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Install bindings on usgi magnesium snowshoes

Install bindings on usgi magnesium snowshoes

I'm going to show you how to put bindings on a usgi magnesium snowshoe this is what it looks like when the binding is attached to the snow chute with the boot the binding comes in two pieces a toe strap and a heel strap I'll show you how to put the toe strap on and then later we'll take the stretcher strap off and I'll show you how to put on the heel strap first let's turn this around toe strap is attached very close to the boot I've selected for this boot I've selected these two locations to attach the toe strap for the heel strap I selected the widest possible locations to put the heel strap in this location you can put the strap on correctly this will not move and you'll be able to pivot this forward very very easily we're going to start with the toe strap now remember when I attach the boot I selected these two locations because they were the closest to the boot first I'm going to string this through here and then we'll string it through there so I'll go in and then push it out we'll pull it almost all the way tight the end we're going to feed it back through the strap now this is very important it goes in between and comes out just below the buckle we'll send it all the way through there you can guess where it goes next it goes through this keeper all the way out and now we send it in and out the other location there it goes in and out and we'll pull this reasonably tight we're just go next well we go back through the keeper up through the buckle and then in side this buckle here to tighten just pull here pull here and you can check them just look as tight as you want and you can see that it's not going to give next we're going to install the heel strap the first thing to do is to lay out the strap you'll notice that this portion that we should attaches around the ankle it's going to be upside down that way when it reaches around the boot it's going to be right side up we'll start with this side I'm going to flip it inward and send the end of the strap in and out of this section so we'll go in and out next we're going to take this strap and send it through the free end of the buckle from top down and it's going to come up out of the attached end of the buckle the strap went in the free end of the buckle and up out of the attached tent now we'll take the strap and feed it through the buckle to tighten up you just pull here and here and it'll tighten we'll do the same for the lower strap this strap I'm going to again turn inward we want this to show when we attach the boot just like with the other strap this end is going to go in and out we're going to flip this over we're going to send this down through the free end of the buckle and then up out of the attached into the buckle pull that through now we'll take the free end and send it through the buckle itself the last buckle it's going to go around the boot the way this fits this goes up over the heel the strap goes around up through the free end of the buckle and then inside the buckle itself to tighten just give it a poem you want to adjust these two straps so that the toe is over here and this is centered on the snow sure the last thing we're going to address is where to send the ends of the straps for the toe strap what I like to do is take it over the buckle and send it back through this keeper here you can see that you can do the same for the others send it over the buckle through the keeper and then there's another metal keeper here you can send it through on the other side I've done the same thing I've taken the strap sent it over the buckle through here and then just give it a little pull this is after you've got everything adjusted for the ankle strap it's a little different send it through over the buckle but there's no keeper here so instead I like to thread it inside the buckle again thank you

Reader Comments

  1. THANK YOU!!  THANK YOU!!!  These instructions are clear & concise.  I would never have figured out how to install the bindings without them.  Joan's video made it easy.  Thanks for the EXCELLENT video!

  2. Yes, I agree "Best instructions" for attaching these
    bindings. Bought my US Mg's used at a second had store.

    Thanks for speaking slowly and deliberately so it was very easy to follow along and for mentioning securing the excess strap at the very end.

  3. Fantastic instructions that made the ones that came with the bindings look like a joke. Unfortunately, my snowshoes didn't have even remotely evenly spaced lacing, but that just made it somewhat difficult to put on the bindings, not impossible. Thank you for helping us lost sheep!

  4. Hi Joan, I just bought a pair of the USGI Mag. snowshoes from Sportsman's guide and the shoes are great but the paper instruction sheet for the bindings are about useless. I was totally lost until my wife found your video. Clear, easy to follow instructions. With out your video I'd still be lost! Thanks so much! I attended Arctic survival training in 1989 but couldn't remember how these things attached. Again thanks.

  5. I picked up a new pair of binding from for around $ 8.00, They came with 2 day priority shipping. It was problem the best 8 bucks I spent this winter

  6. WOW – PERFECT VIDEO!!! I bought my snowshoes in M1armyshop here in Prague, Czech Republic and it was very easy to install binding with your description. Thanks for this video – it is really usefull. Martin

  7. Great video! The instructions that came with the snowshoes were just about impossible to follow. This made it very easy! Thank you!

  8. Thank you! The directions that came with the shoes were for a different type of binding and were of little use- your clarity worked wonders for me.

  9. Thanks!!! Just got these shoes today and would have taken a long time(if ever) to figure the correct install of the bindings without you.

  10. Just got my snow shoes from Midway USA, watched your channel and 20min later I was ready to go. GREAT U-TUBE thanks Joan    Paul , Silver Creek Outfitters Ga.

  11. thank you so much! the instructions they sent with these snowshoes were completely unreadable, you are a snow-ANGEL! May good health, good fortune, and God's blessings be with you always….

  12. Perfect. thank you for all the detail. this video should be linked to every website selling USGI snowshoes.

  13. Just bought mine and had no idea how to install. The directions that came with the shoes was not helpful at all. Thanks.

  14. Great video, the instructions which came with the snowshoes where worthless. The instruction sheets Look like copies of copies of copies of copies!

  15. got these last year when winter ended for cheap. your vid was very helpful in getting me all set up. tested them out in the blizzard and they work great. thanks

  16. Just recently bought a pair of these for my wife and I. Your video was a tremendous help in installing the bindings. Been a couple of decades since I was issued these things, and even back then they already came strung so I never really had to figure it out for myself. Thank you very much for the tutorial!

  17. Excellent instructions. Very easy to follow. Thank you so much for doing this video. Made my life easier!

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