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it's graduation day and this time around the security is exactly like Pendleton exactly like Tyler's and we have to go through a second round of security in a bit and the line is freaking huge also on a side note I'm not hungover but I'm on the verge of throwing Kim K bro Tyler just gave us the hook of right now dies and it wasn't me as a fellow marine just looking after each other you know what we got the hookup because you're a frickin marine Doug we skip the whole huge line can you see that back there that huge ass line so it's raining – bye Hannah it's pouring roof my screen if you could see it right now is that – like crack in the right you know more than 1 million Marines have been trained to you they had to party Paris island for calm and complex throughout the world the misty wheat fields of Bella would the gritty beaches of the Pacific the snow-capped mountains of Korea the sweltering jumbles of Vietnam the parched desert sands of Kuwait Iraq and Afghanistan in every other climate place where Marines have sacrificed for country and for the Marines of Company F it company P ladies and gentlemen please rise remove all hats for the plane of our national your continued support will be vital to their success as raised by their workers other potential and offered them the challenge of becoming the United States praised information I want you to remember one thing and that is the character is not just the finest in the world [Applause] Oh [Applause] 26 in henries from the hiatus Florida who's referred advice now sir to be a ladies and gentlemen the distinguished graduates of PvP the senior drill instructors will now dismiss their platoon this is the last and probably the most welcome for the new Marines receive visitors [Applause] that's you all righty so we just said goodbye to the whole fan which is kind of sad he's probably not gonna see them for a couple months but we got the squad of girls with us we're gonna pick up some sandwiches and then we're gonna go home and eat a lot a lot of extra food because half a people are guests laughs dude I know my dad was like no we're not gonna come and hang out Oh like fake bro Oleg you don't have to leave until like three ten o'clock right now come on I'm a roaster dad so we wanted to make an impromptu trip to Georgia so we're here this hose expensive oh yeah dude I know this frickin Visitor Center the tour is $26 a person it's freaking ridiculous from danger animal we got on the tram we're doing the tour I give this an expert I know where to thank for Georgia very much he's dropped a couple hundred dollars I know we were like no no it was to food and wine [Applause] my when you close your eyes did you see it okay so mom just paid like a fuck ton of money to get action figures I'm gonna end the vlog here because I'm getting drunk and my phone's about a dive so peace out say bye yo proud of you T speedin

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