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Inspecting the Ceasefire in Shyrokyne: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 105)

Inspecting the Ceasefire in Shyrokyne: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 105)

stop we will rescue her Anita mr. in a suspect in operation but I watched my artwork that was tumblr what was at least if she said to get enough that put beer in my ear but are ridiculous – Jim you look at customize my PEC a bus accident is but after Matins with the right decision this is sharokina it’s a town that’s right in between the lines of the pro-russia forces and the ukrainian forces and the fighting has pretty much continued here non-stop since the ceasefire was signed in February which is why a group of generals from Russia Ukraine and the separatist forces as well as the OSCE monitors are here today to try to work out a plan to see if they can figure out a way for the fighting at least in this area to be stopped so far it’s quiet today because the observers are here but usually there’s always fighting you can see that there’s been street-to-street combat in this village and pretty much every inch of it has been destroyed there’s mortar tailfins sticking out of the asphalt and anywhere you point your camera destruction what do we have today’s the assessment let’s say mission how to make this territory to mobility rise so the separatists invited you here – it’s not the separatists we are praying for the joint center show we are here where we see some guarantees of course were for us what are the fundamental reasons that the fighting keeps breaking out in the ceasefire doesn’t hold probably the intention to capture the slab which is the Ukrainian one to emphasize unfortunately it promises it is very hard to revive we are trying to do yesterday a journalist from a Russian TV channel owned by the Russian military actually set off a tripwire and was quite badly injured to the head during a firefight that broke out in this very village [Applause] [Applause] rescue her on each Easter in a suspect in a frame in Pashto Moyo to work that was tumblr blog post at least if she settle yet nerves are in my ear that cartoon you should does a pastry cream some olive oil it’s a broader value most effective yes is such to give us women like this video so crazy because I’m not oh you said that you know you watched it and if it’s taught me as a shape as a she shot the groom of tomato in this region if she’s pretty words but Mosca me I got creeped up or machine because I must community awkward creature that were to show when you pretty much a show now cranium Ramos junior position at the bottom with the right decision [Applause] discuss your joint plan for the demilitarization of some la quwata politician then give an agreement that we plan further we have been here in this town since the early morning hours our colleagues have been on observation points outside the village at around 5:30 in the morning they’re still there they’re almost every day they monitor the situation here we’ll continue to do that and we support asides in their efforts to withdrawal from here but you should not understand the role of this mission in regard that we take the soldiers physically and move them out this is what they have to decide and agreed themselves that’s why I welcome that the generals once again came here we have shown them also some remaining civilians in the town so they understand this is not just about soldiers this is also about the civilians that live here and most foremost for them because that is what we want we want that the military logic that prevails in this area we have seen many come here as checkpoints that is armed personnel everywhere there is camouflage uniforms everywhere we are wearing protective gears they should go away and the civilian logic should come back here and this is what we are here for you

Reader Comments

  1. poor old woman protects Poroshenko's government and Ukraine… protects people who didn't pay pensions to Donetsk and Lugansk region since november 2014

  2. Бабушка не понимает,что России они все нахер не нужны и никогда они не будут в составе РФ,но почему-то твердо уверена что ее захватила РФ и хочет присоединить.

  3. I remember the first dispatch. Unfourtunatly people have forgotten this is still going on in the mainstream media. (Huge respect for Simon Ostrovsky btw)

  4. Ну как можно давать автоматы в руки такому быдлу? Он же с этим автоматом пойдет грабить завтра, чем скорее всего занимался до того, как все началось.

  5. See that 1st old lady telling a separatist to move their border so she can stay in Ukraine. Its foolish and ignorant for russian to assume they all want to separate from Ukraine. Its a tiny amount and they are backed by russian soldiers doing all of this to their own people.

  6. Money behind Maydan
    Simon I have info first hand about cash being payed to protesters on maydan:
    1. beginning  €20
    2. with police involvement  €100 
    3. late stage (with killing and casualties)  €200
    I do not know how money where payed and if this is per day.

