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Italian Mimetico Deserto Camouflage Effectiveness

Italian Mimetico Deserto Camouflage Effectiveness

welcome back to another episode of entrails arsenal everybody today we're gonna be talking about the Italian memento deserto camo all right so it's basically the desert camouflage I figured since its kind of fall around here that it might blend in pretty well I'm gonna do a two-part series on this one in the actual fall and one right now of course so we're gonna see how it performs in those two environments I'm today I'm expecting it to blend in pretty well because I do have a mix of the greens and the grounds as well as the lighter tan so I think it's gonna perform fairly decent in this environment this uniform is actually pretty cool all right so you can see right here the leg not only does it have a nice handy zipper but it also buttons down so that's pretty neat feature I do like the the pockets up here okay it's got a reinforced elbow this would be ugly for your ring and this levy your unit pets up here or probably the Italian flag and on the inside it's actually got this really cool two inside pockets but also button as lettuce and meat meat feature and also have another shoulder pocket up here which makes getting to things handy especially when you're wearing armor and for a vest the only thing I do not like is there's no front pockets at all it's kind of weird so I kind of have to put your accessories here and your Fargo pockets which is totally cool just something a little different not used to the hat is a really cool Bush hat I can flip up on the side or it can flip down and thought that was pretty neat but yes this is called the momento desert toe then a whole lot I don't really see it a whole very often especially here in the United States and then I just got my regular you know my explode but really cool design I think the Italians did a pretty fantastic job on it the only thing I also with is that the cuffs would widen out a little bit they don't think I only got two sitting settings where it's like really narrow right here and you can just barely undo it but other than that I think it's a really cool design really cool concept like I said I do like the pocket placement I do like how they do the dual zipper and the button and that's pretty interesting another interesting thing is they have them where they are now starting here at the bottom for you so you don't have to worry about loop closures or anything like that so anyway I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming video and let me know how the camouflage works is it effective or is it ineffective in this environment I just keep in mind this is not a desert okay I'm testing it out to see how it works in this environment just like the Doughboy okay that was a United States Doughboy impression I mean it was a use using here in the United States so obviously they'd have to worry about pores versus Europe so keep that in mind and this is how it goes I guess his great great to meet you back here at the start point and I want to know what your opinion is was the camel effective in positions that I was in or was the ineffective very able to easily spot me or did you have difficulty or how did it blend in I want to know your opinions I also want to know what your thoughts are on some future camel videos I really really enjoy putting these together and since you guys are really starting to like it I'm starting to walking it encourages me to do more so I definitely want to see what you guys wanna see and I'm hoping to have some more historical ones here I've got a really really cool one that you Civil War buffs are gonna really really enjoy I've actually got three for the Civil War so but one I know a lot of people are really really after and it's never been done before so it's gonna be gonna be pretty exciting I can't wait and so yeah I've really appreciate the subscriptions I appreciate what you guys are doing and its really really helping push me along as it motivates me any more people subscribe more people comment it just motivates me you know it's like seeing an upward trend so I definitely appreciate all y'all support and stay tuned for tomorrow we're gonna have the black-powder Mosin Nagant it's gonna be pretty interesting so appreciate it guys and I will see you here shortly

Reader Comments

  1. Worked great. After using ASAT quite a bit, I'm convinced that open and high-contrast patterns are the way to go. This Mimetico Deserto has both going for it.

  2. it was effective .as an old grunt the lat position you were in was extremely hard to pick you out .good work

  3. italian camo names always sound like food names like; Vegitato; sounds like a nice soup, or deserto sounds like desert cake with a mimetico sugary frost topping.

  4. It's honestly quite effective ! I was a little doubtful because of the high proportion of "yellow" but it actually works out pretty well in this environment

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