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International Military Review & Analysis – Syria, Jan. 25, 2016: Escalation in Syria (Arab Subs)

International Military Review & Analysis – Syria, Jan. 25, 2016: Escalation in Syria (Arab Subs)

the United States is expanding its presence in Syria satellite imagery taken December 28th shows construction underway to extend the runway at an airfield in remain lon in al-hasakah province which would prepare the site to accommodate larger aircraft separate reports of the u.s. preparing deployment of aircraft or Malin have been circulating since early December the images confirm that at least some of those reports are true before the war the airfields runway was only 700 meters long a length that appears to be doubling the airfield has since been captured by the Kurdish people’s protection units YPG who have controlled the airport for more than two years the confirmation of the expanding US presence in Syria has arisen admit militaristic statements of the state secretary Joseph Biden who claimed that the u.s. is ready for a military solution in Syria during a speech at a press conference with the Turkish premier I met dr. Luo in Istanbul the day before a ground operation in Iraq and Syria was also announced by the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter it stated that the hunt and first Airborne Division will soon deploy a thousand 800 troops to Iraq the plans for Syria are as yet unknown the us-led military bloc is with no doubt surprised by the success of the Syrian Arab army supported by the Russian aerospace defense forces and allegedly by Russian military advisers there are also reports that Russia uses a civilian airport in the Syrian city of commercially which is currently controlled by the Kurds the airport is located in the province of our hosaka and Turkish media claim that it has been visited by about 100 Russian officers and military experts who checked the airport thoroughly we recall that since the s400 Russian missile systems appeared in Syria Turkish warplanes no longer violate the country’s airspace as South front analysis and intelligence predicted a month ago the NATO allies are urgently trying to implement a new perm to hold control at least of the northern oil corridor from Iraq and to try to take advantage of this opportunity to involve Russia in a long expensive war this plan includes the occupation by the NATO contingent of crucial infrastructure including oil fields and the establishing of an t government meaning anti-russian and the anti Iranian forces in parts of divided Syria implementing this plan could easily lead to a global war launched by military escalation over the Syrian crisis the stakes of the global geopolitical standoff have been raised again [Applause]

Reader Comments

  1. No more than ever Russia must help Iraq kick the Americans out. Putin must give the S-300 system to Iraq as he has done to Iran and Syria. That will enable Iraq and Syria to jointly demand that the Americans leave.

  2. seems the Syrian kurds are acting like a neutral force, working with both the Americans and Russians. also there was a report of the SAA was reaching out to them too.

  3. huge congrats to Syrian army and Russian airforce from California! Please keep the U.S. out of the war, they just work for israel.

  4. This channel is a wealth of info. How you manage to get all yer info is beyond me, but enjoy the updates immensely. We surely aren't gettin' as detailed of info anywhere else.

  5. Are those US aircraft operating in Syrian airspace with the consent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad? If not, then they're violating Syrian airspace and—by the standards set by the Turks—the Syrian and Russian air forces are entitled to shoot the f*ckers down. Do it!

  6. And its happening…The US military will enter Syria by ground soon & that will pave the way for an assault on Lebanon & Iran in the Near future , a year or two at the most .The game is being well played by the US..Supporting FSA & ISIS till date with arms & Support.A full scale Middleast Wahhabi Onslaught will Take place on all the Shia Countires.Welcome to WW3.

  7. Oi, fellow S.F.-ers!!!
    It's the 25 January 2016 and South Front has only received $1,950.80 (39.016%) of the $5,000 they need. We have until the 31st to take care of the remainder. They've given us detailed news in good quality. Let's return the favor, shall we?

  8. so for oil pipe they took life of million pple,destroyed syria and iraq life, why those europeans and americans want everything for free???? the oil you pay for it ,you dont use power to take what doensnt belong to you!!!!!! which idiots is this?!!!plz we are in 2016 ,modern pple dont supose to do this ,some pple still have a brain that is in Roma time,where a kingdom used to attack and steal from another kingdom.spending billion in military just to use the militry for steal. comeon pple have to stand against this,some idiots cant continue to destroy our planet,we all need peace and future

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