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Its Been 6 Years Already…. | Burning Man 2018

Its Been 6 Years Already…. | Burning Man 2018

come on you guys welcome back to the vlog is Saturday morning we're about to head out so today we are headed out to the park we're gonna go watch my cousin cheer and I think Amelia will really really like it you're keeping me on stuck in a song like merry-go-round hey what do you think it'd be first bit buggy mine yeah was it fun did you see yeah didn't work why Quinn so we're just leaving the game it's so weird being back at my old high school I've already been graduated for about six years no Amelia did pretty good for the most part she started bus a little after and I think it's just because I was trying to get warm maybe only a cheerleader someday he wants you I cannot wait to be a sports parent' huh we're gonna go all out with bling shirts and everything so now we're getting ready to head over to grab some lunch because once again we are starving so we're gonna go meet one of my friends or at lunch I think my mom's gonna come with us and then I don't know what we have planned for the rest of the day we have a lot of errands to run before we go to the wedding so see I'm sure so this is actually perfect timing to be stopped at a red light because this mountain Terry Bana that we're about to pass right here is actually marks so it has his name on it and United States Navy Oh already guys update time now we're back home yeah so of course amelia is naked cuz we're back home hi wave hi yeah big girl so we're just working on a few projects I'm making like a little picture board for the wedding we're going to as a wedding present and yeah that's about it you're so beautiful and I flies by so fast I'm thinking of you mr. Howie hi months

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  1. Such a fun vlog! I Pressed the Red Button & Liked! Hope you can also return the love! Please continue with your great vids, looking forward to seeing more! 🙂

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