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  1. Geeze things are hi-tech these days we use to have the old SLR's 7.62 wooden or black plastic stock and heavy as with old ammo and the women had the M16 5.56 light but dangerous if you taped the butt on the ground

  2. Will there be any drill changes with this rifle? I always thought the drill movements with the old Steyr rifles were shite.

  3. The NZ Government is too one sided when it comes to military contracts. As SyntheticNZ has stated. John Key is an american arse kisser. The process he uses is his way or nothing. Hell the NZ tax payer is forking out 27 million dollars on a flag referendum all because our dear John wants to change our flag even though we didn't want it. Mr R Kebs come live in New Zealand then you will know what it is like to have a little hitler like John Key as your leader

  4. I am sorry, the Steyer rifle or the ACR Modesa would have been a better choice or even the scar H our military is becoming too much US modernized there are alternative countries to buy from like Israel but our so called leader PM John Key is an american arse kisser and if you all don't know what i mean here it is the free trade agreement means we can only buy from america once the free trade deal pact is signed that was stipulated to Jonn Key by the american delegation and John key agreed to it. Thus meaning all our future millitary hardware must be purchased from the good ole USA.

  5. its not because I am from austria but I loved my steyr aug a1.
    what we see in this video does not impress me at all 🙁

    ps: I myself got an ar15 rifle myself and no steyr aug Z because the aug is not designed for ipsc rifle open division

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