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Iraq Crisis: US send 130 additional military advisors to Kurdistan

Iraq Crisis: US send 130 additional military advisors to Kurdistan

The US has sent around 130 additional military
advisers to Iraq to contain the ongoing crisis. Tens of of thousands of Iraqis have fled from
violence as the threat from hardline militants, the Islamic State, continues to grow. US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel said the
soldiers sent to northern Iraq would assess the scope of the humanitarian mission. I recommended to the President and the President
has authorised me to go ahead and to send about 130 new assessment team members up to
northern Iraq, in the Erbil area, to take a closer look and give a more in-depth assessment
of where we can continue to help. A Large number of one of Iraq’s minority religious
communities, the Yazidis, were forced to flee to the Sinjar mountain, after the militants
took over their nearby villages and threaten to wipe them out. The IS has ordered the group to convert to
Islam or die, forcing them to seek refuge int the harsh, bleak Iraqi mountains, with
little food, water and medical supplies. Some have been able to escape in the past
three days with help from Kurdish security forces but many are still trapped on the mountain
not knowing if they’ll ever survive.

Reader Comments

  1. This is exactly what happens when you do a full scale pull out and not leave some military presence. Obama is not only an ineffective leader, he's completely incapable of utilizing our military in a cogent manner.

  2. We don't really need this. What we need is equipment and good ties to the YPG and PKK, because they are real fighters. The Peshmerga should become allies with YPG and PKK, because they destroyed ISIS when they joined the battle at Sinjar.

  3. The US should have never leaved Iraq, at least not until and once for all eradicating religion from the region. This last is what keeps the middle east in perpetual turmoil. What no one keeps in mind is that while people kill each other in the name of their own personal god, there is an impending global catastrophe associated to the loss of water resources, which coincidentally will hit the middle east with the greatest effect. In other words, this region and its people are doomed unless they can, during the next one or two decades, organize themselves as a viable society. The rest of the World should keep a watchful eye on their capability to acquire powerful weapons that in the wrong hands, and during the expected water crisis, will risk the rest of the World.

  4. I wish they would just stop risking lives and just nuke the shit out of them. 30 nukes should do it, and if anything is left just burn it all down and murder them, even the fucking children. They are already brainwashed so it is no use.

  5. The Kurds will benefit tremendously, if thry offer a military base inside Kurdistan to the Americans.The protection provided by American troops will dramatically improve the security of Kurdistan. This will mean that attacking the Kurds in the future also automatically becomes an attack on the U.S.

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