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Iraq's Most Famous Gun Shop

Iraq's Most Famous Gun Shop

hey guys well for another episode of tfbtv today we are in Erbil and Kurdistan / Iraq and big fat big shout-out big thanks to 1 Ventura munitions for supporting our channel and to Vlad who does a lot of stuff with Kalashnikov concern he does a lot of really cool stuff on the internet thank you so much for pointing out the shop today we are outside the city centre in Erbil just outside the citadel and this shops pretty famous tons of people have covered it the BBC CNN a bunch of people have made videos about it really cool place and this is all thanks to the fellow right over here they will starbuck the odd he's a little bit busy talking to some customers at the moment but he's a cool guy fixes Peshmerga guns so I sort of at the height of Isis a lot of people started bringing their stuff over here he would fix Peshmerga small arms and then work on them and then send them back out to people in addition to just working with local civilians and people bring stuff in here everything from air guns shotguns all the junk Turkish stuff some of its not junk but then all the really cool stuff that I think is really fascinating the historical stuff so I just want a meander around the shop here and then have a few words with Bakhtiar as well but as we go on here let's take a look right alright come over here to the wall what are we looking at an Enfield a spanish Mauser two Persian mousers which these are really cool because you can see the shah's mark and then you got the numbers there on Farsi and on the side with the nos Khaliq which I thought is really neat with the Persian stuff and then moving on what have we got here a lien field and smle and SKS some other stuff some Italian stuff but then it gets interesting when we look down here look at this Bulgarian MGM one these were a lot of US aid programs but brought these in to the Kurds and a lot of other forces in Syria a different other SDF a lot of different forces we see these all over Syria through covert aid to a lot of these forces but this is one of them it's broken it's dunzo and you can always tell because the Bulgarian pkms have this sort of ribbed barrel on the outside for the heating Finn's right now every as we move on check this out Pakistani mg 3s we can tell because on the receiver mg3 pol F for Pakistani Ordnance Factory right and a 1919 these are neat a lot of these you see them all throughout the Middle East a lot of surplus post Second World War you even see a lot of 762 variants that came actually through Israel because Israel bought a bunch of them after the war in their fight for independence but then over here this is super rare an Egyptian RPD there's actually two of these in this shop there's one over here and then there's one right here we've got markings on them in Arabic and you can they're made at the Almaty Factory in Egypt and you can tell this one is 1979 and then this one is 1979 as well so from the same year but right next to them is a Chinese RPD big difference you can tell by looking at the the gas chambers at the gas tubes the Chinese has a full-length one right there and then the Egyptian has a shorter one different kinds of launchers expended stuff none of this is live it's not too interesting but then on the wall over here I always thought this was kind of neat the Egyptian port side that you don't see too much in the States at all and it's pretty cool because it's a Gyptian version of the Smith & Wesson M&P 6 or the Swedish K whichever way you want to go off of it all this stuff Turkish shotguns galore air guns galore a lot of stuff going on here and this is the man in the legend himself Oh start a Bakhtiar assalamu alaikum okay thank you so much show quran spas spas i wish i could have more we probably will have a more in-depth interview with us today Bakhtiar in the future if we can sit down with an interpreter and then have some good times talking about these old guns he's been doing this since he was a kid and this is actually a picture of him as a kid right over there he started this from his father and several decades ago as well alright guys so here we are back behind the shop got some neat pistols here first of all a chrome tot ik this one buck dr did himself he chrome-plated it but moving on from this guy we got fake Glocks tons of fake Glocks in this region a lot coming out from Turkey and behind me Wow where do we even begin CZ up there chopped barrel different kinds of stuff a lot of fake stuff a lot of stuff from Turkey but also a lot of real stuff as well some Walter copies some glock copies some air guns up in top this guy this guy can be pretty rare Chinese air gun you don't see it too much in the States and then sterling effect what's left of a federal launcher a lot of these were surplus sold to Israel and a lot of them came over to here you see these in use by a lot of Israeli forces keep s H that's been all sorts of conundrums I don't even know what you want to call that continue in another sterling and uber as of some sort mp40 the stories this guy could tell I wish I could know cou mp40 what's left of an ar-15 of some rarity not sure what we got going on there the CAA rami different stocks a lot of different other stuff going on here oh and this guy is well little obras version of an AKA cut down and everything but anyways that's what we got for the pistols

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  1. Bro I was just there a couple of months ago. I got no context like this when I was browsing that shop. How did you do so well with all this info?! Honestly, this is sooooooo impressive! Much thanks for making this video!

  2. Store for collectors.))) What about more heavy?–d48VvriaE

  3. Christ, that SMLE on the wall looked like it had been run over with a tank. And WTF is going on with that PPSh….thing? This guy certainly has some, er, peculiar looking kit.

  4. Referring to all the Turkish stuff as junk? Really! Zenith/MKE, Canik, and many other really good firearms would be to differ.

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