  7. One old lady is hardly the opinion of the whole village. US patriots here please fuck off because this is not your war (as usual). Europe needs and will resolve this, with or without the Kiev candy man, and to be honest Ukraine should stay out of the EU. We don't need another Greece.

  8. The whole video is around that lady which apparently knows shit in what is going on and around some dudes that looks just stupid. 
    This is the level of journalism Vice has.
    Oh did i forget to mention the jew journalist? Oh shit i just did

  9. I still wait for the moment when some1 says into my face the stuff they write about Novorossiya and Russia here. 
    Just waiting for it.

  10. Anyone who thinks that Russia invaded Ukraine, is the most poorest pathetic little snob without any mental capability of critical thought and reason. Russia is first of all, a world military superpower, and owns 50% of all the world's nuclear warheads, placing it at 1st place when considering Nuclear Energy. Hence, if Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine would of have fallen TWO years ago when the first Maidan outbreaks started. Honestly, how stupid are you people?

  11. For idiots thinking America is better, here you go the perks of rotten democracy:
    – 1st in the number of sodomites
    – 1st in the number of gays 
    – 1st in the number of porn actors, and actresses
    – 1st in the number of raping
    – 9th in the number of raping per capita
    – 1st in the number of child molesting
    – 1st in the number of school gun-shootings
    – 1st in the number of identity thefts (new type of crime)
    – 1st in the number of serial killers
    – 1st the number of prisoners
    – 1st in the number of prisons
    – 1st in the number of death penalties
    – 1st when it comes to the military budget
    – 1st in the number of wars (biggest bully in modern history)
    – 1st in number of second degree murders
    – 1st in number of runaway minors
    – 1st when it comes to health care expenses 
    – 3rd in number of people who have Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease 
    – 1st in the number of psychos
    – 1st in the number of wrong diagnoses
    – 1st when it comes to GMO food
    – 1st in number of really fat people
    – 5% of world population responsible for almost 50% world Carbon Dioxide production
    – USA had George Bush as a president, and now has Obama; one was an idiot, the other-one has some issues with manliness and gets Nobel peace prizes for bombing Libya and trying to destroy Syria.
    – 1st in the number of weird laws, and I mean really weird (18 is minimum age in USA to be a porn actress, and 21 to be able to drink beer in a bar)
    – 1st when it comes to debt (so, future of USA is quite, quite, unstable) Current debt of the US: a staggering 18.2 Trillion US $$. That is equal to 105% of their GDP.
    – 1st when it comes to how much its flag has been burnt signifying the most hated country to be living in
    – Birthplace of HIV and in general, a country filled with fake boob trashbag starbucks-iphone titty-whores who think America is fighting for Human rights.
    Oh, also USA has biggest number of Jehovah Witnesses. Only this fact is enough to be on the Top Sh*t Countries list. LOL

  12. Old woman in the begining of the video watches too much ukrainian news where they say that the Russian forces are fighting with Ukrainian Army she thinks that the armed men are Russian troops in fact it is the militia.

  13. Couldn't stop laughing from Russian reported moving his hand around when he got blown up … how does that feel ?? Maybe next one think twice about spreading all that anti Ukrainian propaganda around…..

  14. I hear a lot of talk about ussr, how they controlled all the countries. .. well, isn't us just like ussr. .i mean it's a bunch of countries under one regime. ..u people really need to understand history and why this shit is happening before blabbering on here. .. especially Ukrainians, half of your military are skinheads, more or less.

  15. Russia and it's ass licking eastern Ukraine "allies" are nothing but a backward looking, simple minded bunch of hicks.  Empire on the scale of fleas.  The only way they become relevant is to attack a sovereign nation and claim "It's the West's fault."

  16. i feel bad of ukraine, but i live in europe and i'm happy to live in a western country. we have real democracy, high life expectancy and good economics. life expectancy is 81 here in the netherlands vs 71 in Russia. income per head, $51000 in The Netherlands, $12000 in Russia. so yeah your shithole country of russia can just rot in the freeze with their corruption and wars while i live happy.

