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Israeli gas mask TEST

Israeli gas mask TEST

my very first video for youtube was a review of this Israeli gas mask this is the civilian model this is pretty much further money the best actual functional gas best you can buy filters this one is expired as of 2 months ago so this is not useful for the NBC or nuclear biological chemical is not useful to anyway it is however useful for aerosols so things like pepper spray mace OC gas things like that it still works for that sort of thing because the little filters out just not the nuclear stuff activated charcoal is past its expiration date I'm not saying it won't work but this is saying that it's expired so the only thing we really use for those points aerosol so I'm gonna do that whereas you're gonna take this fire extinguisher which is full and someone threw it away wasteful people we're gonna go inside a small tent a two-person tent a coleman pop-up two-person tent over that direction and i'm gonna spray this like crazy there goes the safety pin while I'm wearing this I can't think of a better way to put more particles in the air then just shoot a tent full of this stuff so I'm gonna have a camera inside there with me on the outside we're trying to make this short and sweet like I said don't do this at home this is stupid but it should be funny so let's get to that ok so to get this mask on properly back when the Israel was actually using these things I think it started with the gp5 filters but lots of people would put gas masks on didn't know what they were doing and they would actually suffocate them because they'd unscrew this top for the top of the match and they would never let the air out the bottom here and they would just suffocate which is kind of sad but high-stress situation gotta train with your gear so pop that open first never doing that same thing with this you should both come off actually have a camera on the outside of the tent and be difficult to hear me so fire extinguisher now this is one of the stupidest things I've ever done all right here we go weird weird I don't know if you can even see me right now I can't see my hand in front of my face I can still breathe easy though that's kind of impressive I just go to the Sparky with an empty let's put it a little more I'm gonna sit here for a minute this isn't too bad really I can breathe just fine thanks got to clear up in here let's go ahead and go out in the daylight all right well let's head on inside here this is like a sandy beach oh you can't breathe in here definitely need the gas mask let's talk about what we did here I apologize my camera's a little powdery I'm sure you can figure out how that happened but it's really gas masks this is quite literally for the money this is the best gas mask in currently but you could actually use in a situation where you're being like pepper sprayed things like that aerosols this is about as good as it gets from the money right now you can pick these up every day for around 40 bucks this one I bought on eBay about the filter and the things separate actually paid $27 for both of them that was back a year ago when I first started the channel but these ideal filters sucker works I mean I can breathe in there effortlessly and I can't think of a way to put more particles in the air than what we just did that's crazy I look like little cloudy but yeah these things I can't recommend it more this is sort of a tradition thing because it was my first video to do a review on this guy and in that video I sprayed myself with raid antkiller not the brightest idea this works but I always felt like just the face wasn't enough I always felt like we need to do more like what if they gas that entire place what if we're talking like full-body exposure and I think we got full-body exposure with that but I mean of course it's not like a sound like a pepper spray or an OC gas they're not gonna actually burned your skin but I don't have the money to buy an entire can of like pepper spray that's expensive stuff that fire extinguish that we use actually came out of the trashcan somebody threw that thing away it expired back in 2014 but as you seen it still works but yeah thank you guys can watch giraffe eating like comment and subscribe this was a fun video for me to make if you have any ideas on just cool videos like this please put in the comments looking for ideas after a year of doing this it's hard to find videos to do other than just reviews and I know reviews can be kind of boring I want to do more stuff like this but it's hard to get those ideas and I don't spend too much money on it but this was free cuz I had gas masks somebody through the fire senior way which was just awesome but like I said thank you guys for watching everything like comment and subscribe check out these really gas masks we'll see you next time guys thank you for watching

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  1. That mask is pretty good. Though now I have found that you can buy a US M40 gas mask for around $60 (or at least here) so if you can find a good filter if the M40 filter doesn’t work well then just buy a good filter that can work with the M40. Cheers!

  2. im exploring tunnels and all that, probs a stupid question but i wanna make sure , but would this be able to filter mold dust etc stuff thats harmful thats not like chemical warfare involved would the filters be alright to use ? thanks and sorry if its a stupid question

  3. My Avon S10 is fucking awsome! Any 40mm filters will work and all the lenses you can get is awsome. There getting harder to find nowadays so if you see one and its cheap get it before someone else does.

  4. If it is still sealed and it's not expired by very long(less than 10 years) it will almost certainly still work for NBC stuff

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