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ITX | Stinger Missiles

ITX | Stinger Missiles

Integrated training exercises basically is where a
mini Marine Air-Ground Task Force comes together. It’s a great opportunity for these Marines,
to number one, understand their MOS, but more importantly how their MOSs matter, and actually enable the larger
MAGTF to be able to do their job. It’s unlike anything else. We’re all Marines so we get to
shoot our rifles every time of year. Us as LAAD gunners, we get to shoot the stinger missile, so that’s something we can
say that not every unit can do. Whatever unit we’re attached to if they have
an objective that requires that air support we’re gonna be the ones that go
and take care of that for them. The 3rd LAAD battalion is out here getting
some of their fiscal year training done by destroying a lot of targets. They’re wonderful balls of flame. It’s a fantastic day.

Reader Comments

  1. Beware of the Marines because they sting when you mess with them and then you die because you messed with the best OORAH

  2. We had the LAWs in Nam after firing them could not throw the tube away NVA would come along an make a booby trap out of the used tube 1/9 Marines in the A Shau valley in 69 Grunts pound you Harder

  3. The U.S. gave these missiles to the Afghan Mujaheddin (AKA terrorists, but as long as they were fighting for the maniac uncle Sam they were heroes and freedom fighters) and recently the U.S. gave these missiles to the Kurdish terrorist groups (AKA SDF).
    And you always wonder why the rest of the world hates you…

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