  17. This silly jew had to ask thousand of inhabittans and 1000 1st was Proukrinian- usable in his Jewish propaganda.

  18. This series- Russian Roulette is fantastic! Nothing else like it. My only criticism is technical: The bassy wind noise is way too LOUD. This could be easily corrected with an EQ filter, high-pass, or low cut filter.

  19. The US government arms and funds, Al Qaeda, ISIS, lied about gas attacks in Syria and sent troops to help Nazis in Ukraine after organizing the coup and the US also helped Chechen terrorists kill Russians. That's all one needs to know about this. Long live Novorossiya! Porkoshenko best agree and draw up the new borders now before he loses Odessa and complete access to the Black Sea altogether!

  20. Уже доказано что это армия России???Если да,то я готов посмотреть на доказательства.Армия России без авиации,танков Т-90МС…Очень интересно)))

  21. What is the US waiting for to free Ukraine???? Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and have very adorable people. It makes me mad how Russians have not stopped this madness. Russia must be defeated!!!! RUSSIA GET READY!!!! WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!! YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!!! OBAMA SEND HELP TO UKRAINE!!!! FUCK PUTIN!!!!

  22. Typical asshole russian stooge talking to the old woman. Hate, nothing else. The fucker cant empathize, all business, no humanity. Pretty sad it has come to this.
    The asshole says that everyone should be able to live where they want….how fucking simple minded is this man?
    Alright, i want to live in Russia, lets move all the russians out. See how stupid that is. It shows the simple truth. There will be no peace until all the rebels are exterminated. All of them.,No mercy.

  23. russian occupant sad "It is my land too"… I am from Ukraine and I have not to come with gun to other country.

  24. Увы все это с нами происходит…

    Нас, Украину завоевывают(пытаются) рАшисты(Россия), точнее Путин и все его зомбированные и проплаченные русские солдаты(чеченцы ,  буряты,чукчи всякие, уроды тошнотные, гнилейшие люди планеты, что под Кремлем…), а простые же солдаты, часто не ведают, что с ними делает пУтин на самом деле = 200. и ЭТО их выбор. Мы же, украинцы, защищаем свою Родину, Землю, мирных Людей. Нам ничего чужого не нужно. НО пУтину, нужно, К примеру: Крым, незаконно отобран, с нарушением всех международных прав , норм и соглашений (Будапештский меморандум)… А теперь и Восток укр., пытаются подогуть под свои армейские пУтинские силы, начиная с Донбасса… и всего что рядом с ним… Они убивают детей женщин и всех, кто попал под их снаряд, при этом они топчут чужую, Украинскую Землю, хотя их никто не приглашал, они несут войну, и разрушение, проливая невинную кровь. Вот, кто он, Путин. Вот, что собой представляет роССия 21 века. РАшисты, убийцы, вся гниль про-Путинская как грязь и болезнь вытекает наружу, а из-за этого страдают почти все, кроме пУтина.

    Всем проплаченным про-пУтинским трОллям  и просто, алкоголикам, дауном жителям роССии:
    Лечи(те)сь от путино-зомбирования, который ты хаваешь по ящику-ТВ каждый день, идиот. Вы даже ничем не обосновываетесь. Больные люди, такие как ты, на России живут и мозгами уже не думают… легко же вас пУтлер ваш зомбанул всех, – АЛКАШЕЙ, вас алкоголиокв (нация у вас такая конченная) очень легко зомбануть всякой необоснованной дрянью, говно тупо в голову вбивают вам по пУтинским СМИ и вы все это жрете под водку. Таков ваш президент и вся ваша, быдлячая страна роССия. Рашисты, гнилая нация, отбросы человечества. И ты этому яркий пример.

  25. Eastern Europe and the Balkans be prepared for the crazy Russians…they cannot live more than a decade without war. They are blood thirsty and do not want you grow strong and independent. Protect yourselves and your heritage/ fight for you honor!


  27. This is Ukraine territory.  Plain and simple.  Then why are Russian Generals there?!?!?!  Its NOT Russian territory!  Yet, pro-Russian comments complain about the west being involved???  Hypocrisy much???????

