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Inside Ukraine’s Anti-Russian Military Summer Camp For Kids: NBC Left Field

Inside Ukraine’s Anti-Russian Military Summer Camp For Kids: NBC Left Field

Hello.>>Hi Spike, how are you?>>I’m good thanks.>>So I’m looking through the documentary
you shot for us in Ukraine, basically I just wanted to ask if you
could take me through a few things. We’re looking at these kids at camp,
right? Like singing around a camp fire?>>This is a summer camp for children run by a military
battalion on the outskirts of Kiev. Summer camps in Ukraine are common,
but this one is much more extreme. The kids spend a week on the camp. They learn patriotic songs,
they receive firearms combat training, and they participate in
combat reconstructions. The children that you’re
seeing in this edit, half of them have a direct
relationship to battalion called Azov.>>So, who is Azov?>>Azov are a controversial
Ukrainian battalion. After Crimea’s annexation, the official Ukrainian military
didn’t have enough soldiers to fight. So civilians formed many of
their own volunteer battalions. One which was Azov soon after in November
twenty fourteen Azov were brought into the official national guard. So now they’re a legitimate battalion. He’s incredible, Smolny. His memory of patriotic literature and
poems was incredible. The kids live in tents and sometimes
they’re woken up at 3 AM by fireworks, or like, a smoke grenades, and they have to get
out of their tents and simulate combats. But, if you ask any of them,
they enjoy it.>>These guys saw action, right? Who were they actually fighting against,
in that archive footage?>>They are fighting Russian sympathizers. It’s not Russian army,
it’s Russian rebels, I suppose, or perhaps even Ukrainian
born Russian sympathizers. I want to pick up on the nationalism thing. What do they identify as
being a nationalist of Ukraine.>>Number one is not to be Russian. Because for the last 100 years,
Russia had been oppressing and pushing at their borders. And number two is to hold onto
whatever Ukrainian identity they did have and still do have. So, they’re sitting between Russia and
Russia’s ideologies, but also not wanting to join
a liberalizing Western Europe.>>And did you get a sense that people like approve or
don’t approve of these camps?>>The idea of the Azov
camps specifically is less popular depending on
who you speak to. The Ukrainian public offer
them some gratitude for the work they did in 2014 in terms of
saving part of the East of Ukraine. But, their ideologies are radical for
the rest of Ukraine. They don’t like immigration,
they don’t like foreigners.>>The fear that they’re feeling, does that link to nationalism some how?>>Historically how their nationalism
relates to fear, it’s fear of their language being squashed by Russia. It’s fear of their land
being taken away by Russia.>>Is there an argument to
be made that these camps kind of are stoking the fear or
providing a solution?>>I mean it’s difficult to say, isn’t it? If the children didn’t go to these camps
the children wouldn’t have such a deep idea of Ukraine-Russian history. But then I guess if the war came closer,
would they be hindered by that? I don’t know, I’m sure the camps do
propagate the fear, but whether or not it’s necessary,
I really don’t know either.>>I think we’ve got everything, Spike.>>Okay, good luck.>>Speak to you soon.>>Bye.

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  1. На Украине детей воспитывают в духе милитаризма, и когда вырастет это новое поколение украинцев, то 1939-й и 1941-й год могут повторится, в том числе и для самой Европы.

  2. атас,голодным нечего терять. они могут не знать Менделеева,Гоголя,но знают одно что русские враги.

  3. потерянное поколени. нацисты уродуют будущее страны. несчастные убогие людишки . бедная страна

  4. держитесь Украинцы, вы сможете победить эту мразь и зло! С вами мир!

  5. Russian aggression provokes hostility in response, there's nothing to be surprised by. Ukraine never wanted anything beyond their borders.

  6. украина парашннка если я попал в новости хачу тебе передать сообщение я приду в тваю хату и убью

  7. Блядь это детский нацизм, этих конструкторов надо вешать за зомбированных детей! ИДИОТЫ, а кто сдесь за, тот моральный придурок…

  8. Fucking clowns 😂 they kidnap little village kids and tell them to hate Russia 😂👏 I also love reading these pro nazi Ukrainian comments well done guys 😂

  9. It's a sad shame that Azov has not recognized that Russia is their "hope". Their only hope of having a country that is not polluted by the West. …….

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