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every morning still not reach into the office door his already busy mr. rivers Johnson is talkin with a new student which should meet tomorrow now he has to support eleven students from such countries Ukraine Estonia the Philippines Egypt Malawi Trinidad Tobago are most interesting a set of students they come from Ukraine Defense Information school has actually conducted three mobile training teams to the country of Ukraine within the last year mr. Johnson also said such format of experience cooperation is very important in the modern information war against Russia and it’s useful for us international students now I’m getting ready to show you the documents that we have in preparation for briefing our international students as they come here to Defense Information school we have about probably about four critical documents that we provide for them as a concern is accommodation with the hotel financial questions transportation post service and dasa I’m international student Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Kaminski from Ukraine and during these monsters I feel here like in second home we can come here at any time during classes with different questions in addition of travel organization his office also helps in cultural and religious problems my Muslim students when they come here if it’s during the month of Ramadan and there’s certain considerations we have to take into effect and so I become the guy that provides them rise to the mosque interdenominational type activities related to Ramadan here at post international students can watch TV set or read books newspapers magazines here tea coffee antacid jinx I available now I need to make some copies part of the process is that the international students have all the paperwork that they need mr. Johnson also said Dean force in whites from 30 to 40 international students every year reporting from Fort Meade I’m lieutenant colonel Suri Kaminsky

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