosophical question for you and the rest of the key board warriors: why don’t manufacturers just make pistols that are Glock mag compatible (or design a universal magazine) but keep innovating with different designs?

    Here’s my use case: I don’t own a Glock. But I’d like to build one mainly because I also plan on buying a PCC and don’t want to spend tons of money on mags. If the Masada or the M&P or the Sig 320 or the Ruger Security 9 or the <insert firearm here> all maintained their design differences with exception to the magazine, wouldn’t people be more willing to try new firearms without the headache and cost of changing out magazine supplies?

    If PCCs we’re generally available with M&P mags I’d probably buy and M&P instead of a Glock… but when you can’t beat em… join em.

    Keep up the great work man!

  27. Packaging makes me feel special. Opening it for the first time, I feel like a rooftop assassin assembling my trade tools. But if I can save a bit of money by it coming in a paper bag, I would take the paper bag. Or no bag. California charges 10 cents a bag in most stores. 😒

    All my boxes are just stacked in a closet. I’d only every break them out only if I’d have to move or something. They’re also handy for storing OEM parts I swapped out.

    Also, I can’t have this gun in California. Thanks for allowing me to exercise my 2A rights vicariously through your adventures.

  28. I am not a fan of cardboard boxes in general. The cardboard makes me feel like I’ve purchased a cheap gun. Only high points and Taurus guns should come in cardboard IMO.

  29. I'm buying the gun not a box. Don't really care either way, but including a cheap cardboard box does help keep the price lower.

  30. The box needs to protect the gun during shipping. If it's reusable that's great but if not I have a gun safe. And I'll buy a plastic case for it that I can lock. I'd rather have them spend money on the gun than the Box

  31. Who cares about the packaging. The slide not locking back every time is what worries me, sound like a lack of quality control. Maybe it's because you have a pre production model.

  32. Are the Masada's magazines proprietary ? Many different and excellent pistols available. But, you have to run THAT manufacturer's mags. Unlike, AR-malite platforms where one mag design (5.56mm alum, GI mag) works in the bulk of ARs, M16/M4 platforms regardless of who makes the weapon.

  33. I keep every gun box. Mainly for resale value or if it ever needs to be returned for any reason. But it’s not a deal breaker if it’s not the best quality. Unless it’s an expensive firearm. Then I kind of expect it to come it at least a hard case.

  34. I do not care what it comes in. My xdm hard case that came with the gun had sat in my closet for 8 years now without being touched. My ruger boxes get burned on camping trips.

  35. To be honest, I don't really care about the boxes. Especially if it can keep the price of the weapon down. I have a closet shelf full of factory gun cases. Buy a gun, case goes on the closet. I use a range bag for transporting pistols anyhoo. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Honestly, I wish more companies would package their guns like this. Then I Don’t feel bad about throwing away a nice hard plastic case, or having it take up extra space in my gun safe. Good hard plastic cases are becoming more available and more affordable. Pelican has their new Vault line. Heck, even Harbor Freight has some. This makes it very easy and convenient to customize a multiple pistol case for trips to the range, travel, or competition. All this adds up to making what we would consider “Nice hard plastic cases” that come with the gun, superfluous. If more companies packaged their guns with these less expensive boxes, it would drive down costs for the companies and, hopefully, prices to the consumers. I absolutely think that one of the reasons IWI is able to offer this gun at such a reasonable price is because they didn’t include a fancy case, that, like I said before, usually end up just taking up extra space in people’s safes or getting thrown away.

  37. packaging depends on price point. 400 bucks cardboard is fine. over 700 bucks, then durable and functional packaging is important. for example Taurus PT92 VS Beretta M9A3

  38. Just get me the gun, boxes don't matter much to me. Gonna have to check this out should be e right at home with my Jericho.

  39. Looks don't matter? Looking cool is like 80%… make that 90% of being a good shooter! Good video. I like this pistol! Re: The box… I prefer plastic – they stack nicely in the closet… And remain there… Forever.

  40. Watch that right thumb with a Weaver grip if you don’t want that slide not locking back. On some pistols and probably this one, if you so much as lightly touch the slide release button when that last round fires, the slide will have a tendency to not stay open. The Sig P365 has this tendency and the magazine release on it is a smaller version of this gun.

  41. Superb review Johnny! I've been wanting to to get my hands on this pistol as a back up competition gun but having second thoughts on the barrel size. Is there any more 5 inches coming out?What's the buzz among gun stores? Thank you again for taking the time to share this video.

  42. Bad packaging is dumb…. but ultimately they all end up on the shelf collecting dust….. whats inside is what matters

  43. I never keep a gun in the factory box.  I would prefer they spend the money on the gun, and not the packaging.

  44. Glock Killer? ROTFLMAO Never happen and 1 of the reasons is 12% of the US population can't buy one! (california)

  45. Nice gun, wish u did more rounds before reviewing. On the box topic: I want a really good reusable box or cheap throw-a-way n save $. On or the other.

  46. Johnny is moist… oooo LA la..
    I prefer when guns come in the plastic carry cases best. Been seeing this sweet firearm pop up on my feed , and Johnny , you handle it like a champ!..

  47. Regarding the Masada's packaging:

    It's an optics-ready pistol. The moment you put an optic on it, whatever box or case it came with is now useless unless they shipped it with a plastic case large enough to fit the variety of optics. With that in mind, why do anything fancy? Just throw it in a cardboard box and save cost.

    My thoughts on firearm packaging? in general?

    Most of my guns have come in plain cardboard boxes, some of which weren't even gun specific but just filled with convoluted "egg crate" foam. These were mostly long guns. The nicest cardboard box that came with any of my firearms was the one that my IWI Tavor came in. perfectly cut foam for the rifle and all the accessories. It sits in my closet because I have a case that fits the rifle and optic while being easy to carry.

    With regards to handguns, I've received them in cardboard boxes, decent plastic cases, and really nice plastic cases. One of the cases was barely larger than the handgun and the "handle" was just a recessed area you grabbed. Another came in a larger case with a place for several magazines and my latest came in a very nice case that was just the size for the gun and two magazines next to it.

    Having a nice case is a nice bonus in my opinion, but given how cheap a pistol case is and that I already have several spares, it's certainly not a deal-breaker.

  48. I will look great next to my IMI Jericho 941F and FS. I don’t really care about the box, that’s why I have range bags and safe.

  49. I like the plastic boxes that Ruger,Smith and Wesson,and Glock use.There sturdy.You can lock them and if you travel domestic on a plane you can use the box and a separate plastic box for Ammo and keep your unloaded Mags in the Plastic gun box.I like that the the people who work for the Israeli airlines at the ticket counter are armed like at the International Building hub at LAX.So if God forbid a terrorist starts something they can help handle the situation if people are being threatened at their or near their ticket counter.

  50. I’ve been looking for a new 9MM from a different mfg then Glock so I can compare for myself. I absolutely love my Glock .40 but want a 9mm to save at the range. .16 cents per shot vs 30-40 + per shot would give me more time for fun shooting! Can’t wait till you give a complete review, great job on the introduction !👍🏼🥇

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