  28. Hmm….the old lady says, "260 years ago my ancestors bought that land" (pointing over there).  What does the DPR Rebel spokesman say?  "This land is mine, just like it is your."  THAT'S RIGHT!!  They will resort to a communist/fascist government and no one will be able to privately own anything.  Wow!  The separatist people of eastern Ukraine want/desire such a government?  Why not MOVE TO RUSSIA then?

  29. How can we choose under a machine gun? Thats is a powerfull question. The answer is you can't. The old lady is right. Forcing decisions with the help of guns might seem like an easy fast way but it will not last or worse will lead to even more violence.

  30. The Russian knows no debate, no stability, no negotiation, no building. Give this simple creature vodka, a gun and a cheap slogan and he will destroy his own country, slaughter his neighbors for no reason and then pour tears into his vodka of how the rest of the world has forgotten about them. They are incapable of building of economically viable and fair economy or political system. Just greed, corruption and violence. A quick glance of Russian social and political history shows us this. The Russian Federation will NOT rebuild the Donbass if and when the rebels "win" independence. Russia proper will forget about this backward shit hole within a few years and then hold out their hand for international support and aid. Their only talent is for violence and alcohol. Beyond that, these simple inbreds are incapable of producing much more than that.

  31. The dude at 2:59 knew the ukrainian possitions where 400 meters away cus he checked the range on his grenade laucher as thats how far he has been shooting the whole time haha

  32. At 2:54 when asked about how far away the ukrainian side are, he checks the zeroing of his grenade launcher. Hmm…

  33. Why are the Russians there? They're obviously there to try and manipulate the situation for their own benefit, DNR forces are just Russian proxy forces really so any gains they get benefits Moscow. What does DNR stand for?????……..Definitely Not Russians?….Dirty Nasty Russians?….Dopey Native Retards?… Divvy Naive Retards?….. Definitely Need Russia?…. Dictatorship Not Reasonable?

  34. Bruh I'm takin the fattest and loudest shit and it's 3:30am with people sleeping right next to the bathroom

  35. All this fancy talk that this OSCE guy at the end of the video was talking about making buffer zones and such was done by the so called separatists side and what the result was ?! The Ukranians entered and captured ALL those villages, towns and fields in the buffer zone . It's an established fact but now that same OSCE is keeping quiet about it and releasing ridiculous reports about "both" sides this "both" sides that when there is only ONE side that is on the offensive this last couple of years or more , UKROP , their newly raised flags in the places where it was demilitarized buffer zone is there for all to see , but some people deliberately look the other way and make accusations and put sanctions on Russia . WTF does Russia or Putin ,as they love to mention him, has to do with Ukranian military offensives and land grabbing and shelling of residential areas in the DPR and LPR ?!

  36. My bothers the mujahideen of Afghanistan and Pakistan beat up the Russians. We are ready to do this again with the help of Ukraine and nato, LETS FUKKIN HAVE ITTTT YOU RUSSIAN ALCOHOLICS AND PAEDOPHILES

  37. My bothers the mujahideen of Afghanistan and Pakistan beat up the Russians. We are ready to do this again with the help of Ukraine and nato, LETS FUKKIN HAVE ITTTT YOU RUSSIAN ALCOHOLICS AND PAEDOPHILES

  38. The West Ukraine wanted to go to West(EU) while the East Ukraine want to go to East (Russia). So let it go peacefully without any bloodshed.

  39. ..Anything that USrael politicians touched turned into DEATH ,MISERY and DESTRUCTION for the VICTIMS and profit for the NWO  oligarchs Rothschild ,Rockefeller and the others from the Clinton and G Soros club of HYENAS …..

  40. Это тварь а очках явно не из Украины пришёл на чужую землю убивать людей

  41. Смелая женщина пытается доказать Эдику – наркоману что он на Украинской земле…


  43. Woman: tells the story about her ancestors buying the property and passing it on to her.
    Pro Russian: tells her everyone has the right to choose where to live.
    Translated: if you are not pro Russia, pro DNR, they will steal everything you own and you can go live somewhere else. You should be happy if you get to keep your life.

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